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What makes Onyx Stone Precious in Astrology?

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Onyx Stone

Have you even recognised how precious the Onyx stone is? What makes this stone different from other gemstones? Apart from having an aesthetic significance, Onyx stone has various healing properties that can help individuals deal with daily life problems. So, stay with us to learn some interesting facts that can add more information about the Onyx Gemstone to your mind.

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What is Onyx Stone? 

Onyx stone is a beneficial stone used by people all over the world. This stone is formed in various parts of the world, such as Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, India and the United States. The Onyx stone has a black base layered with different shades of colour, such as white, blue, red, brown and green. It is the hardest gemstone, like 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10, and has a bright and shiny lustre. 

Additionally, there is a strong belief that Cupid, the god of love, used to cut the nails of her mother, Venus. However, those nails fell from the sky and turned into Onyx when they landed in a river. So, this was a simple story behind the formation of the Onyx stone.

Astrological Significance Behind Wearing Onyx Stone 

According to vedic astrology, the onyx stone is also referred to as the ‘Sulemani Stone’. It has some astrological benefits and health and spiritual healing properties. Also, the Onyx stone is a special birthstone for Leo individuals who are blessed with the positive factors of this stone. The Onyx stone will benefit the Leo individuals and all the other zodiac signs.

So, we’ve got you an interesting experience of Gauri, who was seriously dealing with her breakup. She could not move on from her ex-boyfriend. She was mentally exhausted and stuck with her past burdens. So, within one month of wearing the Onyx stone, Gauri could see changes in herself. It helped her deal with their past traumas, which reduced her stress and anxiety levels. Moreover, it also helped her control her emotions, which saved her from breaking down and helped her see a new version of herself.

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Some Important Types of Onyx Gemstones

Mentioned below are some of the commonly coloured Onyx stones that are found. It also has various benefits that give the wearer strong support and guidance.  

1. Black Onyx stone benefits

The black-coloured Onyx stone is also formed in different shades of black, such as her black, a mixture of black and grey, which has a bright, elegant mate look. The black onyx stone benefits individuals by strengthening their spiritual life and enhancing their mental and physical tiredness. 

2. Green Onyx Stone benefits 

The green Onyx stone is a precious gemstone that allows individuals to have the power to self-control. It allows individuals to feel relaxed and think clearly. Also, the green Onyx stone is usually used as a necklace or ring. 

3. White Onyx Stone benefits 

White signifies purity, so the wearer can cleanse their mind and let go of all the negative thoughts. It attracts positive energy that makes the individuals feel enthusiastic throughout the day. It provides individuals the strength to deal with all the ups and downs in life.

4. Blue Onyx Stone Benefits 

The blue Onyx stone benefits individuals in forming a spiritual world for themselves. Doing this allows them to have clearness of thought and spiritual awareness about the world around them. Moreover, it enables the wearer to avoid the urge to overthink and stay calm. 

Effective Benefits of Onyx Stone 

The white onyx benefits have innumerable benefits that allow individuals to handle their daily life problems. Wearing Onyx stone is a form of self-care that gives individuals the capability to safeguard themselves from various external influences. So let’s get into knowing about the Onyx stone benefits in detail. 

1. Health Benefits of Onyx Stone 

  • If an individual is dealing with the inability to hear clearly, the Onyx stone can be one of the solutions. 
  • It helps individuals to function their nervous system well so that they can think and make decisions. 
  • People experiencing mental stress and insomnia can also wear an Onyx stone that allows them to keep their minds calm and at ease. 
  • People suffering from bone and muscle pain can get their hands on the Onyx, which can help them release their muscles. 
  • It allows a good flow of blood in your body, keeping you physically and mentally healthy. 

2. Spiritual Benefits of Onyx Stone 

  • Individuals will be able to handle their emotions wisely. It helps them avoid overthinking, which allows them to stress themselves out mentally. 
  • It showers individuals with good fortune, helps attract wealth and lives a peaceful lifestyle. 
  • It helps wearers get through their emotional baggage and move on easily. 
  • It gives individuals the ability to have a strong determination to make their lives better. They will see the world from their perspective. 
  • The wearer will always focus towards self-care and help them step out of their comfort zone to find the real purpose of their life. 

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How to wear Onyx Stone 

Here are the effective ways to wear Onyx stone that can benefit you. So, read carefully to know the best way to wear this stone so that you can fully attain the black onyx stone benefits. 

  • The best day to wear the Onyx stone is Tuesday because this stone is related to the planet Mars. 
  • If you are wearing a ring of Onyx stone, you should wear your ring finger on the left hand.
  • Wearing green onyx stone benefits if you have a Rahu Dasha in your horoscope. It can help you relieve yourself from the malefic effects of Rahu. 
  • You can design an ornament with white gold, yellow gold or silver. 
  • Before you wear the Onyx stone, you must always recharge it so that it does not hold the negative energy along with it. You must wash it with milk or holy water and wipe it with a clean cloth. 


In conclusion, use the Onyx stone properly by knowing how to wear it effectively. It has numerous benefits that can help you deal with all the negative energies around you. Moreover, it can strengthen your planets and remove the malefic effects of planets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Onyx good for?

Onyx stone has been used for several years, helping people release all their emotional, mental and physical baggage. It helps people to leave back all their past and move on as a strong person.

2. What are the colours and types available for onyx stone?

There are several colours and types of Onyx stone. However, some common types of Onyx stone are Sardonyx, Carnelian Onyx, Niccolo Onyx, Black onyx, green onyx, red onyx and many more.

3. Who should not wear Onyx Stone?

People already wearing Topaz, Ruby, Pearl, or Coral stone should avoid Onyx. The effects of Onyx stone might diminish.

4. Can Onyx stone used as a decorative item?

Onyx stone can be used as a home or office decorative item in hand-craved designs, walls, lights, tables, bars, and other interior designs.

5. Which chakra is activated by the Onyx stone?

The solar plexus Chakra and the third eye chakra are activated by wearing the Onyx stone. This can help individuals to be grounded and focus towards self-care. It also makes the individuals strong, confident and fearless.

6. What is the difference between Onyx and Obsidian?

If we have to talk about Onyx vs Obsidian, the onyx stone is formed with a mineral with a hexagonal crystal. However, on the other hand, Obsidian is a lightweight stone with black volcanic glass.

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