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Parag Aggarwal


Twitter has seen an eventful 2021 and 2022 predictions seem to point to a crucial financial year for the company. For all those who are invested in the company for professional or personal reasons, this future forecast by InstaAstro is a must read. The 15-year-old company has seen much change in its management and stock rates have been fluctuating to the extremes.

As the previous CEO, Jack Dorsey steps down, the immediate replacement by Indian origin CTO, Parag Agarwal has not been as smooth as expected. At such a time, InstaAstro is trying to shed light on what can be predicted for Twitter’s 2022.

Previous Event Of 2021

The stocks for the ‘tweet-ing’ giant have been on a flight and fall for the year 2021. While it saw major growth and good leverage through February-April 2021, in the month on May there was sharp decrease in the stock rates of Twitter. The company did start improving at the stock-exchange after July but slowly a dip was noticed in the month of August which only projected itself further low throughout. Then came the news of CEO Jack Dorsey moving on from the company.

His immediate replacement, Parag Agarwal has attracted some attention which doesn’t seem to be helping the company’s stocks and image. So where does it leave the people who are invested in the company’s stocks and services? InstaAstro gives its prediction for 2022 for Twitter and its users.

Future Prediction 2022 

Indian origin CTO-turned-CEO of Twitter, Parag Agarwal has geared up for taking over the humongous duty of revamping the value of the company. The move is seen as positive and many big celebrities like Elon Musk, Anand Mahindra and singer Shreya Ghoshal congratulated Parag. He has drawn a little negative attention to himself but Agarwal has been known to deflect any such intents with his novel approach. While December 2021 will be all about making sure the stock value of Twitter is improved, beyond that is an important period for the company.

The new management seems to fare well for the first trimester of 2022. Twitter will see a surge in its image and market-price for March-April 2022. The second trimester seems to bring in some controversies and may be more change in management approach. There will be tact needed to handle any circumstances arising from new decisions. Second half of 2022 fares good for Twitter and the ones invested in it. Looking at the overall predictions for 2022, Twitter and its CEO, Parag Agarwal will have their work cut out if they aim to maximise on the profits.


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