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Konark Sun Temple: Dedicated To Surya Dev

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konark temple

About Sun Temple 

The Sun temple is one of the significant monuments present in India. The Sun temple at Konark(Odisha) marks the topmost point of achievement of Kalinga architecture depicting the joy, grace, and the cadence of life in all its miraculous variety.

Sun Temple 

Popularly known as the Konark Sun Temple, it was built in the thirteenth century. The unmissable giant chariot of the Sun-God is designed with twelve pairs of exquisitely ornamented machines pulled by seven horses. The twelve pairs of machines represent twelve months in a year, and the seven horses represent seven days in a week. Each wheel with twenty-four spokes indicates 24 hours in a day. This architectural magnificence is one of the most sublime monuments of India, famous for its assessment of flawless proportions and awe-inspiring visuals.

Konark Sun Temple


Significance Of Sun Temple

The Sun temple is regarded as the best in Orissa, considering its top quality design and architectural details. The fine lines, busts, the beautiful and natural cut of animals and mortal figures — all add to its superiority over other temples.

Konark Sun temple faces east-west. The temple is located in natural surroundings, crawling with casuarinas and other types of trees, which grow on sandy soil. It’s impressive to find that a large part of this area has remained intact.


Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun temple is an ideal spot to gain insights into India’s rich ancient history. The worship of Surya Dev (Sun God) is one of the primary aspects of Hinduism, as the sun is the main source of energy and life. Surya Dev continues to remain a supreme deity among the believers and worshippers of Hindu Gods.

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