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Rambha Apsara: A Semi-divine Being with Unrivalled Beauty

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Rambha Apsara

All of us have heard of beautiful women like Urvasi, Menaka, Rambha, Tilottama, and Ghritachi. Thanks to our mythology for amusing us with such beings who live around us in an invisible form. They are outstanding in their achievements in the arts of dancing, music, and beauty. Moreover, they come around as divine dancers of the heavens. These immortal beauties provide immense wealth, prosperity, and beauty to their devotees. Rambha devi is the chief among all apsaras. When it comes to getting immense benefits, performing Rambha Apsara puja (worship), mantra (verse), Japa (enchanting), and yajna brings desired fruits with a difference.

Did you know that these divine beauties of heaven were used by Lord Indra for his selfish purpose? The Lord was scared about the sages obtaining divine power through their tapasya. Thus, he used to send apsaras down on earth to distract the sages. The main goal was to make the sage forget about his tapasya and direct him towards worldly life and desires. Read the content ahead and find out the mythologies, mantras, and names of Rambha that can change your fortune.


Mythologies Associated with Rambha Apsara

Let us have a look at the Mythologies associated with Rambha Apsara. These include the stories of her birth, her encounter with Vishwamitra, and, lastly, her encounter with Shuka. Additionally, let us have a look at these and dive deep into the world of these heavenly divine dancers. Let us have a look at the history of rambha apsara. 

1. The Story of the Birth of Rambha

According to the ancient texts of Mahabharata, Rambha is the daughter of sage Kashyap and his wife Pradha. She had 11 sisters, namely, Alambusha, Mishrakeshi, Vidhyutparna, Tilottama, Aruna, Rakshita, Manorama, Subahu, Keshini, Surata and Suraja. However, in Bhagavad Purna, the name of their mother is written as Muni. Moreover, according to some texts, Rambha and other apsaras emerged from Kshira Sagara during the time of Samundra Mantha. There is no clear evidence of the birth of Rambha. However, these 2 stories are the most prominent, relating to the birth of Rambha. Thus, this was the rambha mythology. 

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2. Rambha and her Encounter with Vishwamitra

Apsaras had supreme beauty. They were considered the most beautiful women on the planet. Moreover, it is believed that in ancient times, apsaras were sent by Indra Dev to Sages. This was done to distract them from their renunciation of worldly desires. Moreover, the Indra dev feared that the sages would gain divine power using their methods of worship. Thus, they used to send apsaras to them in order to break their prayer and distract them.

Moreover, according to old tales, once, Rmbha was sent by Indra to disturb the penance of Vishwamitra. Moreover, Vishwamitra had been previously seduced by another Apsara named Menaka. When Vishwamitra realised that Indra Dev had sent another Apasara to distract him and provide hindrance in his prayer, he was furious. Vishwamitra, in his anger, cursed Rambha to turn into a rock. 

3. Rambha and her Encounter with Shuka

As we have already discussed, Indra dev used to send Apsaras to seduce sages. Once, Rambh was sent by Indra Dev to seduce a young sage Shuka. Rambha used the strategy of talking to him. She uses her seductive and mesmerising tone to talk to Shuka. The main point of the conversation was to convince Shuka that there is no life for a man without a wife or female company. He says that a man’s life is useless if he is unable to attain wisdom. 

Unbelievable benefits of Rambha Puja

As per the Hindu scriptures, Rambha is a divine dancer of Devloka, wife of NalKubera, and daughter-in-law of Kubera, the god of wealth. The semi-divine beauty was turned into a stone by sage Vishwamitra when she tried to seduce the sage and breach his simple spiritual practice. Some events of Ramayana also declare that Demon Ravana forcefully raped her. People get the qualities of Rambha whenever he/she worships her. Additionally, She blesses the person with youth, pleasure, beauty, and charm. Below are some of the benefits of pleasing Rambha and getting her blessings. These are as follows: 

  • An anti-ageing boon with good skin and thick hair
  • Possess a good and healthy body with perfection
  • Create an attractive personality
  • Increase self-confidence and complex
  • Attain joy, consciousness, and elation.
  • Be always in pleasure
  • Maintain a good and healthy relationship
  • Get success in love

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Rambha Apsara Sadhna Mantras

Remember that there are 10 names of Apsara Rambha. Reciting these names also gives you benefits. There are also two Rambha apsara fasts (Vrat): Rambha Teej and Rambha Tritiya. Moreover, While practising this sadhana, make sure you have Pran iconic Rambotkilan Yantra, Rambha Mala, Beauty Gutika, and Saphalya Mudrika. Enchant the following mantras under the supervision of an expert to make the most out of the divine puja. Moreover, mentioned below are some rambha apsara mantra. These are as follows: 

  • “Om Divyai Namah”  –  “ॐ दिव्यायै नमः”
  • “Om Pranapriyaay Namah” –   “ॐ प्राणप्रियायै नमः”
  • Another mantra – “ Om Vagishvarye Namah”  –  “ॐ वागीश्वर्ये नमः”
  • “Om Urjaswalaayai Namah” – “ॐ ऊर्जस्वलायै नमः“
  • “Om Saundarya Priyayai Namah” – “ॐ सौंदर्य प्रियायै नमः”
  • Other mantras – “Om Yauvanapriyaay Namah” – “ॐ यौवनप्रियायै नमः”
  • “Om Aishwaryapradai Namah” – “ॐ ऐश्वर्यप्रदायै नमः”
  • “Om Saubhagyadai Namah” – “ॐ सौभाग्यदायै नमः”
  • Mantra for beauty – “Om Dhanadai Rambhayai Namah” – “ॐ धनदायै रम्भायै नमः”
  • “Om Arogya Pradaai Namah” –  “ॐआरोग्य प्रदायै नमः”

Sanskirt mantra – “ॐ हृीं रं रम्भे ! आगच्छ आज्ञां पालय मनोवांछितं देहि ऐं ॐ नमः”

English translation of Sanskirt mantra – “ॐ hearm Agni Aadhaan Palayal Manowantha Dehi Ain Om Namah


If you want to change your fortune and possess a king-like stature in this materialistic world, try to please Rambha Apsara. This puja is not simple, and you need to abide by lots of rules and regulations suggested by an Apsara sadhana expert. Don’t try to do it yourself without any directions from a recognized Guru. Simply ask professional online astrologers or pandits how to perform Apsara Rambha sadhana sitting at home. To do so, you can talk to some of India’s best astrologers present at InstaAstro. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Rambha?

Rambha was an Indian mythology apsara. Apasars are divine beauties who reside in heaven. They are very well known for their singing, dancing and artistic skills.

2. What are the names of three apsaras?

In Hindu mythology, there are some famous apsaras. These include rambha urvasi menaka apsara. These three are some of the very famous Apsaras that we all have heard about in some mythological stories.

3. What is Rambha Urvasi Menaka history?

In Hindu Mythology, Rambha, Urvashi, and Menaka are some of the most beautiful Apsaras. They are considered to be the epitome of beauty.

4. What are the benefits of Rambha mantra?

The Rambha mantra has a lot of benefits. These include individuals attaining beauty along with wisdom in their lives.

5. Who is the queen of apsaras?

Apsaras are divine, beautiful women. They come around as heavenly divine beauties. Moreover, Rambha is their queen.

6. Who is the husband of Rambha goddess?

Nalakuvara is the husband of Rambha. He is the son of Lord Kubera, the Lord of wealth in Hinduism.

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