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Pisces: Meaning Of the Twin Fish Symbol

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Pisces Symbol

Pisces is a sign where both the people and symbol are elegant as well as mysterious. The artistic and spiritual qualities of Pisces may lead people to think that they are a fragile being who needs help to survive, but beware, that is not the case. Pisces can surprise you with their innate strength, and their holistic and spiritual approach helps them to see the world inside out. We shall learn about the meaning of the twin fish symbol that represents Pisces.

The symbol of Pisces


The symbol of Pisces is two fishes swimming in the opposite direction which are connected by a string or a cord. Pisces are known to be romantic and full of empathy. The Pisces are charming and move through the lives of people as a fish does – Very Elegantly!

Meaning of the symbol

Have you ever seen a person who wants to fly in the clouds but wants to be connected to the ground as well? Or a person who is living two lives — one in the present and other in their head? Then that person is definitely a Pisces and the sign represents this quality accurately.

The fishes represent compassion filled people who want to understand the deeper meaning of life around them but also do not want to lose their reality. Thus the string between them which keeps them connected to one another is actually a bridge that provides a balance to the reality and the fantasy of the Pisces sign.

symbol of Pisces
The fishes swimming in opposite directions represent the dilemma Pisces face because they have this world where they want to live in and a world where they have to. The fishes represent a conflicted duality.

The fishes represent the many moods and thoughts of Pisces and that they can never lose what they have but definitely desire more.

Many mythologies have given a different yet similar meaning to the symbol as to what can be called the “stuck in the middle” kind of a person who wants to either have everything or nothing.

What should Pisces do?

Embrace your qualities and take pride in your capabilities. You have a vision that people desire, and you have the power to understand the world a little better, so why not use it? Try to have your mind clear and truly focus on what you love, and most importantly, never let that positivity and compassion of yours fade away at any cost.

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