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Jupiter Transit 2021 and its Effects on Different Zodiac Signs

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Jupiter Transit 2021

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter is said to be the teacher of all deities. On April 6, 2021, Devguru Jupiter is going to change its zodiac sign, and it will enter the Aquarius sign. It will leave the Capricorn sign and enter a new zodiac sign. Devguru Jupiter will stay in Aquarius till September 14, 2021. It is one of the most important transits. Remember that Jupiter is a planet of expansion. That is why it is supposed to give vertical gains to natives. The transit of Jupiter gives instant and sudden relief. It means all natives who were facing tough times will get instant benefits from the grace of Jupiter. Read this content and find out what is important time and date showing Jupiter Transit 2021. Also, read more about Graha Shanti Mantras for having better outcomes.

Jupiter Transit Dates in 2021

The mighty Jupiter will change its path and enter Aquarius at 6.01 pm on Tuesday 6 April 2021. This change is going to affect all twelve zodiac signs. Only Capricorn and Taurus will find this period challenging for them. The natives of these two signs can also get relief by worshipping Devguru Brahaspati. The rest of the zodiac signs will find this transit favorable and moderate to them. Have a look at the chart and find out the upcoming transit dates of Jupiter in 2021 and 2022.

Name of Event                                  Start Date                        End Date

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius                  April 6, 2021                    June 20, 2021
Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius         June 20, 2021                  September 14, 2021
Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn       September 14, 2021       October 18, 2021
Jupiter Progressive in Capricorn      October 18, 2021             November 21, 2021
Jupiter Progressive in Aquarius        November 21, 2021         April 13, 2022

Effects of Jupiter Transit 2021 on Zodiac Signs

Whenever any planet changes its position and enters into a new zodiac sign, it affects all zodiac signs directly and indirectly. It can be favorable, unfavorable, moderate, or challenging to different signs. Good times help natives get happiness, buy a new property, get freedom from diseases, and make new plans. On the other hand, the odd effects of planet changes can make natives face challenging times for a shorter span of time.

Zodiac Signs         Influence of Jupiter Transit 2021

Aries                      Favorable
Taurus                   Challenging
Gemini                   Favorable
Cancer                   Favorable
Leo                         Favorable
Virgo                      Moderate
Libra                      Moderate
Scorpio                  Moderate
Sagittarius             Favorable
Capricorn              Challenging
Aquarius                Favorable
Pisces                     Moderate

Guru (Jupiter) Graha Shanti Mantras for Better Outcomes

Chanting the holy mantras of Guru is a great way to get the blessing of the mighty planet. If natives of any of the above-mentioned zodiac signs find this transit challenging, they can try these mantras for getting instant and effective relief. These mantras have been taken from Vedic astrology.

“ऊँ बृहस्पते अति यदर्यो अर्हाद् द्युमद् विभाति क्रतुमज्जनेषु
यद् दीदयच्चवस र्तप्रजात तदस्मसु द्रविणं धेहिचित्रम्”

“Om bṛhaspate ati yadaryo arhād dyumad vibhāti kratumajjaneṣu
yad dīdayaccavasa rtaprajāta tadasmasu draviṇaṁ dhehicitram”

एकाक्षरी बीज मंत्र- ‘ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नम:।’
Ekakshari Beej Mantra – ‘Om Briha Brispataye Namah.’

तांत्रिक मंत्र- ‘ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:।’
Tantric Mantra – ‘Om Grand Green Gruns: Gurve Namah.’

You consult a professional and experienced astrologer to make the most out of Jupiter Transit 2021. If your birth chart has debilitated Jupiter or afflicted by other malefic planetary aspects, you can contact online Indian astrologers for Astro guidance. You can also download Android or iOS astrology apps to get Astro consultancy using your handheld devices.

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