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Omricon Predictions

Omicron Variant of COVID19 has had recruiters and job seekers on the edge of their seats for 2022. While a major population has been vaccinated and life has started taking a new pace, the new variant discovery has put a question mark on the world economical development. People who have been eager to look for a job change, raise their current position or move abroad are left in a perplexing situation. So, what does the Omicron variant have in store for job-seekers? InstaAstro will try to shed light on it for the year 2022.

Events For 2021: 

The year’s start was definitely not favorable. A lot of death and mourning was the theme for the first half of 2021. There were multiple job losses and small businesses had a tough time. Restaurants and entertainment hubs had been closed for more than a year. There was a semblance of hope and the opening of the economy in the second half. Travel restrictions started easing out after June. July saw people finally getting reunited with their family and loved ones. As September approached things started reaching a ‘new normal’ where vaccinated individuals started stepping out with caution. Recruiters saw this as a mark of improvement and new job opportunities were posted. Companies started their expansion rate again and a new strategy was planned out too keeping in mind the losses that were to be recovered.

By October many companies had opened up their physical offices too. Travel restrictions were further eased up for vaccinated individuals but suddenly by October a new warning had started floating that a new variant may occur. The new variant was then found transmitted through African countries. This led to December 2022 seeing a fresh ban on travel from certain countries. Recruiting across countries and MNCs is also seeing delays and many companies have retraced their investment steps to re-strategize for the upcoming 2022. Where does it leave the ones caught in the middle of it? Let’s find out in the 2022 predictions for Omicron by InstaAstro.

Future Predictions 2022:

As per the predictions for Omicron 2022 the variant is definitely that of concern but this time the effect will only be felt to 30 percent capacity than the first wave. Owing to people being careful and fully or partially vaccinated, the mortality rate shall be lower too. Recruiters on the other hand may step-back and gather their contingency plans.

For the first quarter the priority for all will be to judge the need for physical offices. Travel industries may see a huge loss for the first quarter with very few countries open. Food and Beverage industry does seem to be heading towards a decent profit throughout the first three months. IT, Software and Online Entertainment industries will see a steady growth. People with jobs in these spaces will be safe for the time mentioned. Medical industries will have to balance between influx of money and talent while maintaining a healthy life pace.

The second quarter of 2022 sees a huge change in the opening up of industries. People with jobs in the travel industry and FnB may have to face a tough time. Packaging and delivery will have their workers doing a lot of hard work which may lead to tough times for their employees. Travel will see some relaxation and hospitality within the industry will see an improvement.

Those looking for a job change at this time should be ready with their updated resumes and demands or expectations from their dream companies.
Finally, the second half is a lot easier for all. Those who can maintain their equilibrium and a steady hand at work till June will be rewarded for their perseverance. People looking to change their job location or move out of the country are requested to apply only after September if possible.
InstaAstro wishes everyone a safe and abundant 2022.

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