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List of all Shubh Muhurats for Marriage and Griha Pravesh in August 2021

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Shubh Muhurat For Marraige

Like other months, the month of August has a special significance as the month comes with many festivals and auspicious times. It is common to know important dates and muhurats to make a new beginning, buying something new, and celebrate important occasions. Below-mentioned is the Shubh Muhurats in August 2021 that you can consider planning new things. Just go through the concise list of shubh muhurats for marriage and Griha pravesh in August 2021.

Griha pravesh shubh muhurat in August 2021

Are you planning to buy a new house, property, or home? Have already purchased a new house? August can be the right month to do so. It is high time to own a property and perform the Griha pravesh ceremony. According to Hindu scriptures, Griha pravesh is a unique ceremony to make a new beginning and invite your close ones. Have a look at the following four crucial dates if you think of a Griha Pravesh puja in August 2021. August is also the month of Shravan that grants people the blessings of Lord Shiva.

• August 04, 2021, on Wednesday (Ekadashi)
• August 12, 2021, on Thursday (Chaturthi)
• August 14, 2021, on Saturday (Chatt)
• August 20, 2021, on Friday (Tryodashi)

Sadly, if you are looking for Griha Pravesh dates from mid-July to October 2021, there are no shubh muhurats. So, you have to wait for the next couple of months. The mid-July to October 2021 period includes the Hindu calendar months of Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, and Kartik. If you go for Griha Pravesh during these months, it is likely to bring in negative energy. It can also result in health issues and financial losses. If you can’t avert Griha pravesh, it is better to talk to an accomplished and experienced astrologer near you. The online astrologer may suggest the best ways and get a suitable date that suits you the best.

Marriage muhurats for August 2021

From August 2021 to mid-November 2021, it is the period of chaturmas (four months) that is not favorable for arranging marriages. So, there will be no auspicious dates during this period. Hindu panchang and scriptures do not allow soliciting marriage processions in these four months. Actually, it is the time of devashyana (when Lord Vishnu goes to bed). The next date of marriages in Hindus will be on

• November 15 – Dev Uthani
• Nakshatra – Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
• Tithi – Navami and Dwadashi.

Prime festivals for August 2021

• August 04– Kamika Ekadashi
• August 05 – Pradosh Vrat
• August 06 – Monthly Shivratri
• August 12– Vinayaka Chaturthi
• August 16 – Parsi New Year
• August 18 – Shravan Putrada Ekadashi
• August 19 – Muharram
• August 20 – Pradosh Vrat
• August 21 – Onam
• August 22 – Rakshabandhan , Shravan Purnima
• August 25– Sankashti Chaturthi
• August 30 – Shri Krishna Janmashtami

People interested in buying new property and vehicles can consult celebrated Indian astrologers who help you know more about the best muhurats in terms of the most suitable time, day, and nakshatra. Before buying any home, property, or vehicle, it is helpful to chat with qualified Indian astrologers and get their guidance through astrology apps.

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

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