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Know the Desire of Your Soul with Atmakarka Planet

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Atmakarka Planet Evaluation

Do you ever feel like there’s something more to life? You’re meant for something greater, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? If so, you may be wondering about your Atmakarka planet. Atmakarka is a Sanskrit word that means “soul” or “self.” An Atmakarka planet is the planet that most closely represents your soul’s desire. By understanding your Atmakarka planet, you can understand your soul’s desire.

There are many benefits to knowing your Atmakarka planet. For one, it can help you to understand yourself better. It can also give you guidance on your life’s purpose. Additionally, understanding your Atmakarka planet can help create more balance and harmony. If you’re curious about your Atmakarka planet, keep reading. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Atmakarka means, what an Atmakarka planet is, and the benefits of knowing your Atmakarka planet.

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What does Atmakarka mean?

Are you also wondering what is Atmakaraka? The term ‘Atmakaraka’ is derived from two words in Sanskrit – ‘Atma’, meaning soul, and ‘Karka’, meaning planet. So, Atmakaraka means ‘soul planet’. In Vedic astrology, the Atmakaraka is considered the most important planet. It is believed to represent the true essence of a person’s soul. Therefore, the position of the Atmakaraka in a birth chart indicates the karmic path a person needs to follow in this lifetime.

There are a few different methods for calculating the Atmakaraka planet. One way is to look at which world has the highest degree in a birth chart. Another way is to look at which planet has the most potent placement in a graph (for example, if it is placed in its sign or an exalted position).

The most common method, however, is to calculate which planet has accumulated the most points based on the letters of a person’s name. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, and then those numbers are added for each planet. The planet with the highest total number of points is said to be Atmakaraka.

There are many different interpretations of what the Atmakaraka represents. Some say it indicates our spiritual purpose, while others believe it shows us our deepest desires and fears. Some believe it reflects our past lives, while others see it as a marker of our future potential.

No matter how you interpret it, there is no doubt that the Atmakaraka plays a vital role in Vedic astrology. So if you want to get a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey, finding your Atmakaraka planet is an excellent place to start.

What is an Atmakarka planet?

An Atmakarka planet is a planet that is said to be the soul of a person or thing. It is said to be the planet that governs the soul’s desires. The Atmakarka planet is also said to be the planet that represents the highest truth.

What are the benefits of knowing your Atmakarka planet?

There are many benefits of knowing your Atmakarka planet. One advantage is that it can help you to understand your soul’s true desires. It can also help you to align yourself with your highest truth. Additionally, knowing your Atmakarka planet can assist you in making decisions that are in line with your soul’s purpose.

When you know your Atmakarka planet, you have a greater understanding of what motivates you on a soul level. This knowledge can help you make choices that align with your deepest desires. Furthermore, when you act according to your soul’s truth, you are more likely to experience lasting satisfaction and fulfilment.

Additionally, knowing your Atmakarka planet can help you to navigate difficult life transitions. By understanding the energy and qualities of your Atmakarka planet, you can better deal with challenges and make choices that support your growth.

If you seek guidance on living a more fulfilling and authentic life, learning about your Atmakarka planet can be a helpful step on the journey.

How does the Atmakarka planet influence your love life?

The Atmakarka planet is the planet of love and relationships. It influences your love life in several ways. For example, Atmakarka planet is responsible for the type of relationship you have. The Atmakarka planet’s position is well in your birth chart if you have a harmonious relationship. However, if you have a tumultuous relationship, it is because the Atmakarka planet position is poor in your birth chart. Atmakarka planet also influences the quality of your relationships. If you have fulfilling and satisfying relationships, it is because the Atmakarka planet is well in your birth chart.

However, if you have unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationships, it is because the Atmakarka planet is poorly placed in your birth chart. Finally, the Atmakarka planet influences the timing of your relationships. If you meet your soulmate at a young age, it is because the Atmakarka planet is great in your birth chart. However, if you meet your soulmate later in life, it is because the Atmakarka planet is poor in your birth chart.

How does the Atmakarka planet influence your career?

The Atmakarka planet is said to be the planet of desires. It is often considered to be a powerful influence on one’s career. Many believe this planet can help manifest our deepest desires and help us achieve success in our chosen field. Remember a few things to consider when considering how the Atmakarka planet might influence your career. First, it is vital to get clear about what your deepest desires are. What is it that you want to achieve in your career? Once you have clarity about this, you can focus on manifestation techniques that will help you bring your desires into reality.

There are many ways to work with Atmakarka planet energy to manifest your desires. One popular method is to meditate on the planet’s significance and visualize yourself achieving your desired outcome. Another approach is to use affirmations and positive visualizations throughout the day to keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve. No matter your chosen method, the key is to remain consistent and focus on your desired outcome. If you are serious about manifesting your deepest desires, then working with the energy of the Atmakarka planet can be a powerful tool. Keep in mind, however, that it takes time and consistency to see results. Be patient and trust that the universe will support you in achieving your goals.

What is the Karakamsa chart?

The Karakamsa chart is a tool in Vedic astrology to help understand an individual’s karma or destiny. The chart is by taking the position of the planets at the time of birth and mapping them out in a specific way. Interpreting a Karakamsa chart can be complex, but some general principles are in application. The most important planet in the chart is the Moon, representing the mind. The planets closest to the Moon have a more powerful influence on the individual.

In addition, the planets are into three categories: benefic (helpful), malefic (harmful), and neutral. The benefic planets brings good fortune, while the malefic planets can cause problems. The neutral planets are neither good nor bad, but their influence depends on the other planets in the chart. Finally, it is essential to note that the Karakamsa chart is just one tool that understands an individual’s karma. Other factors, such as birth charts and planetary transits, should also be considered for a complete picture.

About Atmakaraka Planet Calculator

Atma stands for the soul and karaka stands for significator. As per Hindu mythology or Vedic philosophy, a soul relates to rebirth. One has to take rebirth if there were any unfinished desires left behind in the previous birth. One takes rebirth only to satisfy unfulfilled desires. That is why the Atmakaraka Planet Calculator is the significator of the desire to know your own soul. This content discusses how to evaluate Atmakaraka and how it helps you find your Ishta devata. Moreover, the content tells you about predictions of different Planets as Atmakaraka in the horoscope of the native. Hence if you’re looking for answers to questions like, “how to find atmakaraka planet in Kundli?” or “Finding Atmakaraka in different houses”, you’ve come to the right place.

Evaluation of your Atmakaraka

In the paragraph above we have discussed how AK is vital and it emerges as the significator of the soul’s desire. Moreover, Atmakaraka Planet Calculator helps in the precise evaluation. Furthermore, online astrologers know how to calculate the AK planet as your birth chart. When it comes to evaluating the AK, you need to check the following aspects. These include:

  • The placement of the AK in a particular house
  • The AK sign in birth and divisional charts
  • Benefic and malefic aspects of AK
  • Features and combination of AK with other planets
  • Birth chart reading with AK as ascendant
  • The Dasha and Bhukti of the Atmakaraka Planet Calculator
  • The AK and Lagna lord association in your birth chart and Navamsha
  • The retrograding aspect of the
  • The Nakshatra of your AK
  • Qualities and characteristics of the Nakshatra

Ishta devatas of various planets as per Atmakaraka

When it comes to calculating Ishtadevata as per your birth chart, Atmakaraka plays a vital role. In D9 (Navamsha chart), the position of atmakaraka planet is “Karakamsha”.  Furthermore, the calculation of the spiritual progress of any native is through the 9th house from Karakamsha. The atmakaraka in 12th house from the Karakamsha is Jivanmuktamsha. The deity of any planet in the 12th house becomes your Ishtadevata. Atmakaraka calculates the Ishta Devatas of various planets. Here, the brief list Ishta devatas are list of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Thus, Lord Vishnu has suggested the following Ishta Devata: 

  • Sun Atmakaraka – Lord Rama
  • Jupiter Atmakaraka – Lord Vamana
  • Ketu Atmakaraka – Lord Mathsaya
  • Mars Atmakaraka – Lord Narasimha
  • Mercury Atmakaraka – Lord Buddha
  • Moon Atmakaraka – Lord Krishna
  • Rahu Atmakaraka – Lord Varaha
  • Saturn Atmakaraka – Lord Kurma
  • Venus Atmakaraka – Lord Parashuram

Predictions of different planets as the AK in the horoscope

One of eight planets out of a total of nine helps you figure out the AK planet(The desire to know your own soul). These planets include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu. Here, the Ketu planet is an exception. Any of the eight planets can be your Atmakaraka, but it widely depends on its degrees in the natal chart. Moreover, remember that any planet having the highest degree is the Chara Atmakaraka. Let’s check out the predictions of various planets as the AK.

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  • Sun – The king of planets represents Soul in Vedic astrology. When Sun is the AK, the native possesses leadership qualities with an authoritative aura.
  • Moon – When the Moon is the AK, the native owns qualities of compassion, kindness, and friendliness.
  • Mars – When Mars is the AK, the native is with energy, valour, strength, and a goal-oriented persona.
  • Rahu – When Rahu is the AK, the native develops a strong desire and cravings for worldly pleasures.
  • Mercury – When Mercury is the AK, the native becomes a smart, tactful, flexible, quick learner, intelligent, witty, and adaptable.
  • Jupiter – When Jupiter is the AK, the native becomes spiritual, knowledgeable, educated, honest, and prosperous.
  • Venus – When Venus is the AK, the native enjoys luxury, wealth, and comfort in life.
  • Saturn – When Saturn is the AK, the native faces pain and suffering and leads a life full of struggle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Atmakarka?

Astrologers believe that the Sun or one of the planets (depending on the astrological chart) is the Atmakaraka, which has the most impact on the theme of the horoscope.

2. What is my atmakaraka planet?

Everybody has a different planet. It depends on your birth date and the formation of your birth chart.

3. How to find my atmakaraka planet?

Atmakaraka is the planet in the birth chart with the longest longitude. The Atmakaraka Planet can be any Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or Rahu in the native’s kundali.

4. How does Atmakaraka in 7th house affect an individual?

Atmakaraka in 7th house tends to make an individual’s life blissful. The individual is blessed with a beautiful wife.

5. Which planet is best as Atmakaraka?

The planet that is said to be the most auspicious as Atmakarka is planet Venus.

6. Is Atmakaraka good or bad?

Atamakarak is a planet that works as a guiding light in the life of an individual. Having an Atmakaraka as the Lord in the trine while it is placed in the quadrant is considered to bring positive changes in an individual’s life.

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An Atmakaraka planet can help you decide the course of your life. You must ask online astrologers for an online solution for knowing which planet is your AK.


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