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Kemdrum Yoga: Discover Its Meaning, Benefits & Effects!

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Have you ever wondered how the Moon hanging up above the sky can actually affect our lives? Well, it’s true! Astrology which focuses on the study of stars and planets, tells us that the Moon has the power to shape our lives. And that is what leads us to Kemdrum Yoga! If you have no idea what Kemdrum yog is, then think of this yoga as a special power of the Moon, which shows how it influences our lives in a unique way. Let us give you a small brief about this before diving deep into the world of Kemdrum Yoga. 

When there are not any planets on either side of the Moon in an individual’s birth chart, it creates a special energy and forms Kemdrum yoga. But here is an interesting part, this energy or yoga can bring both challenges and opportunities on its way. Sounds exciting, right? Let us explore the wonders of Kemdrum yoga together! 

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What is Kemdrum Yoga? 

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Kem’ means the Moon, and ‘Drum’ means a situation that is not favourable. Now it won’t take you long to understand that Kemdrum yoga is not something that would benefit an individual fully. Now let us try to understand the meaning of this yoga through the lens of astrology. Kemdrum Dosh is a term used in Vedic astrology to describe a specific planetary combination in a horoscope where the Moon is in a position that is not influenced by any other planet.

Generally, it is considered to cause a negative influence in a person’s life because the Moon associates with our emotions, mind and overall mental health. So, if the 2nd house and 12th houses in a birth chart are vacant, it will weaken all the strong sides or points of the horoscope.  And this is why a person faces problems such as personal difficulties or financial hurdles. 

Kemdrum Yoga Benefits 

Let’s forget about the hurdles and focus on the brighter side first and discuss what wonders this yoga can do for an individual. What if we say that this dosha can provide you with appreciation and recognition at work? Seems unreal? But, yes, it is true. Now let’s end your curiosity and discover all the Kemdrum yoga benefits one by one. 

1. Inclination towards spirituality 

Since the Moon associates with our emotions and inner feelings, the person with Kemadruma yoga is able to form a deep connection with himself. Moreover, he gets drawn towards concepts like spirituality and avoids things associated with materialistic pursuits. 

2. Increases Ability To Learn Quickly 

Imagine a person who finds it hard to remember even small details. Enter the Kemadruma dosha in the scene and bless him with the ability to learn quickly. With this benefit, he is able to learn new things easily and even faster. It is believed that such people are expected to be great teachers, mentors or professors. 

3. Respected and Honoured Profession 

With powers like quick learning abilities and strong grasping power in hand, the person is able to perform his responsibilities more efficiently. This makes him shine among his colleagues and gets appreciation and acknowledgement from the seniors or bosses at work.

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Kemdrum Yoga Effects 

Well, every coin has two sides. So, don’t expect that this dosha can only benefit you. Unfortunately, it comes with some challenges or negative effects as well. So, without wasting any minute further, let us learn about the ways this yoga can affect us with Kemdrum Yog effects. 

1. Poverty and Money Problems 

First on the list of Kemdrum yog effects is the financial problems. If a person has Kemdrum yoga in their kundli, it is surely going to open doors to all sorts of financial problems or hurdles. It is said that a person faces money problems more than usual. As a result, a person witnesses fluctuations in his earnings. 

2. Disturbed Married Life 

Not only does this dosha affects an individual’s finances, but also it disrupts their personal life. And problematic and unhappy married life is one such problem. It is believed that such a person avoids his family and wants to stay away from home, creating distance in his married life. Also, the malefic effects of Kemadruma yoga make a person deprived on the happiness of children as well. 

3. Causes Loneliness 

It should not take you long to guess why a person with Kemdrum dosha feels a sense of loneliness. If you can’t guess, it is okay. Also, Lonely Moon Dosha this dosha occurs when the Moon sits lonely in the kundali. So, as a result, holding the power to influence our emotions and feelings makes us lonely too. 

4. Lack of Focus and Concentration

It gets very hard for a person with Kemdrum dosha in their horoscope to focus or concentrate on even a simple task. In this situation, a person gets distracted very easily and tends to run away from his responsibilities. This dosha also impacts their thinking capacity, making them unable to concentrate on their work. 

5. Inclined Towards Immoral Deeds 

Influenced by the Lonely Moon Dosha, an individual gets inclined towards all sorts of immoral deeds such as stealing, gambling, or even murder. This is because the Moon influences a person to take the wrong path and do things that he is not supposed to do. Moreover, this yoga also plays with their emotions making them irritable and aggressive in nature. 

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Kemdrum Dosha Remedies 

Dear readers, there is no need to worry upon seeing the ill effects of this malefic dosha, Kemdrum. The good news is that astrology is the one-stop for every problem of yours. So, let us what solution does astrology have for you in the form of Kemdrum dosha remedies. If a person with this terrible yoga performs these remedies, it is said that he or she can overcome the upcoming challenges or setbacks coming towards him. 

1. Donate White Things 

Since the colour white is associated with the planet Moon, one should donate things that are white in colour to lessen the ill effects of Kemdrum yoga. For example, you can donate white-coloured food items, such as kheer, sugar, and camphor. Also, donate white clothes, white flowers or white pearls. 

2. Seek Blessings from Lord Shiva 

If there is one god who can protect you from problems like poverty and disturbed married life, he must be none other than Bholenath, aka Lord Shiva. It is advised to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva by keeping a fast every Monday and offering milk on Shivalings every day. To make this Kemdrum dosha remedies more effective, you can also worship Goddess Parvati. 

3. Wear Silver Accessories 

Thinking about how to reduce the negative effects in your life caused by Lonely Moon Dosha? Then take the help of silver accessories. Yes, you read that right. Wearing silver accessories such as a pendant made of the moon with a silver chain or a silver ring can help you come out of the problems caused by this dosha. 

4. Place Dakshinavarti Shell 

To eradicate poverty and open the doors for abundance and prosperity in your life, you must place the Dakshinavarti shell in your temples. Also known as Lakshmi Shankh, this conch shell will try to solve all your problems related to money and will lead you to a comfortable life free from money problems. 

5. Recite Shri Sukta Mantra 

Last but not least is the Kemdrum yoga remedies that will keep your bank balance in good condition. In other words, reciting Shri Suktam Mantra or paath every day will bring you money, abundance and prosperity. Not only this, but this mantra will fight the upcoming hurdles or problems in your life, blessing you with a happy and fulfilled life.


In conclusion, Kemdrum yoga, in Vedic astrology, occurs when no planets are on the wither side of the Moon in a person’s birth chart. It may bring challenges with it, but here is the good news, dear folks. You can find the proper guidance and remedies to overcome this Dosha with the help of InstaAstro’s expert in-house astrologers. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take help from the experts and fade away all your worries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is there any effect of Kemdrum Yoga marriage?

Known as one of the most terrible yogas in Vedic astrology, Kemdrum yog affects an individual’s life severely. It is believed that the presence of Kemdrum yoga in their horoscope may give birth to problems in their married life. Not only this, but the person does not get to enjoy his married life and usually stays away from their spouse.

2. Is Kemdrum Yoga good?

Surprisingly, Kemdrum yoga comes with lots of benefits, along with some challenges. The presence of Kemdrum yog in their kundli makes them quick learner and boost their grasping power. Moreover, during this period, a person becomes more confident and courageous and is ready to face challenges no matter what situation comes their way.

3. How do I get rid of Kemdrum Yoga?

There are several ways through which an individual can reduce the ill effects of this dosha from their lives. One such way is to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. He must fast every Monday and Purnima to attract positivity and good luck. Donation of food items such as milk and rice is also a good option to get rid of this malefic dosha.

4. Which celebrities with Kemdrum yoga?

Celebrities with Kemdrum yoga includes Asha Bhosle, Bill Gates and late American dancer and singer Micheal Jackson. All these celebrities were born with the presence of Kemdrum yoga in their birth chart.

5. What are the symptoms of Kemdrum Dosh?

Also known as the Lonely Moon Dosha, this malefic dosha makes a person more inclined towards wrong activities. Moreover, it affects their married life and pushes them towards poverty. Besides their married life, a person also faces problems in completing their education.

6. How to check Kemadruma yoga?

To check whether you have Kemadruma yoga, you need to check your birth chart. It occurs when either side of the Mood is vacant. Hence you should check for the 2nd and 12th houses in your kundali. If it is empty or vacant, then chances are there you must have this malefic dosha.

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