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Smriti Irani Kundli Analysis: An Indian Political Leader

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Smriti Irani Kundli Analysis_ An Indian Political Leader

Born and raised in Delhi, this woman is firmly determined to make our society better for all women. It’s none other than an Indian Politician, Smriti Irani, the Minister of Women and Child Development and Ministry of Minority Affairs. Who hasn’t recognised Smriti Irani in recent times? A former actress and a procedure who joined politics in 2003. Let’s take a look at how strong Smriti Irani birth chart is that enabled her to jump from the entertainment industry to Politics. 


Smriti Irani’s Birth Details 

  • Date of Birth: 23 March 1976
  • Day of Birth: Tuesday 
  • Place of Birth: Delhi, India 
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces 
  • Rashi or Moon Sign: Gemini 
  • Rising Nakshatra: Pushya
  • Birth Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha 

How Favouable is Smriti Irani’s Sun Sign and Moon Sign? 

Is it so easy for a woman to get a seat in politics? From a political background, Smriti Irani has always been raised as a strong and fierce woman. So, join us to learn how her sun and moon signs have got her where she is right now. 

1. Smriti Irani Sun Sign: Pisces 

There’s no need to give Smriti Irani’s effortless elegance a second thought. Born a Pisces woman, Smriti Irani always had the hunger to achieve fame and success and do whatever it took to contribute to her family. Coming from a cross-cultural family, she was not born with a bed full of roses. As the eldest daughter, she had responsibility and commitment towards her family. The traits of Smriti Irani’s zodiac sign have always shaped her as a courageous lady. 

2. Smriti Irani Moon Sign: Gemini 

Born as a Gemini moon sign, Smriti Irani has always been curious to explore various life paths. In the early life of her career, she explored the acting and entertainment industry. Her Gemini moon sign has always favoured her to gain success in the Indian entertainment industry and beauty pageant. She was famous for a lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s TV show, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. She could have chosen that path, but her willingness to always serve society pulled her towards Politics. 

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Smriti Irani Kundli Analysis: How Planets will Impact her Life? 

Let’s shift your attention to how the planets have been placed in Smriti Irani horoscope. You will understand how the planets favour individuals to choose the right path in life. 

1. Venus Mercury Conjunction in 10th House forming Raj Yoga: 

The placement of Venus and Mercury in the 10th House in Smriti Irani kundli clarifies the doubt of people wondering how she achieved success in Politics, from joining the BJP in 2003 to being appointed Minister of Women and Child Development in 2019.

In between all this, she has made a massive contribution towards the Bhartiya Jayanta Party. Moreover, the formation of Raj Yoga due to this planetary transit in her horoscope has made her a political woman sensation in the country. 

2. Transit of Moon and Mars: 

The transit of the Moon and Mars in Smriti Irani zodiac sign forms a Chandra Mangal Yoga that has been beneficial for her personal life. Being married to Zubin Irani in 2001, her husband has been a great supporter. She is blessed with a son, Zohr and a daughter, Zoish.

Her family has been the secret sauce for her remarkable political achievements. Moreover, the planet Moon makes Smriti Irani emotionally attached to her family. Despite her leadership roles and responsibilities, she has always stuck to her commitment as a mother and wife. 

3. Saturn Retrograde in 3rd House 

The presence of Planet Saturn that gets retrograde in the 3rd House in Smriti Irani suggests she keeps control of her words. The Saturn moving backwards as a retrograde in her birth chart allows natives to misinterpret her straightforward attitude as rudeness.

Many people might come as barriers in her path towards success, just like when she was appointed as a Minister of Human Resource Development. Many people were unhappy and tried to put her down. Besides that, on the positive side, this transit possesses a professional attitude towards her political career. 

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Smriti Irani’s Chances in the 2024 Election as per Astrological Analysis 

As we are ahead of the 2024 election, will Smriti Irani be able to secure her seat? Will she be able to continue her journey as a Minister of Women and Child Development and Ministry of Minority Affairs? Maybe she might get a higher position in the 2024 election. Come, let’s take a glance at how astrology will favour her political journey in the 2024 election. With her sheer determination towards her role and responsibility as a leader and the favourable alignment of stars in her kundli, she might take a flight of success, fame and recognition in the coming years. 

Moreover, Smriti Irani, the Minister of Women and Child Development and Ministry of Minority Affairs, is a single-minded leader who is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of common people. She is a role model for young women and has set the objective of making India a global tech hub. This will encourage the youth to become more tech-savvy and intellectual in the future. Smriti Irani has also been awarded the Young Global Leader award, and she is committed to doing her best to serve the common people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When and where was Smriti Irani born?

Smriti Irani was born on March 23, 1976, in Delhi, the heart of the country.

2. What is Smriti Irani’s family background?

Smriti Irani was born as half Punjabi and half Bengali, as her father is Punjabi and her mother is Bengali. She was born to Ajay Kumar Malhotra and Shibani Nee Bagchi. Later, in 2001 married Zubin Irani, and now they are blessed with one son, Zohr and a daughter, Zoish.

3. What is Smriti Irani education qualification?

Smriti Irani attended Holy Child Auxilium School, a Catholic school in New Delhi. She then joined the Open School of Learning at Delhi University for a B.Com degree. However, she did not complete the three-year course.

4. How was Smriti Irani’s early life?

Smriti Irani started her career as a participant in a beauty pageant. She also appeared in many album songs and TV series for Star Plus. Later, she got to play the lead role of Tulsi in Ekta Kapoor’s production Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and as Sita in Ramayan.

5. How is Smriti Irani a Political Leader?

Smriti Irani is a political leader who has been active in Indian politics for almost two decades. She is known for her strong leadership qualities and her commitment to the welfare of women and children. She has been actively involved in various social activities and has worked towards the empowerment of women.

6. Has astrology been in favour of Smriti Irani?

As per astrological analysis, Venus and Mercury’s conjunction in the 10th House has formed a Raj Yoga, contributing to her success in politics. The transit of the Moon and Mars has formed a Chandra Mangal Yoga, which is beneficial for her personal life. Despite Saturn’s retrograde in the 3rd House, she might continue to achieve success and recognition in the coming years.

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