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Reiki and Its 5 Principles for Overall Wellness

By December 3, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Overall Wellness

Reiki is an age-old Japanese energy-healing method. It works by cleansing the native’s body. In today’s time, it has gained significant popularity because of its remarkable outcomes and results. It is an excellent method for physical and emotional wellness and healing for a person. Reiki works on the principle of communication of energy through physical touch. To know more about reiki and its principles for wellness, read through the entire blog and enlighten yourself on this age-old Japanese Concept.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an age-old method that upholds its origin in Japan. It transfers positive energy and vibes into a person’s body through physical touch. It is an activity where, through the practitioner’s palms, the energies of the world are transferred into the client’s body for emotional and physical healing. Also, This practice includes four principles of Physical healing. Personal growth, Spiritual Discipline, Mystic Order.

Reiki is a form of pseudoscience. Also, it is based on chi, which, according to the words of practitioners, is a universal force of life. However, there is not enough conclusive evidence to believe so. In easy terms, there is no evidence of the healing power or the life force on whose principle reiki is based. 

Reiki Healing

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What Are Reiki Symbols?

Reiki symbols are one of the most significant aspects of Reiki teachings. They help advance an individual’s reiki practice by the use of symbols so that they can channelise a particular goal. Reiki symbols work by alerting the body and mind in the direction of the goal. They can be activated through visualisation, chanting and drawing them. However, all these methods are equally effective for the goal. No matter whichever method you use as long as the intention is used correctly for activation, the magic happens.

Reiki Symbols

1. Dai Ko Myo

Dai ko myo is the master symbol in reiki symbols. It translates to ‘The Great Shining Light’. This symbol has a spiritual concept representing the gateway to divine light. Moreover, It is the most powerful symbol. Also, it has optimum use as a reiki symbol for success and enlightenment. It also is about Spiritual Growth, Compassion and Joy. Meditation of this symbol can bring mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual growth. 

Dai Ko Myo

2. Shika Sho

This is a non-traditional reiki symbol. Its energy surrounds healing the throat chakra. Thus, it deals with communication issues, thyroid and energetic imbalance. It improves social connections. Also, it is beneficial for couples who experience difficulties in communicating. Drawing it in the middle of the room is one of the best ways to activate this symbol. 

Shika Sho

3.Nin Giz Zida

It is known as the Fire serpent symbol and is also a non-traditional yet one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki. It is mainly used for energy cleansing and also the alignment of the chakras. This symbol’s meditation brings a sense of calm and patience within a person. One must use the Cho Ku Rei symbol + Sei He Ki symbol + Serpent of Fire sequence parallel to the ground to clear their energetic path. 

Nin Giz Zida

The 5 Reiki Principles For Overall Wellness

Reiki includes a set of principles that are known as Reiki principles, the Reiki mantra of the Reiki shastra. These principles are analogous to goals and focus on the aspect of living in the present. They make us embody reiki energy every day and make us focus on the concept of one day at a time. 

Reiki master Dr. Mikao Usui taught these principles. After 21 days of fasting and patience on Mount Kurama, he developed these principles for the practice of Reiki. Reiki as a word derives its meaning from the Japanese word ‘rei’, meaning universal, and ‘ki’, which means life energy. When combined together, they mean universal life energy – Reiki. 

1. Just For Today, I Will Not Worry

This helps you to live each day without worry or stress. It teaches acceptance. Also, to not go after or get bothered by things that are not in control. Worrying can contribute to the following factors:

  • Attributes to stress
  • Cause of several mental disorders and diseases like insomnia
  • Prevents you from enjoying with family and friends

This principle seeks for the individual to live in the present and forgo the worries of the future. It is a practice of surrender and makes one appreciate the little happiness and goods in life they have and enjoy. Following this may seem difficult at first but slowly, the individual will get used to it.

Stressed Person

2. Just For Today, I Will Not Be Angry

Anger is the worst enemy of man. It is one of the causes of the destruction of many things in an individual’s life. Moreover, it is a self-destructive weapon as well for the individual. When one gets angry, their brain stops working in the rightful place. Also, decisions and actions done and made when angry always bring regret or destruction in the end. This principle asks us to control our anger, as it is the most powerful and fierce emotion humans possess. When one can control their emotions, they gain full control over themselves. However, the goal of this practice is to use your emotions as a learning of how they affect you.

Angry man

3. Just For Today, I Will Be Grateful

In today’s world, gratitude is something that very few people possess. Moreover, this principle ignites a sense of thankfulness for whatever we have in our lives and not to complain. It might seem to be easier to practise than the rest, but this is apparently one of the most difficult. It is easy to show gratitude when things are going our way, but it is extremely difficult to do so when everything is going quite opposite to what we anticipated. A dedicated practice of gratitude guarantees an individual to feel:

  • Surrounded by optimistic and positive energies
  • Well focus on life
  • Appreciation of small things and what you have in life

positive energies

4. Just For Today, I Will Do My Work Honestly

The fourth principle is about giving our full potential towards our work. With honesty and gratitude in ourselves wherever we work, we tend to make the most of it. Also, the individual treats their mates as he’d like to be treated. This principle teaches us that every step is the part of the journey. 

Work Honestly

5. Just For Today, I Will Be Kind To Every Human Being

Kindness is a virtue that makes one humble. However, not everyone portrays true kindness. By being kind towards our peers and everyone we meet, we ensure the good in the world still lives. According to this principle, we should be kind, considerate and caring towards all, be they animal or human. 

Kind To Every Human Being


In today’s fast-growing world, finding time for ourselves is a luxury. The 3 main focus points of human life in today’s world include – Work, Health, and Family. In these three criteria, we manage to give time to the 2 aspects, family and work, but somewhere, time for health is lost. Not taking care of one’s health causes deterioration and is harmful to an individual. Therefore, taking care of and giving time to one’s health is essential.

As the age-old saying goes, ‘Health Is Wealth’; thus, once gone, it can never be completely restored. Therefore, Reiki is a helpful way to restore your heath. If you liked this blog and want to read more such amazing and exciting blogs, then do visit InstaAstro’s website by clicking here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the 5 Reiki symbols?

The five main reiki symbols include Cho ku rei, Sei he ki, Hon sha ze sho nen, Dai ko myo and Raku.

2. What is energy in reiki?

The main focus of reiki is on universal life energy.

3. What is holy fire Reiki?

Holy fire reiki is a new way of using and transferring the healing energies of reiki.

4. Which reiki symbol is for protection?

The reiki symbol for protection is the harmony symbol, which is known as Sei he ki.

5. What is the master symbol of Reiki?

The Dai ko myo is known to be the master symbol in Reiki.

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