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The Power Of March Birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

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The Power Of March Birthstones Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Isn’t it fascinating how the jewellery we wear to enhance our look can also benefit us in many ways? Yes, we are talking about the birthstone for March that has been specially curated for March-born babies. Bloodstone and Aquamarine are the most effective gemstones for March-born individuals. These gemstones offer several benefits to those born in March. So, on that note, let’s explore these birthstones more deeply. 

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine Gemstone 

Aquamarine, an ocean-like blue gemstone, sounds interesting right? Yes, the name itself indicates this birthstone as the clear water of a sea. It is a special stone that has been designed for March born (Pisces and Aries). So, come with us to know what’s so special about the Aquamarine March birthstone. 

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How was Aquamarine Gemstone formed? 

  • The Aquamarine stone has been formed in the Brazilian star of Minas for over two centuries now. It is stone that has been carved from the deep rivers and Rocky Hills.
  • The word Aquamarine has been derived from two words: Aqua, meaning water, and Mare, meaning Sea. 
  • This march birthstone color ranges from pastel sky to deep sea blue, appearing as a polished and shimmery stone. 

Astrological Benefits of Aquamarine Gemstone 

  • The first astrological benefit of Aquamarine birthstone (Beruj stone) is that it enables the effective flow of karmic energy into the body. 
  • It keeps the wearer’s mind free from stress and allows the flow of spiritual energy. 
  • Aquamarine stone removes the negative influence of planets Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon. 

Other Benefits of Aquamarine Gemstone 

  • The Aquamarine stone is associated with love, affection and compassion. So, it allows the wearer to strengthen their romantic relationships. 
  • Aquamarine stone is beneficial for curing stomach disease, allowing proper digestion and helping balance hormones. 
  • Aquamarine stone is also considered a stone that allows the flow of luck and eliminates negativity. So, one must always wear this stone during auspicious occasions. 

How to use Aquamarine Gemstone? 

  • The auspicious day to wear Aquamarine stone is Saturday during the Shukla Paksha. 
  • The Aquamarine stone is best suggested to wear on the middle finger of your dominant hand. 
  • The Aquamarine stone is also known as the 19th wedding anniversary stone. So, if you are celebrating your 19th anniversary, it’s the best gift you can offer to your partner. 

Tips to re-energise Aquamarine Gemstone 

  • The Aquamarine stone is associated with water, so soaking this birthstone overnight in salt water can recharge its energy. 
  • You can place this stone overnight under the moonlight. Doing this can attract positive energy to the stone that can benefit you while wearing it. 
  • Burn a herbal leaf, and when the smoke appears, smudge the stone under the smoke. Once the stone absorbs the energy, it becomes energised.

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March Birthstone: Bloodstone Birthstone 

Why is March Borns suggested to wear Bloodstone gemstones? Is this stone so beneficial for March-born babies? Bloodstone, also known as aggregate Heliotrope, is found in a deep green colour with red spots over it. This stone is rich in iron and has various physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. So, let’s see what makes this stone different from others. 

How was Bloodstone Gemstone formed?  

  • The Bloodstone, also referred to as Heliotrope, has been derived from two terms: “helios”, meaning sun and “trepein”, meaning to turn
  • Bloodstone is now being manufactured in India. However, earlier, blood stones were usually found in Brazil, Australia, China, and the United States, among other countries. 
  • Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a deep green gemstone with red spots that represent the Earth’s vitality and blood drops. 

Astrological Benefits Bloodstone Gemstone 

  • The Bloodstone birthstone safeguards the wearer from negative thoughts, energies and psychic attacks that can surround them. 
  • This birthstone is beneficial to enhance and strengthen one’s root chakra, bringing forth a sense of security and stability. 
  • The Bloodstone is often used while meditating and focusing on one’s inner self. This allows the wearer to focus and connect with their spiritual world. 

Other Benefits of Bloodstone Gemstone 

  • The Bloodstone is beneficial in the purification of blood and removing toxins from your body. 
  • This stone enables the wearer to keep control of their emotions and calm their evil mind. 
  • The bloodstone is like an amulet that helps your mind to make decisions clearly. This encourages you to stay grounded and believe in your instincts. 

How to use Bloodstone Gemstone? 

  • The best day to wear the Bloodstone Birthstone is Tuesday.
  • You can wear Bloodstone as a ring, bracelet, necklace, earring and many more. This will keep the stone intact on your skin and, hence, emits positive energy. 
  • The Blood Stone has a strong property to cleanse and purify the environment. So, it’s best to keep it in your home and office. 

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Tips to re-energise Bloodstone Gemstone 

  • You can clean your bloodstone gemstone by keeping it under a running tap. This can wash away all the impurities and get recharged. 
  • You can keep the stone covered inside mud attached to the mother nature to strengthen its properties. 
  • You can sprinkle holy water and wipe it with a clean cloth. Make sure to keep away from any harsh light and high temperatures. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is March birthstone?

March Birthstones are unique gemstones specially designed for March Born individuals (Aries and Pisces). These stones are made with the proper alignment of positive energies and vibrancy in mind.

2. What is the birthstone for March?

The two most unique and effective gemstones for March borns are Aquamarine gemstones (Beruj stone) and Blood Stone gemstones.

3. Is March Birthstone beneficial?

March birthstones are especially advantageous for natives born in March(Aries and Pisces). These stones are beneficial for wearers to strengthen their planets and safeguard themselves from malefic energies.

4. What is the difference between Aquamarine and Bloodstone Gemstone?

There are a lot of differences between aquamarine and bloodstone gemstones, such as their texture, shape, colour, healing properties, and benefits. But one similarity is that both are beneficial for March borns.

5. Does March Gemstone have healing properties?

Yes, March stones do have healing properties that cure the natives from mental, physical and emotional wounds. It purifies blood, keeps the hormones balanced, helps in digestion, and much more.

6. How to wear March birthstones?

March birthstones can be worn in various forms, including necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. Wearing this stone before recharging it is recommended so that its energies are high.

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