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Monthly Tarot Predictions for May 2024 

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Monthly Tarot Predictions for May 2024 

Introducing another exciting edition of our monthly tarot predictions by Tarot Swati. Will you be able to manifest all your desires this month? Or do you have to wait a little more for the blessings? Well, whichever category you land in the upcoming month, our monthly tarot spread will help you find solutions to your problems. So, it is time to let our horoscopes tarot reading take the lead and guide you through every step ahead. 

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Monthly Tarot Predictions for the Upcoming Month: 

Our monthly tarot reading offers insights into your love life, career, or even finances. With May approaching, let’s see what surprises my tarot spread has planned for you. Here is the detailed May tarot spread for all the element zodiacs: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

1. Tarot Card of the Month: The Tower

Element: Fire 

Sun Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

The month of May will do you no favours, Fire elements as per your monthly tarot predictions. The blame should be given to the chaotic and destructive energies brought to you by the Tower tarot card. 

Starting with your free monthly love tarot reading, the appearance of the Tower tarot card strongly hints towards separation or breakup. Though the separation might seem painful at first, it is important for your new experiences ahead. 

Talking about new experiences, your work life will be filled with new responsibilities and experiences but chaotic and messed up at the same time. In finances, this month will be the time when you realise the value of savings and smart investments, as per the tarot cards prediction. 

  • Tip from the universe: Focus on your growth rather than your painful past 
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Try to handle the new responsibilities handled to you 
  • Key areas to focus on: Savings and investments 


2. Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Pentacles 

Element: Earth

Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

The appearance of the Page of Pentacles tarot card in the monthly tarot predictions highlights your hidden, ambitious, and determined nature. In your love life, May will be the month when you become extra devoted and loving towards your partner. 

In short, your love tarot spread hints at the energies of passion and dedication in love relationships. Similarly, in your professional life, this month, your major priority will be achieving your goals and ambitions with full passion and dedication. 

Moreover, if you are a student, this month, you might complete or start a higher education course or program. But real luck shines in your finances this month, and you might be blessed with good rewards and monetary gains. 

  • Tip from the universe: Achieve your goals with passion and determination 
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Try to make the most out of the financial opportunities this month 
  • Key areas to focus on: Career goals and ambitions 

Page of Pentacles

3. Tarot Card of the Month: Four of Swords 

Element: Air 

Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 

For the Air signs, the energies of the upcoming month will be all about peace, calmness and relaxation. So, instead of dealing with unnecessary drama or chaos, the month of May will give you some relief and bless you with some moments to relax.

However, when the energies of the Four of Swords tarot card enter your love life, they bring along some problems. If you are influenced by them, you would want to take a break from your relationship. 

When it comes to finances, earlier, you were a person who used to be anxious about money all the time. But your monthly tarot reading hints that this month, you would choose to avoid overthinking and take a break from negative thinking. 

  • Tip from the universe: Enjoy the moments of peace and calmness 
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Don’t try to push away your loved ones in the name of personal space 
  • Key areas to focus on: Positivity and financial future 

Four of Swords tarot card

4. Tarot Card of the Month: The High Priestess 

Element: Water 

Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

Water signs, this upcoming month, will teach you the value of your intuitions, unconscious mind and spirituality in all walks of life. How, you may ask? Well, first, in romantic relationships, the appearance of the High Priestess tarot card asks you to trust your intuitions first and then face whatever comes your way.

 Doing this will not only increase passion, love, and intimacy in your relationship but also help you deal with existing problems. Moving on to your career, your monthly tarot predictions hint towards a better period of learning and higher education for you this month. 

Financially, the monthly tarot spread suggests keeping all financial information confidential and private. This is because someone else may try to take advantage of the financial information you provide them. 

  • Tip from the universe: Avoid sharing personal information with others 
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Follow whatever your intuition tells you
  • Key areas to focus on: Love relationships and finances 


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