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Sakat Chauth 2024: The Divine Blessings Of Lord Ganesha

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Lord Ganesha

Have you heard the line “Sukhkarta Dukhharta”, meaning the one who brings happiness and dispels sorrow? Likewise, Sakat Chauth or Sankashti Chaturthi is an auspicious Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha. According to the Hindu calendar, the Sakat Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Magh.

Moreover, this festival is also known as Sankatahara Chaturthi Tithi where people dedicate their whole day to chanting mantras, vrat katha and fast. So, let’s move ahead to learn more about this festival and the legends behind it. 

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Sakat Chauth 2024 Date and Puja Muhurat 

  • Sakat Chauth Date: 29th January, 2024 (Monday) 
  • Sakat Chauth 2024 moon time: 09:10 PM
  • Chaturthi starts: 06:10 AM on Jan 29, 2024
  • Chaturthi ends: 08:54 AM on Jan 30, 2024

Significance of Sakat Chauth 

The Sakat Chauth holds great significance as it’s believed that people who worship lord Ganesha can attain wisdom, success and growth in life. However, there are various stories that add a special importance to this festival. It’s believed that Lord Ganesh, the Vignaharta, removes all the obstacles and hardships from the life of his devotees. 

Moreover, this festival is especially celebrated in the Northern Part of the country. It is also known by various names in different parts of India, such as Til Kuta Chauth, Vakratundi Chauth, Sankat Chauth and Maghi Chauth. Also, on this festival, women observe fast for the well-being of their family members and especially their children. 

The Story Behind the Celebration of Sakat Chauth 

Here are some famous stories or sakat chauth ki katha that clearly explains the importance of this festival. The Hindu festivals in India hold great significance and owe their existence to the legendary stories associated with them.

1. The Rebirth of Lord Ganesh 

One day, Mata Parvati went to take a bath when Lord Shiva was not at home. That’s when Goddess Parvati, the mother of Lord Ganesh, asked her to stand at the door while she takes a bath. She asked Lord Ganesh not to let anyone enter. Agreeing to his mother’s order, Lord Ganesh stood still at the door. While Ganesh was guarding the door, Lord Shiva reached home and asked him to leave the way so that he could enter inside. 

However, Lord Ganesh denied and did not allow Lord Shiva to enter inside. Lord Shiva got angry at not letting him get inside. He took out his Trishul and beheaded his son Ganesh however, when Maa Parvati rushed out to see. Upon witnessing Lord Ganesh’s lifeless body on the ground, she was overcome with a mixture of anger and sadness. She pleaded with Lord Shiva to regain his head, and it was at this moment that an elephant’s head was attached to his body, thereby granting Lord Ganesh a new life.

2. The Power of Genuine Wishes and Faithful Devotion

Once lived an old blind lady in a village with her son and daughter in law. They were poor and did not have good financial stability. However, the lady was a deep and true devotee of Lord Ganesh. So, looking at her devotion, Lord Ganesh appeared in front of her and asked for her wishes. The lady was confused and couldn’t respond. So, seeing this, Lord Ganesh told her to talk and discuss with her family and let him know about her wishes. So, when the lady asked her son and daughter-in-law, the son asked for good wealth while the daughter-in-law asked for a son. 

The lady was not satisfied, so she also took suggestions from her neighbour. The neighbour suggested asking for her eyesight. She went back home and thought about it a lot. However, on the day of Sakat Chauth, Lord Ganesh paid her a visit, and she expressed her desire to regain her eyesight to be able to see her grandson. She also added that she wanted good wealth, abundance and a prosperous life. As Lord Ganesh had promised her to bless her with everything she wanted. Ganesh blessed her with a grandson, a good life and her eyesight. So, this story narrates that if you truly wish for something with your whole heart, your wish will come true. 

Sakat Chauth Rituals and Puja Vidhi 

Here are some Sakat Chauth rituals that you can follow with devotion to attain the blessings of Lord Ganesh. 

  • Firstly, you must cleanse the house to welcome Lord Ganesh. 
  • On the occasion of Sakat Chauth, you must wake up early morning, take a bath and start the preparation for Puja. 
  • Place the idol of Lord Ganesh and light diya and incense sticks while asking for blessings. You must also keep a kalash (pot) with coconut on top of it. 
  • You must recite the Ganesh Ashtottara on this day to please Lord Ganesh and welcome him into your house. 
  • A special offering or Prasad, which is sakat chauth til kut or til ka ladoo, is prepared for offering to the Lord. The ladoo should be made with Gur and Til to be offered to the Lord. 
  • In the evening, a special prayer or chanting, which is Sakat Chauth Aarti or Sakat Chauth vrat Katha, is performed to remember the stories behind the celebration of Sakat Chaturthi. 
  • Along with Lord Ganesh, Sakat mata is also remembered and offered prayers asking for a child as a blessing. 
  • In the evening, the women who are fasting must offer an Argya (water mixed with milk to the moon god), asking for good health, abundance, prosperity and happiness. 
  • After offering the Argya to the moon god, the women can break their fast by eating the til ladoo. 


Coming to a conclusion, Sakat Chauth is an auspicious festival for people in the northern region. However, anyone can celebrate this festival, keep sakat chauth vrat 2024 and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh and Sakat Mata. So, remember to celebrate Sakat Chaturthi 2024 and make your life filled with happiness, success and prosperity with the blessings of Sakat Mata and Lord Ganesha. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When is Sakat Chauth 2024?

Sakat Chauth 2024 is celebrated on 29th January 2024 (Monday). Also, the Sakat Chauth 2024 moon time to break the fast is 09:10 PM.

2. What is the significance of celebrating Sakat Chauth?

Sakat Chaturthi is an auspicious festival celebrated to offer prayers and thankfulness to Lord Ganesha and Sakat Mata. It is believed that offering prayers and keeping fast on this day can help you get rid of all the obstacles and hardships in life.

3. What are the benefits of celebrating Sakat Chauth?

The sakat chauth is a hindu religious festival celebrated to remove evil energies and attain success and prosperity in life. Moreover, on this auspicious day, Lord Ganesh attentively hears the prayers of all and blesses them with good health, a long life, and the well-being of their children.

4. What is a special mantra chanted on Sankashti Chaturthi?

Some of the special mantras are the Sakat Chauth mantra, Ganesh mantra and Ganesh Gayatri mantra. You must chant these mantras with great devotion and truthfulness.

5. What are the offerings and puja samagri for Sakat Chauth?

Some important puja offerings and samagri are til ladoo, boondi ladoo and dry fruits. Besides that, for Puja samagri, you should keep Til, coconut, turmeric powder, Roli, Akshat, kumkum, Durva, and red hibiscus flowers.

6. What are the rules for Sakat Chauth VRAT?

To observe Sakat Chauth, it is recommended to wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and wear fresh clothes. The fast begins at sunrise, during which you should abstain from consuming any food, and it ends after offering prayers to the moon god. You can break your fast by eating til ladoo afterwards.

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