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Planets and Body Parts Astrology: What is it?

By August 10, 2022December 1st, 2023No Comments
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Astrology is something that always leaves us in surprise. It has the power to understand an individual and validate their sense of self. Our zodiac signs have individual characteristics, which means that we have different traits and various factors influencing those traits. Today, let’s address the less talked about the field of astrology, the Planets and Body Parts Astrology. 

Planets and Body Parts Astrology

Back in the primaeval times, there were no proper doctors, and if there were any, they were hardly accessible to the masses. So, people turned to astrology for various reasons. One such thing that astrology helped with was identifying the body parts associated with each zodiac sign. You may also call these the “trigger” points for every zodiac. These parts influence and affect the body largely. We’re not saying that these parts are solely responsible for every occurrence in your body, but they have a significant role. Here we have the list of twelve zodiac signs and the body part that they control. 

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Eyes, Head, And Brain

The first sign, Aries are confident, passionate and optimistic. However, they see things with an altogether different lens. The eyes, head and brain control all body parts for these zodiacs. These points govern the body and keep them moving forward. 


Throat And Neck (Vocals)

Venus rules the Taurus, making them kings and queens of vocals. According to the planets and body parts astrology, the zodiac rules over the throat, neck and vocals in specific. If you’re a Taurus, self-reflect, and you can maybe make a beautiful singer out of yourself!


 Arms, Hands And Lungs

Hand gestures are integral ways of communication for Gemini. Moreover, their peers call them masters of the art of persuasion. This pertains to their confidence in oration and public speaking. These zodiac signs are highly tactile and control the arms, hands and lungs. 


Breast, Chest And Stomach

Cancers have this innate nurturing and accepting quality about them. This has a relation to them controlling the breast, chest and stomach. Moreover, they are doting caregivers who always think about others in need. The stomach wants comfort food, and the breast feeds infants with milk. Thus, this is a maternal zodiac sign that controls these body parts. 


Heart and Spine

Born leaders and compassionate individuals, Leos are brave hearts symbolising the lion. They are kind and always make decisions from the heart. Thus, they control the heart and spine. Moreover, these signs are highly creative and maintain a balance between their professional and personal life. Therefore, next time think twice before calling a Leo spineless.  


Digestive System and Abdomen 

The perfectionist Virgo are zodiac signs that are highly practical and logical. These are earth signs, and they rule the digestive system and abdomen. This contributes to the fact that natives of this zodiac sign have major digestive issues. Thus, if you’re a Virgo, be extra careful what you eat. 


Lower Back, Buttocks And Kidneys

While all of us know that Libra is the sign of balance, all these body parts play a significant role. However, sometimes in the pursuit of balance, they often lose the sense of balance. Thus, this might create issues of balance for them.  


Reproductive System And Sexual Organs

The seductive and sensual beings, Scorpios are smouldering and intense lovers. They are highly sexual and feed off the energy of their partner. Therefore, based on the Planets and Body Parts Astrology, Scorpios rule over the reproductive system and sexual organs. Therefore, intimacy is everything to them, and they seek sexual pleasure. Moreover, they are also immensely fertile as biological beings. 


Thighs And Liver

Party animals who will dance and drink till the end of the day, Sagittarians are big-time explorers. You will never find them at home and always at the club! Moreover, they are great dancers to top it all. They control the thighs and liver, thus contributing to their excellent hip movements and good drinking capacity. 


Joints And Bones

Capricorns are ambitious, sensitive and have their head on their shoulders. Natives of this zodiac always want to do better and aim higher in life. Moreover, they don’t settle for less and take up everything on themselves. Thus, they rule over joints and bones. However, this sometimes ruins things for them as they carry the world’s burden on their shoulders. Therefore, their joints and bones must be taken care of for their flexibility and well-being.   


Calves And Ankles  

Self-reliant and highly optimistic, Aquarians are exceptional beings who spend a significant time sharpening their skills. But, unfortunately, they also get nervous quite often. Thus, they rule over the calves and ankles and train these body parts a lot.   


Feet And Hands

Emotional, sensitive and gracious, Pisces are highly aware of what they do in life. They are stable and have a sense of solidness; thus, they rule the feet and hands. Moreover, they often love massages and pamper themselves with manicures and pedicures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which planet rules over Taurus?

Venus is the planet ruling over Taurus.

2. Which zodiac sign rules over the heart?

The brave-heart zodiac sign Leo rules over the heart. Thus this also makes them extremely kind and compassionate individuals.

3. Which body part is controlled by Cancer?

Cancers have this innate nurturing and accepting quality about them. This relates to them controlling the breast, chest and stomach.

4. Which zodiac sign has a strong liver?

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign with an incredible liver and drinking capacity.

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