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Relationship advice-Is it the right time to break up? Get your answers from tarot card

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BreakUp Regret

The fact that break-ups are as distinct as the relationships they result from adds to their complexity. Given that break-ups are context-specific, giving counsel on them can be challenging. However, ending a relationship is not always a simple choice. Perhaps nothing seems to be working. It’s possible that the disputes don’t seem to be progressing. It’s possible that you’ve encountered some minor compatibility problems that you’re not sure you can live with. 

A breakup in a relationship can be highly discouraging and painful. When life gets too much, we occasionally consult tarot cards for guidance. These 10 cards might alert us that a breakup is imminent. Get the answers by looking at the Tarot cards:


This card represents an intense conflict or a significant upheaval that makes you reevaluate how you perceive the world. This card will make it crystal evident in a relationship reading that it will end tragically and abruptly. The cards in the immediate vicinity can predict the outcome. The partner will be exposed as a cheater if the spread includes the Seven of Swords. Whereas if Hermit appears in the stretch, the partner will suddenly announce to their spouse that they need some time to themselves to think.

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Ten of Swords:

The picture on the Ten of Swords makes it quite evident that this card is about a traumatic, powerful, and possibly unexpected conclusion. This breakup has left you feeling incredibly wounded and abandoned, and it will take you several months or maybe years to recover from this challenging experience. Nevertheless, have faith because this Ten foreshadows the start of a fresh cycle in life and fresh beginnings.

Three of Swords:

Three swords penetrate a heart in the Three of Swords. The card denotes sadness, heartache, and suffering. When a fairly recent relationship has ended, this card can show up. This indicates that a break-up is most likely to occur. If it doesn’t, it could also mean that a partner has unsettling news to share.


The Hermit is a lone figure who symbolises a period of seclusion and retreat from society. This is a sign of being “alone” and using the opportunity to consider one’s religious and personal aspirations. Therefore, even if it isn’t quite a “break-up” card, it does imply a period of isolation and independence.

Five of Swords:

The Five of Swords indicates that war has already been waged and lost. Maybe you and your spouse have already been having conflicts and misunderstandings for a while now, and you have decided to end the relationship. Even when the argument is finished, you might not have the resolution or “last say” you were hoping for. It is time to let go of the situation rather than pressing it.

Two of Cups reversed:

The said card, when upright, represents the bonds and psychological ties between 2 people. The Two of Cups in reverse indicates the breakdown of a partnership, albeit it may be in the framework of a “mutual breakup.” The two have decided that it is preferable to separate from one another and depart.

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Seven of Swords: 

Defeat and ruin are represented by the Five of Pentacles. Anticipate feeling alone and “locked out” of a romance when this card is drawn, which could lead to some material and emotional loss. Due to a disagreement, your partner may be unwilling to assist you or keeping back your money.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles:

The Ten of Pentacles represents an existing relationship when it is straight, potentially a long-term marriage as well as a large family. Reversed, this marriage may be coming to an end, and as terms of the dissolution, the couple are now required to sell off the family property and split their funds. Your family situation and relatives are also being impacted.

Three of Cups reversed:

Reversed Three of Cups is not a good card to see in a love reading. It indicates that a third individual is present. That suggests that there is some cheating going on. Every relationship is often destroyed once that is found.


Once the Death tarot card comes in a love reading, it is a solid indication that the relation will die. The card of Death is one of finality and demise. The questioner occasionally has the impression that the connection won’t last. They would have initially gotten a reading if that had been the case.


1. Can tarot cards give advice on breakup?

When life gets too much, we occasionally consult tarot cards for guidance. There are 10 cards might alert us that a breakup is imminent.

2. Which is the most powerful card in the tarot?

In all tarot games, the Fool is one of the most powerful cards.

3. What does the Hermit symbolise?

The Hermit is a lone figure who symbolises a period of seclusion and retreat from society.

4. When was tarot created?

Tarot was created in Italy in the 1430s.

5. What Tarot card represents reconciliation?

Hanged man, tower card justice card, and temperance card are all tarot cards for reconciliation.

6. What does the Sun mean in tarot?

The Sun is said to reflect happiness and contentment in relationships, vitality, self-confidence and success.  We at InstaAstro take our users seriously and provide real-time Kundli analysis.Consult our experts today. Or attend live sessions for the solution to any problems!

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