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Lucky Holi Colours According To Your Zodiac Sign

By March 11, 2022October 31st, 2023No Comments
Lucky Holi Color According To Zodiac Sign

Significance of Holi colours according to your zodiac

In Indian Astrology, red, yellow, and green are considered the most auspicious colours for the Holi festival. Moreover, each zodiac sign can gain benefits if they celebrate with specific colours.

Hence, we are going to reveal what Lucky Holi colours you should play according to your zodiac sign so that you are showered with good luck and abundant blessings.


aries sign

The fire sign, Aries, should prefer playing Holi with red this colour is the lucky holi colour for this zodiac sign it enhances their personality. Red makes them express their bold opinions easily and increases their ability to lead.


tauraus sign

Taurians are smart and intelligent people. Hence, earthy colours like khaki and shades of pink are best suited to them.

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gemini sign


The presence of green and yellow colours help Gemini go easy in life and carry a positive attitude. Hence, play Holi with shades of green and yellow so  these lucky colours can make your holi 2022  joyful.


cancer sign

They are emotional people and family-oriented. Shades of white and green are considered best for this sign.



The warm-hearted Leo should prefer the shades of orange because this is lucky holi colour for this zodiac sign as it enhances their charismatic and magnetic presence.


Virgo Sign

The shades of mauve and green help Virgo control their temperament and find harmony and peace.

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Lucky Holi Colours For Zodiac Sign

Shades of blue help Libra get at ease in their lives, and pink and white enhance their warmth and caring attitude towards the relationships and goals in life.


scorpio sign

Scorpions are intense by nature. So, adding colours like yellow, red, cream, and orange make them more intuitive and passionate about achieving their goals.


Sagittarius Sign

The basic nature of Sagittarius is the urge to rise to a new level and hence colours like violet, white, purple, and blue goes with their personality.


capricorn sign

Shades of brown help Capricorn enhance the quality of being grounded and stable. Hence, play Holi with shades of brown because this is very lucky colour for this zodiac sign as well as indigo, white, blue, black.


Lucky Holi Colours For Zodiac Sign

These natives believe in experiments and hence sky is not the limit for them. Play Holi with shades of blue and willingness to move forward in life.


pisces sign

Colours like green, violet, red, yellow, and white are associated with life, growth, change, and luck. Hence, prefer celebrating Holi with such colours.

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