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Know Your Teacher as Per Zodiac Signs on Teacher’s Day

By September 5, 2020October 18th, 2023No Comments
Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day is the day when you thank teachers for their hard work and dedication they showed in making you educated and accomplished. Teacher’s Day is celebrated every September 5 to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one of the greatest scholars and teachers of all time. In Indian culture, a teacher or guru is not just simple teaching professional. He or she is more than a professional teacher. He or she is equal to God who shapes the future of disciples and takes them in the right direction. A great shloka reads:

“GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.”

The universal shloka has a big meaning and relevance in the life of students. The meaning of every word of the shloka relates to the relationship between teachers and students.

Guru: Dispeller of Darkness; (Gu-Darkness and Ru-Remover); Brahma: Creator; Vishnu: Preserver; Deva: God; Maheshwara: Destroyer; Saakshaat: Self/ Himself; ParaBrahma: He who is the highest Lord, Consciousness; Tasmai: To him/ To such; Sri: Holy, splendorous; and Namaha: Salutations

Zodiac signs and Traits of a teacher

Teacher’s Day is the English version of Indian Guru Purnima. Being a teacher is a blessing. Your strong stars can make you a guide to thousands of students. Read this content and know your teacher as per zodiac signs.

The Aries Teacher

  • Aries is impatient and a self-starter.
  • Aries grooms students to become leaders and urge them to achieve greater things in life.

The Taurus Teacher

  • Taurus is calm and cool.
  • Taurus spots hidden talent and believes in the concept of slow and steady.

The Gemini Teacher

  • Gemini is an intellectual and out-of-the-box thinker.
  • Gemini wants students to be productive and have mentally stimulating discussions.

The Cancer Teacher

  • Cancer is emotional and motivator.
  • Cancer connects with students deeply and wants them to feel safe and protected.

The Leo Teacher

  • Leo is a little bit tough and takes things in control.
  • Leo introduces new ways of learning with a unique style and doesn’t let students break rules.

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The Virgo Teacher

  • Virgo is a hard worker and critic.
  • Virgo drives students towards long term success and leaves no stone unturned to get positive results.

The Libra Teacher

  • Libra is easy-going and calm.
  • Libra makes students feel comfortable and focuses on the overall growth of the student.

The Scorpio Teacher

  • Scorpio is a deep thinker and focused.
  • Scorpio knows his or her goal and focuses on the knowledge and performance of the students.

The Sagittarius Teacher

  • Sagittarius is caring and friendly.
  • Sagittarius is a big favorite among students and makes learning fun.

The Capricorn Teacher

  • Capricorn is a hardworking and motivator.
  • Capricorn motivates students to believe in themselves and set higher goals.

The Aquarius Teacher

  • Aquarius is passionate and innovative
  • Aquarius is a big mentor and gives students a memorable experience.

The Pisces Teacher

  • Pisces is artistic and creative.
  • Pisces enables students to develop special creative abilities.

Simply talk to online astrologers over the phone and find out what type of teacher you will be as per your birth chart reading.

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