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Is Mars Ketu Conjunction A Deadly Combination?

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Is Mars Ketu Conjunction A Deadly Combination

What do you expect the outcomes to be when two malefic planets collide in your birth chart and form a conjunction? The conjunction of the headless Ketu, the karmic planet, with fiery Mars has malefic effects on one’s overall life. The Mars and Ketu conjunction brings extreme energies, creating confusion, illness, aggression, and unpredictable situations in life. 

So, let’s understand in detail what actually happens when the Mars Ketu conjunction takes place in an individual’s birth chart. 


Mars Ketu Conjunction 

The combination of Mars and Ketu conjunction forms a strong connection, making the individuals spiritually inclined and action-oriented. They tend to focus on things that seem to be impossible and try hard to make them achievable through their strong determination. Also, during the tough phase of ketu mars conjunction, the powerful influence of Ketu makes the individuals aggressive, impulsive and irresponsible. 

Moreover, individuals who have a Mars with Ketu are usually detached from worldly affairs and are more grounded. Even if they try hard to accomplish huge goals in life, they tend to get pulled down and settle for the bare minimum. Besides that, the powerful influence of Mars and Ketu makes the natives physically drained, which makes them fall sick more often. 

1. Ketu in Astrology 

Ketu is also known as the “Chayagraha”, which means the shadow planet. As ketu is a headless planet, it usually attracts detachments, isolation, spirituality and intuitions. 

This planet is the moon’s south node with evil thoughts and actions. Also, as the plant ketu is known to be the karmic planet, it recalls and makes ties with a previous life. 

2. Mars in Astrology 

Mars is the most fiery and masculine planet associated with male figures in individuals’ lives. In Vedic astrology, Mars is known to be the God of war, which is why it’s always filled with aggression, rage, short temper, and impulsiveness. 

Moreover, Mars rules the two zodiac signs, Aries and Scorpio, and thus, holds strong energies to accomplish all the things in life. Therefore, its favourable effects depend on its position in the individual’s birth chart. 

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How is the Personality with Mars and Ketu Conjunction? 

Here, you will discover the traits of individuals with Mars Ketu conjunction. We will mention both the positive and negative personality traits. 

1. Positive Trait: 

The combination of Mars with Ketu in vedic astrology, which forms a conjunction in natives’ signs, makes the natives strong and powerful. It gives them the ability to accomplish great heights. They tend to go beyond their capability to put the flag of victory down, which makes them great leaders in life. 

2. Negative Trait: 

On the negative side, the Mars and ketu conjunction makes them fiery in nature. They are always filled with anger and rage, which makes them up for fighting and creating unwanted situations. Also, with this conjunction, the natives become very self-defensive, denying them the ability to accept their mistakes. 

Relationship with all the male figures with Mars Ketu Conjunction 

People who have a conjunction of Mars and Ketu in their birth chart have a firm and conflicting relationship with male figures in their lives, as both these planets are considered masculine in nature. This conjunction greatly impacts the relationship of natives with their fathers, brothers, or any other male friends or colleagues. 

Moreover, this can weaken natives’ bonds with the male figures in their lives, pushing them away from one another. They are usually seen creating unnecessary scenarios, leading to heated arguments and fights. 

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Impact of Mars Ketu Conjunction 

With Mars and Ketu conjunction in the natives’ birth charts, this makes them physically, mentally, and emotionally helpless and drained. Let’s see how and what its impacts are. 

1. Physically: 

As the planet Mars is associated with blood, fights, and recklessness, people tend to end up in situations that can hurt them physically. They may be affected by blood diseases, high blood pressure, and unexpected life-threatening situations, making them physically weak. With this conjunction, they encounter massive surgeries and accidents, which can become a great drawback in their lives. 

2. Mentally: 

If you’ve been wondering if the Mars and Ketu conjunction solemnly impacts your physical health, then you are wrong. This conjunction leads to mental breakdown, dissatisfaction, and isolation, which can make them mentally weak and unstable. Also, their determined and competitive nature makes them go beyond their limits, which can make them mentally exhausted. 

3. Emotionally: 

Individuals with a Ketu Mars conjunction are usually unhappy, sheltered, and detached from worldly affairs. This loneliness makes them emotionally vulnerable. They also easily get irritated and hurt when people try to correct them for their wrongdoings. All this comes together greatly affecting their emotional wellbeing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is the conjunction of Mars and Ketu good?

The conjunction of two fiery and masculine planets, Mars and Ketu, is not considered auspicious. This conjunction creates confusion, war, dissatisfaction, detachment and isolation.

2. What do planets Mars and Ketu represent?

Mars, or the Mangal planet, is known as the planet of fire, which is associated with rage, anger, willpower, blood and the ability to fight. On the other hand, the planet Ketu is a headless and karmic planet that represents moksha, disconnection, past life situations, and many more.

3. What happens when Ketu and Mars conjuncts together?

When Ketu and Mars are placed together, there is always a mess and destruction. The conjunction of these two planets attracts health issues, separation and a strong spiritual inclination to avoid worldly affairs.

4. How are Mars and Ketu in conjunction in the 8th and 9th House?

The Mars and ketu in 8th house are responsible for bad physical health as it lures health issues, which becomes a huge drawback in individuals’ personal and professional life. On the other side, mars and ketu in 9th house make the individuals detached from following their religion and culture.

5. Which yog is formed when Mars and ketu are conjunct?

When Mars ketu conjunction takes place in an individual’s birth chart, it forms a Pishach yog, which is a deadly yoga in astrology. This yog creates a lot of troubles and failures in natives’ lives.

6. How is Mars and ketu conjunction in 6th house?

The conjunction of Mars and Ketu in the 6th House is seen as beneficial and attracts great success and achievements. However, this is only possible after a lot of effort and compromises.

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