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Pitru Paksha 2021 to Perform Shradh Karma of Dead Souls

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Pitra Dosh

The Ganesh festival is over, and it is high time to pay respect to our lost ancestors who left this world many years, decades, and centuries ago. Pitru Paksha will start from the full moon date of Bhadrapada (September) month and end till the new moon date of Ashwin (October) month. The entire 15 days of Pitru Paksha is when auspicious works are not allowed as per Hindu culture and scriptures. These forbidden works include shaving, engagement, marriage, shopping, buying property, etc. Read the content and find detailed information on the timing and dates of Pitru Paksha 2021 to please dead souls or ancestors. Also, read why Pitru Paksha is not considered suitable for doing auspicious works.

Pitru Paksha: Time not to do certain activities

In Hinduism, there are various debts that everyone has to pay to live in this mortal world. Among different debts, Pitru debt is paid by giving reverence to dead souls on Pitru Paksha. Note that life is meaningless if you fail to pay or leave this world without paying the parental debt. There are many causes of Pitra Dosh that affect the happiness and growth of your life. You can be cursed with paternal debt owing to the premature death of an unmarried make or humiliation of respectable people.

The entire 15 days of Pitru Paksha is when auspicious works are not allowed as per Hindu culture and scriptures. It is believed those deal souls revisit the mortal world during Pitru Paksha. This period is auspicious for expressing gratitude towards them. It would help if you connected with them spiritually. That is why you need to restrict your hobbies, habits, and auspicious works. It is high time to get their blessings by dedicating your valuable time to them. Happy ancestors leave this world again after the end of Pitru Paksha and bless their children.

Donating Pind Daan at the confluence of Prayagraj is considered the most helpful measure to give complete peace to the dead souls get complete peace. You, as a descendant, will get desired fruits from your ancestors.

Pitru Paksha 2021: Timing and dates

• Beginning time – September 20, Monday

• Ending time – October 6, Wednesday

Hindus perform sixteen shradhs to satisfy their ancestors and get their blessings by following a religious procedure.

• First Shradh (Poornima or full moon Shradh) – 20 September (Monday) 2021
• Second Shradh (Pratipada Shradh) – 21 September (Tuesday) 2021
• Third Shradh (Dwitya Shradh) – 22 September (Wednesday) 2021
• Fourth Shradh (Tritiya Shradh) – 23 September (Thursday) 2021
• Fifth Shradh (Chaturthi Shradh) – 24 September (Friday) 2021
• Sixth Shradh (Panchami Shradh) – 25 September (Saturday) 2021
• Seventh Shradh (Shashthi Shradh) – 27 September (Monday) 2021
• Eighth Shradh (Saptami Shradh) – 28 September (Tuesday) 2021
• Ninth Shradh (Ashtami Shradh) – 29 September (Wednesday) 2021
• Tenth Shradh (Navami Shradh or Matrinavami) – 30 September (Thursday) 2021
• Eleventh Shradh (Dashami Shradh) – 01 October (Friday) 2021
• Twelfth Shradh (Ekadashi Shradh) – 02 October (Saturday) 2021
• Thirteenth Shradh (Vaishnavites Shradh) – 03 October 2021
• Fourteenth Shradh (Trayodashi Shradh) – 04 October (Sunday) 2021
• Fifteenth Shradh (Chaturdashi Shradh) – 05 October (Monday) 2021
• Sixteenth Shradh (Amavasya Shradh) – 06 October (Tuesday) 2021

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Summing up

You can know more about how to get the blessing of your lost ancestors with the help of professional and experienced Indian astrologers and pandits near you. You can talk to astrologers via phone using an astrology app that connects you to an astrologer or pandit of your choice.

You can please your ancestors on this Pitru Paksha 2021 by chatting with shradh specialists and pandits using Android and iOS apps.

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