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Rajnikant Birthday: His Kundali And Journey To Stardom

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Who comes to your mind when you hear the word Thalaivaa? None other than Rajnikant, right? His devoted fans know him as Rajnikant, although his real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. For many years, he has been in the spotlight among his fans. He started his career by acting in minor roles in Tamil and Kannada films, and now his latest movie, Jailer, hits worldwide. 

Well, now that he will be celebrating his 73rd birthday, along with his family and friends, all the fans worldwide are equally excited. So, let’s look at some incredible astrological aspects that led to climbing the ladder of success. 

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Rajnikant Birth Details: 

  • Date of Birth: 12 December 1950
  • Time of Birth: 11:49 PM 
  • Place of Birth: Bangalore
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Shravana
  • Rising Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni

Rajnikant Birthday: Kundali Analysis 

Now that we’ve got some interesting information about Rajnikant’s birth. Let’s see how the planets have favoured him in making him a name in the film industry. Along with his determination to act and the support from his wife, Latha Rajinikanth, his astrological aspects have also been a great supporter. Maybe the planet Venus or Jupiter has favoured his career to etch his name in Indian cinema. So, just find some interesting facts below that have made Rajnikant a superstar. 

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1. Moon Sign: Taurus 

The moon sign Taurus has been an additional benefit in framing a career as an actor in Rajnikant’s life. It helped him learn patience, determination, and practicality in life, which made him flourish in this field. In the acting industry, patience is the cherry on the top that will open the gates for achievements. Besides that, he has never disappointed those who admire him throughout his acting career. He has always held a special place in the hearts of fans all across the world. 

2. Sun Sign: Sagittarius 

When you watch Rajnikant on screen, have you ever wondered where Rajnikant might have gotten such a versatile and charismatic personality? It’s all because of his sun sign Sagittarius. Being a Sagittarian, he always had the desire to explore, and that’s how he made his name on the big screen, starting from playing his debut role in a kannada short film to playing a led role in hit movies Life Shivaji the Boss, Darbar, 2.0 and many more. 

3. Conjunction of Mercury with Venus in the fifth house

You might find it unbelievable, but the strong skill of love and romance in Rajnikant’s personality came due to the conjunction of the two planets, Mercury and Venus. The way he expresses himself on-screen catches his fans’ attention. Also, when these two planets come together in his birth chart, it brings out the strong desire to express oneself through his acting. 

4. The fifth lord, Jupiter, aspect over Lagna

As Rajnikant celebrates his 73rd birthday, you might also want to know about his success in his career and how he could grow exponentially in this field. Well, it’s none other than the influence of planet Jupiter. According to astrology, Jupiter is known to be the planet of expansion and growth, so when this planet is placed in the Rajnikant birth chart, the positive influence is enhanced. 

5. Mercury with tenth lord Venus

You could be curious how the universe can decide someone’s fate. However, in Vedic astrology, some planets and houses have an impact on people’s lives. Similarly, the placement of Mercury and Venus in the 10th house in Rajnikant’s horoscope brings love and harmony that he receives from his audience and close ones, which is why he is able to accomplish so well in his life. 

Rajnikant Kundli

Rajnikant Birthday: How his zodiac sign personality has uplifted his Career

Now that we’ve discussed how the planetary conjunction has favoured him in making his career in the film industry. Likewise, Rajnikant zodiac sign has also been a part of his life, helping him grow and make his career in Indian cinema. Sagittariu’s energetic and versatile personality has made him grow in the field of acting. So, stay along with us while we take you on a journey to explore the personality traits of Rajnikant that have made him reach a high level in the film industry. 

1. Honest and sincere dedication 

His sincere approach towards his career has made him reach a high level of success. His determination to achieve great heights in the film industry made him famous worldwide. Besides being a great actor, he is also a humble and generous human being, which is why his fans have shown love towards him. Moreover, he had to face various hurdles and hardships at the start of his career, but he overcame them and made his name in Indian cinema. 

2. Optimistic Approach 

As a fan or an audience, it’s effortless for us to see them through the screen and assume their lifestyle. We assume they live a very happening and comfortable life, but he faces many criticisms and judgements as an actor. However, he has always managed to be optimistic and have a positive outlook towards his life. He made sure to always look at the positive side of life and move ahead instead of just sitting back and feeling bad about the negative aspects of his life. 

3. Philosophical

As a philosophical individual, he always brings something unique and in-depth to his personal and professional life. Throughout his career, he has always had a philosophical approach that made him understand his character and explore it so that he can show his true performance. Moreover, Rajnikant has always looked at the tough situations in life in a very philosophical and practical way and tackled them in a level-headed way. 


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Rajnikant Birthday: Horoscope Predictions 

Hang on! It’s not over yet. Now, we’ll be exploring some horoscope predictions, mainly focusing on finance, career and relationships. Rajnikant will be celebrating his birthday on 12th December; it’s the best time to find out his astrological aspects and get to know him better. 

1. Finance Horoscope for Rajnikant 

The finance horoscope of Rajnikant seems to be pretty favourable. In his horoscope, the placement and conjunction of favourable planets, such as Jupiter and Venus, make him financially independent and stable. As this planet deals with abundance and prosperity, it allows him to make good financial decisions and intellectual steps. Moreover, the positive placement in his horoscope also allows him to enhance his skills and make a good income in the future. 

2. Career Horoscope for Rajnikant 

The influence of positive planets in Rajnikant horoscope plays an important role in shaping his career. As you might read in the above paragraphs, the planets Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus have been showering positive impacts on his life, which has created immense success. Also, this conjunction of Venus and Mercury has been a part of his success as it has helped him enhance his skills, making him an irreplaceable actor in Indian cinema.

3. Personal Relationships Horoscope for Rajnikant 

In terms of love relationships, Rajnikant kundli has been great at building a harmonious relationship with his wife, Latha Rangachari. Along with their true love and desire to stay together and support each other, Venus, the favourable planet, also has a great role to play. Rajnikant has always been lucky to have his wife, Latha, who has stood as a rock and always looked out for him. Therefore, he also expresses that the true reason behind his healthy lifestyle and success is his beloved wife, Latha. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When was Rajnikant born?

Rajnikant was born on December 12 1950 in Banglore. He was born in a small hindu family. He is now an Indian actor and a politician.

2. What is Rajnikant age?

Rajnikant is now 72, but he will celebrate his birth on 12 December 2023. He will soon turn 73 years old.

3. What is Rajnikant net worth?

Various news portals and online reports estimate that the superstar Rajnikant’s net worth is around 430 crores. However, his main source of income is through his acting industry.

4. What is Rajnikant education qualification?

Rajnikant did his schooling from Acharya Paathshala in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. He completed his college from Vivekananda Balaka Sangha. College. M.G.R Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu.

5. Who is Rajnikant wife?

Rajnikant got married to Latha Rajnikant on 26 February 1981 at Tirupati. They have been blessed with two daughters, Aishwarya and Soundarya and have four grandchildren.

6. What Nakshatra is Rajinikanth?

Rajnikant is born under the Nakshtra of Jyeshtha. People born with this nakshatra in their horoscope are believed to be respectful and humble to the people around them. Moreover, they are determined and have great ambitions to achieve success.

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