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KP Astrology: Understanding the Meaning, Basics and Concepts

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KP Astrology Horoscope

If an astrologer had to predict the upcoming events in an individual’s life, what basic principles would he choose? Obviously, the shifts and movements of planets up above the sky. Right? However, the KP astrology software was developed by the renowned professor and astrologer K.P Krishnamurti and follows a pattern different from that of Vedic astrology.

Here is the catch, though: Some believe that the Kp astrology software shows more accurate predictions than the old Vedic astrology. So, let’s take a deeper look at both of the forms of astrology and understand why Kp astrology is better. 

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Meaning and Origin of KP Astrology 

Where vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology, here is the KP astrology, aka Krishnamurti Paddhati, which revolves around the principles of stellar astrology and is a prime example of modern astrology. Founded by the professor and astrologer K.P. Krishnamurti, kp astrology focuses on the study of stars, nakshatras, sub-lords and cusps instead of planets.

As KP astrology gives more importance to nakshatras, the chances of getting accurate predictions get higher. Let us explain to you how! Instead of planets, twelve zodiac signs are divided into 2.25 nakshatras. 

Suppose a person has the moon sign Scorpio; the nakshatras he will fall under are Vishakha, Jyeshta, and Anuradha. So, the astrologer would study the nakshatras, sub-lords and cusps in his kp astrology birth chart. Here, an astrologer would consider the birth chart different from his birth chart.

But here is the catch: a person with the same zodiac sign and the same nakshatras will have different predictions. So, with clearer and more fixed rules and principles, KP astrology predicts more accurate results than Vedic astrology. 

Understanding the Difference Between KP astrology and Vedic astrology

Despite being called the branches of astrology, Kp astrology and Vedic astrology are different since they run on different principles and basics. One of the major differences between the two is the preferences of stars and planets. Kp astrology focuses on studying stars and constellations, whereas vedic astrology focuses on the movements and shifts in the planets. Here are the basic differences between the two forms of astrology in detail: 


KP Astrology  Vedic Astrology 
Predictions for Same Lagna/Rashi The same lagna or rashi does not guarantee the same characteristic traits 

Similar lagna or rashi often leads to similar predictions

Future Predictions Approach 

Predicts future events by connecting cups (nodes)  Predictions based on house changes 
Importance in Astrology Star, Nakshatras and Constellations play a major role 

Houses’ changes are considered important for predictions 

Subdivisions of Zodiac 

Divided into 9 equal subdivisions in KP astrology No Subdivisions
Ayanamshas Used  Uses KP Ayanamshas Uses Lahiri Ayanamshas 
Role of Planets in Dasha  Outcomes are based on Nakshatra Swami during Dasha 

Outcomes are based on the planets in Dasha 

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What are the KP Astrology Basics? 

What different basic factors does kp astrology use other than vedic astrology? Is it reading the major shifts in the constellations, or does it study the major sub-lords in an individual’s birth chart? Let’s find out! 

1. Sub Lords 

The kp astrology software works on analysing the stars and planets. Krishnamurti Paddhati divides a star in an individual’s kp kundali in the range of 13 degrees, and these 13 degrees are divided further into nine subcategories called the ‘Sub Lords’. 

2. Houses or Bhavas

The next important factor considered in modern-day Kp astrology is analysing the houses or bhavas in an individual’s Kp kundali. The first house focuses on the name, ego and outer personality of an individual, the second house focuses on the money and savings factor, and the third revolves around the younger siblings and so on. 

3. Cusps 

The last Kp astrology basics focus on the cusps. In KP astrology software, a cusp is the point where two houses meet with each other. So, as per the Kp astrology rules, an astrologer would study these cusps to give predictions about the major aspects of an individual’s life. 

4. Constellations or Nakshatras 

Each planet is given a category of constellations comprising three nakshatras. For example, the planet Mercury has been given three nakshatras: Ashlesha, Revati and Jyeshtha. On the other hand, the Sun takes care of three constellations: Kritika, Uttar Phalguni and Uttar Ashadha. 


Significator Houses in KP Astrology


2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th


2nd,4th,6th and 11th


6th, 4th, 5th and 11th


1st, 5th and 11th

5th, 8th and 12th


2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th

2nd, 4th, 7th and 11th


5th and 6th


2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th

Exploring the Advanced Prediction Techniques in KP Astrology 

Now that you know about how kp astrology works, let us look into its major prediction techniques that have proven to give accurate predictions about the major aspects of your life: career, marriage, finance or even health. 

1. Horary Astrology

Here comes another branch of KP astrology that works entirely differently from the principles of vedic astrology. Horary astrology gives importance to time and gives predictions as per the query asked by the individual. 

2. Ruling Planets 

The ruling planets present in an individual’s kp kundali also play an important role in foreseeing the predictions. However, there is a little twist: KP astrology birth chart involves the ruling planets in various sub-lords or cusps that help predict the upcoming events in major aspects of an individual’s life, such as KP astrology career prediction or marriage prediction. 

3. Sub-Lords 

A sub-lord in the kp astrology birth chart is the position of a specific planet in the zodiac sign that will influence the predictions under the specific nakshatras or constellations. 

4. Significators 

A significator in Kp astrology software talks about the specific area of a person’s life. It could be his career or personal life. Moreover, a significator holds the power to give insights into an individual’s characteristics and potential outcomes related to that area of life. 

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Well, that’s a wrap on Kp astrology, the hidden secrets, basics and importance. Based on the principles of Nadi nakshatra, Kp astrology provides you with a better understanding of upcoming life events. So, keeping those in mind, one can make rightful decisions and tackle the challenges with ease. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Kp in astrology?

Just like vedic astrology, KP astrology is a system that is used by astrologers to predict an individual’s upcoming life events. Some astrologers believe that the astrological system introduced by K.S. Krishnamurthy is more accurate than Vedic astrology.

2. What is better, KP or Vedic astrology?

Both astrological systems are used to predict upcoming events, but with different approaches. KP astrology uses the movements and shifts in the stars and nakshatras to make predictions, while Vedic astrology chooses planets to do the same. However, KP astrology holds stronger chances of accuracy.

3. What are the basics of KP astrology?

The basics of kp astrology revolve around 27 nakshatras, houses, sub-ords or cusps. Keeping these basics in mind, an astrologer makes predictions about upcoming events in an individual’s life.

4. What are Kp astrology prediction techniques?

Kp astrology prediction techniques include analysing the sub-lords, transits or the ruling planets in an individual birth chart. Along with this, it also focuses on the horary technology prediction technique to make predictions.

5. How is a Kp astrology chart different from a birth chart?

A normal birth chart of an individual focuses on the position and shifts of the planets to predict upcoming events. However, a KP astrology chart chooses sub-lors or cus positions to do the same.

6. Who is the father of Kp astrology?

K.S. Krishnamurthy, a professor and an astrologer, was known as the father of Kp astrology. The technique that he invented to read kundali as per astrology was known as ‘Krishnamurti Paddhati’.

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