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Shukracharya and Kacha: The Unlikely Guru and Disciple

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Shukracharya is known to be the guru (teacher) or asuras (demons), and his teaching would always help them win against the devas. In the ever-persistent war of good and evil, the devas would do much harm to the asuras, but every time, Shukracharya would bring the fallen demons back.

The Story of Shukracharya

The asura-acharya knew the ’Mrita-Sanjivani Mantra’ with which he could revive all the dead asuras who were brought to him. Devatas were fed up with this trick of Shukracharya and decided to send Kacha, deva-acharya Brihaspati’s son, to Shukracharya. It was devised that he would become the guru’s disciple and learn the ‘mrita-sanjivani mantra’ from him. This would help Devas to even out their battlefield and win against the Asuras.

Kacha did as instructed with due diligence, impressed the asura-acharya, and asked him to make the former his disciple. Shukracharya accepted the young deva, and Kacha started his training under the guru in his ashram. Shukracharya’s daughter Devyani also resided in the ashram and fell in love with Kacha.

The two became inseparable over time, and the asura became unhappy about the whole situation. They were getting suspicious of Kacha’s training in the ashram, and with Devyani’s giving him her attention, they became even more jealous of the young boy amidst them. 

The Attempt of Asuras

The Asuras finally decided that they would kill Kacha. One day when the boy went for cattle grazing, the demons followed him to the jungle. They caught him deep in the forest, killed him, and fed him to the wolves. When the cattle came back alone in the evening with no sign of Kacha, Devyani got worried and appealed to his father to see where he was.

Shukracharya divined Kacha’s fate and brought him back to life. The asura got infuriated and, after a few days, caught him again. This time they killed him and threw his body in the ocean. Asura-acharya brought him back to life again with his life-saving mantra. 

Now the asuras were irked. They changed their plan of killing Kacha. This time after killing the boy, they burnt his body, converting it to ashes. The asuras then mixed the ashes in wine and tricked Shukracharya into drinking it. As soon as Shukracharya drank it, he realized their treachery, but it was too late.

Getting Kacha Back

The ‘mrita-sanjivani mantra’ could not be used to bring back Kacha to life as this would mean the death of Shukracharya. Devyani started bawling when she came to know about the situation. Shukracharya could not bear to see his daughter in pain and devised a new plan.

He took a vow from Kacha, now inside his stomach, that he would teach him the nuances of ‘mrita-sanjivani mantra’, but he would use it to revive Shukracharya once he was out of his stomach. Kacha agreed to do this, and once he tore his way out of the asura-acharya’s stomach, he brought Shukracharya back to life. 

Now that he knew the mantra, Kacha asked leave of Shukracharya. Seeing this, Devayani asked him to stay and marry her as she was in love with him, but Kacha denied her request.

This angered the girl, who cursed him that Kacha would forget his knowledge when he needed it the most. Enraged by this treatment, Kacha also cursed Devyani that she would never marry a rishi-putra. Kacha returned with a heavy heart to the devlok taking the mantra with him for the deva’s win. 

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Who was Shukracharya?

Shukracharya was the son of great sage Vasishta. He later came to be known as the Guru of the Asuras.

2. Was Shukracharya guru of Ravan?

According to some texts and beliefs SHukracharya is known to be the guru of Ravana.

3. What is the religion of Shukracharya?

Shukracharya is known to be a Hindu.

4. Who swallowed Shukracharya?

In the battle of Devtas and Asuras, Lord Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and kept him in his belly.

5. Was Shukracharya an asura?

No, Shukracharya was not an Asura. However, he was the leader of the teacher, known as the Guru, of Asuras.

6. Who is Shukracharya in Vedas?

In Vedas, Shukracharya is known to be born from the sacred fire of Lord Brahma. He said to be a great Acharya or teacher.

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