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It’s Officially The Season of Pisces

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Season of Pisces

Pisces this season

The season of Pisces allows us to be in tune with our feelings. The water sign is understandably the most compassionate one among all the zodiac signs. If you are a Piscean or have a Piscean companion, get ready to learn some mind-blowing facts.

Since it’s officially their season, why not aim the spotlight on them!

Pisces as a friend

A Piscean is a keeper. They are sensitive and emotionally aware. They tend to go out of the way to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. Chase a Piscean if you wish to have a friend in your life who’s easy-going, sensitive, and high on life.

Pisces as a lover

When in love, Pisces is all in for a fairytale romance. At the beginning of a relationship, they may hesitate to open up but that’s a brief awkwardness. Once the ice is broken, their heart completely belongs to their lover. Pisces excel in the act of selflessness as they often put the needs of their partner above their own.

Pisces as a parent

Pisces, like every parent, has love and care for their kids. They encourage their little ones to follow their dreams. Pisces are big on the dreamy side of life and tend to transfer the same values to their kids. For them, the parenting mantra is “To provide their kids everything that they did not have access to in their childhood”.

Pisces in the Workplace 

Not just love and relationships, Pisces are emotionally invested in their work life as well. The drive to perform is always on top if he/she is happy with the job. The fish doesn’t mind working long hours to meet the deadlines or a temporary cut in pay when the business is slow. Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of Pisces can boost his/her spirit and lead to more productivity and better results. Pisces can be quite an asset in the world of creativity due to their highly imaginative mind and out-of-the-box concepts.

Compatibility of Pisces

Pisces as a companion fills your life with love, empathy, motivation, and everything that touches your inner self. The sign gels well with everyone present in the zodiac, but it shares high compatibility with selective ones. Be it love or friendship, Pisces is most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

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