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Narendra Modi Horoscope 2024: A Look Through Astrology

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Narendra Modi

A man who in himself is a jewel and a ray of hope for the billion citizens of India—it’s no other than Narendra Damodar Das Modi, the Prime Minister of India. He has dedicated his life to turning ideas into reality with his dynamic and development-oriented leadership qualities. 

What might have made him have a strong vision of changing the world? Has astrology been a sauce of success in his journey from a humble tea seller to a global statesman? Come with us to witness Narendra Modi astrology prediction 2024 and his journey forward to make a brighter future. 


Narendra Modi’s Birth Details 

  • Date of Birth: 17 September 1950
  • Day of Birth: Sunday
  • Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat, India
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo 
  • Moon Sign: Scorpio 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Anuradha
  • Rising Nakshatra: Vishakha 

Overview of Narendra Modi’s Life 

Before we shift our attention to the astrological aspect of Narendra Modi Horoscope analysis, let’s overview his early life and what made him enter politics. 

1. Early Life of Narendra Modi 

A man burdened with the responsibility of his family along with his academics, Narendra Modi, was born and raised in a small family in Northern Gujarat. Unlike other children, Modi had a different vision since childhood. His mother, Hiraba, inspired his thoughts and dreams of doing something for the common people. 

Narendra Modi was always seen helping his father at his tea stall or reading books in a local library. Since childhood, he has been inspired by the vibrant knowledge of spirituality that laid the foundation for his clarity of vision. 

2. Political Career of Narendra Modi 

Narendra Modi stepped into politics with a clear idea of doing something for the ordinary people and the ability to raise awareness about making India a globally developing country. His journey started when he joined the RSS community (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). RSS is a social and cultural organisation where Modi worked tirelessly, shouldering various responsibilities. 

Later, in 2001, Narendra Modi was appointed as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. His excellent governance as a chief minister made him hold the position from 2001 to 2014. There came a turning point in Narendra Modi’s life when he was appointed Prime Minister of India and took the oath on 26 May 2014. Since then, he has been ruling the country as the 14th Prime Minister of India. 

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How has the transit of Planets impacted Narendra Modi’s Life? 

In the vast Indian democracy, leaders come from political walks of life and have been fed with silver spoons. Among them is a leader who has always been inclined towards learning values and growing with decent qualities. However, in terms of astrology, individuals’ personalities are shaped by the favourable planets and stars that align in their birth charts. This makes us glimpse Narendra Modi’s horoscope, which favours his journey towards success. 

1. Mars in 9th House

One such planetary transit that has dramatically played a massive role in Narendra Modi kundli is the placement of Mars in the 9th House. With this astrological placement, Modi Ji has always been inclined towards religious instincts and a strong inclination towards spirituality. 

2. Combination of 1st and 9th House

Leaders are rarely more concerned about ordinary people than their needs and desires. One such leader is Narendra Modi, whose combination of ascendant house and 9th house favoured him to win the ticket for two consecutive years.

His dynamic understanding of global politics and visionary foresight led him to fame and success. He has always looked forward to making India a globally recognised country and working along with people, forming strong bonds with many countries. 

3. The Planet Saturn as Atmakaraka 

Are you wondering what makes him so intelligent in all aspects of life? In Narendra Modi birth chart, the astrological placement of Saturn in the 10th House enabled him to become the most famous global leader. While children in their childhood are concerned about their toys, Modi was raised differently with a broader mentality to see the country improved and recognised. 

Moreover, the planet Saturn in his chart has developed the qualities of sympathy and strong leadership that made him make his place in people’s hearts. People have been chanting the slogan “Modi hai to Mumkin hai” because he holds the ability to make turn impossible possible. 

Are Yogas Favourable in Narendra Modi’s kundli? 

How have the favourable yogas in Narendra Modi kundali enabled him to make India a New era in 10 years? Does yoga have anything to do with it? All these questions will be answered below to briefly explain how yoga has been a significant factor in Modi’s life. 

Along with Narendra Modi star sign, some of the astrological Yogas that have been miracles in his life are Gaj Kesari Yoga, Buddha Aditya Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Dhan Yoga. These are the most effective and beneficial yogas in astrology that shape Modi’s personality and overall life. Modi’s vision, self-beliefs, determination and these yogas allowed him to make India an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat in ten decades. 

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Will the planets align in Narendra Modi’s favour for the 2024 election?

Will Narendra Modi make a comeback as a Prime Minister in 2024? Are there any chances of his win to see Modi 3.0? Apart from political strategies that have been going on to see Modi win, let’s also take an astrological glimpse into modi astrology 2024 prediction. Astrology can be a great way to see his chances of winning the 2024 election. The favourable placement of Mars and Saturn builds the chances that Narendra Modi will not leave his seat as Prime Minister. 

Moreover, the Narendra Modi horoscope analysis for 2024 also predicts that he has the placement of Mars Dasha and Saturn Antardasha in his kundli, which welcomes luck and good news in 2024. This will also enable Modi to be more prepared and strengthen his leadership qualities to win the Loksabha elections in 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are Narendra Modi sun sign and Moon sign?

According to Narendra Modo kundali, his sun sign or zodiac sign is Virgo (Kanya), and his moon sign is Scorpio (Vrishchika).

2. What is Narendra Modi Birth and Rising Nakshatra?

Narendra Modi Birth Nakshatra is Anuradha, and his Rising Nakshatra is Vishakha. His birth and rising nakshatra make him a loyal, determined person who can overcome obstacles.

3. When and where was Narendra Modi born?

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat, India. He was born to his father, Damodardas Modi, and his mother, Hiraba Modi.

4. What is Narendra Modi education qualification?

Narendra Modi earned his bachelor’s degree in arts at Delhi University through the School of Open Learning in 1978. He then earned a master’s degree in Political Science from Gujarat University in 1983.

5. What are the favourable planets in Narendra Modi's birth chart?

Mars and Saturn are the fortunate and promising planets in Narendra Modi’s birth chart. The Shani planet has a great impact on his life, helping him build his career and making him knowledgeable and inclined towards spirituality and religious aspects.

6. What astrological factors make Modi earn fame and success?

The favourable planets and yogas in his kundli have helped Narendra Modi effectively handle his responsibility as a leader. Planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been a source of guidance and support in his personal and political life.

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