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Vedic Astrological Remedies for Married Couples

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Vedic Astrology Remedies for Marriage

Astrology and Marriage

It is believed that certain events like birth, marriage, and death are prewritten. Life and death are two aspects that are not under our control. You can’t live or die with your wish. The only thing you can decide is with whom you have to live. Marriage is said to be the union of two different souls. Moreover, it is considered pre-destined as per Hinduism. These days, we see lots of examples of divorces, failed married life, and imbalance in married life shared by married couples.

From casual fights to divorce and from misunderstanding to infidelity, there is a long list of conflicts that create a big divide between married couples. With this content, readers will know more about the reasons behind the common marriage problems and specific Astro advice to overcome marriage issues. Furthermore, they will also find out the Vedic astrology remedies for marriage.

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Prime Reasons Why Married Couples Are Not Happy

Leading a married life with harmony and happiness is vital for a successful marriage for both husbands and wives. There are lots of internal and external factors that affect the bonding between married couples directly or indirectly. Moreover, peaceful married life takes a U-turn when uninvited issues enter into the bonding of two people. Too much disharmony also leads to a failed marriage. The following are some of the prime reasons showing what are some of the common marriage problems that married couples face while living with each other. These include:

  • Bitter relationships between the two are leading to a split or divorce.
  • Brides have problems with their in-laws.
  • Disharmony in relations occurs due to the absence of chemistry or compatibility.
  • Extramarital affairs and negligence are responsible for the conflict in marriage.
  • Lack of intimacy in a love marriage also creates a problem between partners.
  • Financial differences, familial, or other issues affect the love and bonding between the couple.
  • Married couples don’t respect each other’s feelings and understand thoughts.
  • Widening the gap between the two creates misunderstandings or money-related issues.

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Best Astrological Remedies for a Happy Married Life

Without a doubt, numerous problems jeopardize a marriage. Married couples seek Astro advice to get rid of marriage problems rather than knocking on the door of the courts. Indian astrology can put an end to the common issues of frustrated married couples when they consult the best astrologer to save a nuptial bond. Astrologers will address the issues that can destroy love relationships.  Moreover, astrology indicates divine powers and simple remedies to redress the problems of married life. When it comes to renewing estranged relationships, professional astrologers can suggest the following astrology remedies for free.

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  • Observing fasts to please lord Jupiter can help married couples increase understanding.
  • Married couples can also free birds from the cage to eliminate disharmony from their life. Saturdays are the preferable days for doing so. 
  • Venus is directly related to extramarital affairs. If any of the husband or wife is indulged in an extramarital affair, then astrologers can suggest observing a fast on Friday.
  • It makes your married life happy and your partner loyal and honest.
  • Astrologers can ask you to wear particular colours and avoid some off-white colours.
  • Blessings of almighty Lord Shiva help married couples enjoy a successful life.

There are lots of astrological methods that astrologers are likely to suggest to avoid fights and conflicts between husband and wife. Getting the right guidance in the right direction is important for transforming a bitter relationship into a peaceful bond. So, talk to an astrologer over the phone, get Astrology remedies free and know how to make married life happy and your partner loyal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is astrology helpful in marriage?

Astrology helps in determining if the two individuals are compatible with each other or not. Moreover, it also tends to provide remedies for any ill sphere of marriage that needs to be treated.

2. What is the best muhurat to marry according to astrology?

One of the most auspicious muhurat for marriage is considered to be the Brahma muhurat in Vedic astrology. This is considered a rare muhurat. Moreover, it is believed that people who get married in this muhurat tend to have a happy married life.

3. Which is the best nakshatra to marry according to astrology?

One of the most auspicious nakshatra for marriage, according to astrology, is the Rohini Nakshatra.

4. Which planet ensures happy marriage?

In astrology, two planets are considered to be essential for ensuring a happy married life. These two planets are Jupiter and Venus.

5. What are some astrological remedies for a happy marriage?

To have a happy married life, an individual must worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They are considered the epitome of love; thus, worshipping them blesses the individual with a happy married life.

6. Which planet is related to love in astrology?

In astrology, the planet Venus is known to be the planet of Love.

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