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Importance Of Owl In Astrology And Vastu 

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Importance Of Owl In Astrology And Vastu

The significance of Owls has often been left unknown, and they are usually regarded as a symbol of negatively. To understand the true meaning and importance of the Owl in Astrology and Vastu, it is necessary to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. Let’s get into the details of Owl in Astrology and Significance. 


Significance Of Owl In Astrology 

Owls hold great significance in Astrology, and here we provide you with information regarding the importance of Owls in Astrology. 

1. Association with Moon 

Owls are nocturnal animals, so they are associated with night and the moon in a special way. This special association with the Moon gives them the energy to have strong intuitions. The sound of an Owl on a full moon night has high auspicious value in many traditions.  

2. Sign in Astrology

In Astrology, Owls are symbols of wisdom and knowledge. They are representative of knowledge as they are linked to the planet Mercury. Natives born under the Owl Sign have great abilities in the field of analytics. They are also regarded as philosophers because of the knowledge and wisdom they acquire from the environment around them.

3. Wisdom and Intuition 

Owls have been regarded as a sign of Wisdom and Intuition because of their ability to survive in the dark. The Owl Sign brings in the ability to think and make decisions. It also provides one with foresight while making important decisions. All of this is believed not just in Indian Astrology but in various cultures around the world. 

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Significance Of Owl In Vastu Shastra 

Owls hold great significance in Vastu Shastra, and here we provide you with information regarding the importance of Owls in Vastu Shastra.

1. Protection from Negative Energies

Owls are regarded as protecting against Nazar or Negative Energies. They can easily detect and send back negative vibrations. It is considered really auspicious if one hangs an Owl symbol outside one’s house. It is also said that doing so can also provide protection from the evil eye. 

2. Positive Energy 

Owls are known to bring in positive energy. Owl symbols, when placed in the house, turn the negative energies in the house into positive ones. These Owl showpiece Vastu or Owl statue Vastu bring in harmony among the members of the house. Owls are also known for maintaining a balance of energies. 

3. Symbol of Wisdom and Luck 

Owl is a flag bearer of wisdom. Hence, owl symbols are known for enhancing wisdom. They influence the intelligence quotient. Owl also improves one’s luck when it comes to career. Owl is lucky, and placing it near to your study table can have a positive impact on your career. 

4. Familial Bonds

According to Vastu represent bonding. They are known to live in family units and hence they promote such energy. Placing owl symbols improves relations between family members. It enhances ties between family members. It creates a positive environment in the house. 

Mythological Stories Around Owls 

Let’s look into the mythological stories from various cultures around the world in relation to the Owls.

1. Greek Goddess Athena 

The significance of the Owl is not limited to Indian Mythology; it is also regarded as a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology. The owl is highly symbolic of Goddess Athena, who is worshipped for her intelligence and wisdom. In Greek Mythology, it is believed that worshippers of the Owl are blessed with wisdom and intelligence. 

2. Native American Beliefs 

In Native American belief system it is believed that Owls are the source of connection between the world of spirits and the world of humans. They are known to have knowledge of both worlds and beyond. 

3. A Good Omen 

Owls are believed to be sensible beings and are also believed to have higher intelligence. It is believed that spotting owls can be a promoter of change, or it can lead your career in a completely different direction altogether. It is known to have a positive impact on your career and academic life. 

4. Vahana (Vehicle) of Goddess Lakshmi 

According to mythology and popular belief, the Owl is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi and is symbolised as bringing in wealth. At the same time, it also symbolizes that one should not be carried away by wealth. The owl has been given a lot of prestige in India because it is a carrier of Lakshmi, which can be translated to money. 

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Significance Of Owls In Today’s World 

Owls are significant not only in the world of Astrology, Vastu, or Mythology but also in today’s world. Let’s look into the symbolism of owls in the modern world. 

1. Owls and Pest Control 

Owls are essential for the environment. They play a major role in the ecosystem. They are predators that prey on insects and small organisms and maintain the food chain. They are really valuable for farmers as they help maintain the natural cycle. 

2. Owls and Popular Culture  

Owls have been part of popular culture for a long because of their mystical nature. They have been part of many movies and series and are often depicted as part of something on the mysterious and thrilling end. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of the Owl painting Vastu?

Owl painting Vastu has a lot of significance as it is known to radiate positive energies, and hence, it makes the surroundings of the house extremely positive.

2. What is the significance of the Owl in Astrology?

Owl plays an important role in Astrology. It is regarded as an extremely positive sign and is seen as a symbol of wisdom.

3. Where to place Owl in home?

Owl showpiece vastu or Owl painting Vastu holds a lot of significance. It is believed that placing these statues or paintings at the entrance of your home or near your study table is known to bring peace in your life and success in your career.

4. Is Owl good for home?

The Owl symbol is absolutely great for home and it is known to have a great effect on the overall surroundings of the house. It is known to eliminate negative energies from the house.

5. What is the role of the Owl statue at home?

Owl in house vastu has a significant role. The owl statue has a positive effect on the house’s overall energy and negates the effects of Buri Nazar in the house.

6. Does Owl showpiece Vastu play a role in the positive relationship of family members?

Yes, Owl showpieces are great from the perspective of Vastu in maintaining positive relations between families.

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