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Karishma Tanna Birthday: What Stars Speak Up In Her Kundli

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Karishma Tanna

It is time for the celebration of Karishma Tanna birthday, who has ruled both the big screen and television all over these years. One of the popular faces from the Indian film and television industry, Karishma Tanna, has secured a special place in our hearts with her charm and unbeatable talent. Whether it was making headlines for her projects, ‘Scoop’, ‘Naagin 3’, ‘Qayamat Ki Raat’, or bagging the Best Actress Award for “Scoop” at the Busan Film Festival, this year made her shine like a true star.

On 21st December, Karishma Tanna birthday, let us discover whether the stars will continue to favour her the next year. So, let us take you on an astrological journey where we will make kundali analysis and horoscope predictions for the birthday queen, Karishma Tanna! 

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Karishma Tanna Birth Details: 

  • Date of Birth: 21st December 1983
  • Day of Birth: Wednesday
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai. Maharashtra
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Punarvasu
  • Rising Nakshatra: Ashwini 

Karishma Tanna Birthday: Kundli Analysis 

On-screen, it was Karishma Tanna’s hard work, strong acting skills and determination that were at play, but off-screen astrology did the magic. As we celebrate Karishma Tanna birthday, it is the perfect time to discover the secrets in her kundali that lead her to stardom. Let’s begin! 

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1. Moon in Gemini

Moon present in the Gemini in Karishma Tanna kundli brings out an emotional side of hers. This is why she is able to express a variety of emotions effortlessly on-screen. Along with this, Moon in Gemini gifts her with adaptability and flexibility.

2. Sun in Sagittarius 

Sun placed in the Sagittarius brings all the spotlight on the energies: enthusiasm, adventure and optimism. Being a Sagittarius, the birthday girl has a never-ending thirst for knowledge and a passion to achieve her dreams and goals. This passion and thirst for knowledge fuels her to work hard in the entertainment world. 

3. Mercury in the 7th House 

Mercury in the 7th house in Karishma Tanna kundli favours all sorts of relationships, be it professional or personal. Mercury, being the planet of communication, helps Karishma to charm people and connect with them. This planetary placement helps her to build strong and meaningful relationships both in her personal and professional life. 

4. Jupiter in Jyeshta Nakshatra 

Some of the credit for Karishma Tanna’s stardom and success should be given to the placement of Jupiter in Jyeshtha Nakshatra. How, you may ask? Well, Karishma Tanna birth chart reveals that Jupiter, placed in Jyeshta Nakshatra, tackled all the challenges and made the journey to success easy.

5. Venus in the 5th House 

This planetary placement in Karishma Tanna kundli works wonders for her career and artistic pursuits. Venus being in the 5th boosts her creative expression. Along with this, it lets her enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. 

Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna Birthday: Zodiac Personality Traits 

As a fan of Karishma Tanna, you are aware of her fun and outgoing personality. But have you ever wondered how her Sagittarius zodiac traits add spice to her career and life? Well, it is no less than a mix of adventure and determination! So, join us as we explore different layers of her Saggitarius personality traits! 

1. Giving Heart 

The strong influence of Jupiter in Karishma Tanna kundli gives her a big and kind heart. This is why, every now and then, she has used her fame for important causes. Being a Sagittarius, Karishma’s major focus is towards helping people and making a positive impact in society. 

2. Born Adventurer 

It is impossible to keep a Sagittarius away from adventure. Our birthday girl, Karishma Tanna, loves to add a touch of adventure to her acting career. Her role ranges from bold and brave to attention-grabbing and being really flexible. This is Karishma Tanna zodiac sign, Sagittarius’s personality trait that lets her explore different worlds in the entertainment world.

3. Determined and Hard Working 

The only thing that makes Sagittarius work tirelessly towards their goals is their hard work and determination. As a Sagittarius, Karishma Tanna is a prime example of working hard towards dreams and pushing boundaries. Well, it was her hard work and efforts that got her Best Actress award at the Busan Film Festival 2023.

Karishma Tanna Birthday: Horoscope Predictions

After uncovering many layers of Karishma Tanna zodiac sign personality traits, the main spotlight is on her horoscope for the coming year. Will it be the planet of delays and obstacles that will make things difficult? Or will the planet Jupiter deal with all the upcoming challenges? With the help of Karishma Tanna horoscope, let us look into her career, love and finances and discover what the stars have to offer her. 

Karishma Tanna

1. Career Horoscope for Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna horoscope for a career in the upcoming year is no less than a roller coaster rise. Starting with Mercury in the 7th house would enhance her communication skills. This will help her to grab exciting collaboration opportunities or brand endorsements.

Moreover, Jupiter, placed in the 10th house of Karishma Tanna kundli reveals that she will continue to witness career growth, fame and reputation in the upcoming year. Moreover, the strong influence of Venus will help her bag exciting new projects such as films or web series, giving one more chance to make space in the audience’s hearts. 

2. Finance Horoscope for Karishma Tanna 

Saturn, placed in the 2nd house in Karishma Tanna birth chart, will act as her financial advisor. It will make her learn about the ways to establish financial stability and long-term financial security. Moreover, the malefic planet, Rahu, seems to favour Karishma Tanna horoscope by generating multiple sources of income for her.

So, besides her acting projects, in the upcoming year, Karishma Tanna will think about partnerships or interesting investments. 

3. Love Horoscope for Karishma Tanna 

When it comes to matters of the heart, the planetary placement of Venus in the 5th house takes centre stage. This indicates a period of love, romance and harmony in her married life with Karishma Tanna husband, Varun Bangera.

However, the planet of delays and obstacles, Saturn, may bring some ups and downs, as per Karishma Tanna horoscope for the upcoming year. But their love, mutual understanding and respect will overcome all the temporary challenges. All in all, this whole year, Karishma will enjoy a phase of stability and commitment. 

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Well, that’s a wrap on Karishma Tanna birthday special kundali analysis and horoscope predictions. May this upcoming year, she gets all the good vibes, good health, fortune and success. Happy Birthday, Karishma Tanna! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When is Karishma Tanna birthday?

Karishma Tanna celebrates her birthday on 21st December. Karishma Tanna born in an upper-class Gujarati family in Mumbai. Interestingly, she stepped into the showbiz industry at the early age of 17 years.

2. What is Karishma Tanna zodiac sign?

Karishma Tanna zodiac sign is Sagittarius. People born under this zodiac sign are famous for their lively and adventurous nature. Along with this, these people are thought to be understanding and empathetic towards the people around them.

3. How much is Karishma Tanna net worth?

One of the popular faces from the Indian television industry, Karishma Tanna net worth is estimated to be around Rs.14 crore to Rs.15 crore. Some online published reports claimed that Tanna has accumulated this much net worth from modelling, movie/series projects and brand endorsements.

4. Who is Karishma Tanna husband?

Karishma Tanna husband name is Varun Bangera. He is a businessman who runs his own real estate company. Both got married last year in February 2022.

5. What is Karishma Tanna education qualification?

After completing her schooling at a private school in Mumbai, Tanna enrolled in Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

6. What is Karishma Tanna age?

The ‘Scoop’ actress’, Karishma Tanna age is 39 years. However, soon on 21st December 2023, she will be celebrating her 40th birthday.

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