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Is Fortune Reading Real?

By July 16, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
fortune reading

The Art of Fortune-Telling

Fancy capes, exquisite tiaras, broody curious eyes, and a village of bracelets and rings  are what strike us when we talk about fortune tellers. So, this makes us ponder, “Is fortune reading real?”.

Fortune Telling Meaning

The art of fortune telling is fascinating and is not just about aesthetics. Fortune-telling is a practice that has stayed relevant for millennia. This is because everyone has an itch to know what’s ahead of them. Moreover, humans tend to yearn for more and find out how things will turn out in the times to come. So, fortune tellers predict the future with the help of various tools and methods, which make the practice legit and realistic. So, let’s shed some light on them!


1. Astrology

The basis of everything, the most essential and relevant method is astrology. Astrology tells us that every zodiac sign has characteristics that help predict the future. Now, these characteristics and personality traits facilitate fortune telling. In addition, they can tell you about zodiac cusps, who you’re compatible with and much more!

While horoscopes are the most common ways to know about these, birth chart analyses are more detailed ways to predict the future. 

Astrology Predict Future

2. Numerology

As the name suggests, everything related to numbers, their study, influence on individuals and hidden meanings is what comes under numerology. Moreover, all that lies beneath numbers, the world concealed in them, and their power helps us predict the future and carry fortune reading. Also, numerology can help us in fortune reading by date of birth.

Numerology and astrology have a similar ring to them. However, in numerology, every prediction aspect is based on the individual’s numbers, not planet alignments.

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Numerology can help us in fortune reading

3. Tarot Cards

The most used fortune reading tool is Tarot. Tarot cards have a lot of value and cultural meaning associated with them. Moreover, they have become significant party ragers for teens over the years. However, professional Tarot is entirely different. Tarot readers are intuitive and predict an individual’s future based on the cards, symbols, suits and faces.

Furthermore, Fortune Reading with tarot cards is the only method that makes the individual feel included in fortune reading. 

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Tarot Card

4. Runes

If you instantly think of Harry Potter and Shadowhunters when you hear of runes, then let’s break it to you that they are much more than that. Revolving around astrology, the cosmic wheel of runes can do wonders for people who believe in it. These runes are there in the form of letters. Moreover, they are written on stones known as runestones, and their meaning has more to do with an individual’s personality and traits. 

Also, these runes have ancient importance for solving problems, dwelling on personality traits and predicting the future based on that. 

5. Palmistry

Palmistry predicts the future and understands a person based on the lines in their palm. All the hidden truths are found inside the lines of a palm. Moreover, every line has a separate meaning and connects to another line. They also have astrological significance by representing planets. 

Fortune reading based on Palmistry has always been successful and is extremely common in India.

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Palmistry predicts the future

6. Pendulum

Contrary to the Tarot, the Pendulum allows solutions to questions in the form of “yes” or “no”. Holding the pendulum perpendicular, it oscillates in one direction for affirmation and in the other way for a negative response. Popular belief is that it is also controlled by our ancestral spirits who govern our actions. However, most people think that it is just a way to learn more about ourselves based on intuition. 

The most common use of this is in predicting the gender of the child inside the mother’s womb.

Fortune Reading by Pendulum 

7. Scrying

Primarily seen in fairytales and story books, scrying is a practice of looking into a medium (mostly a crystal ball or mirror) and predicting the future based on messages and visions. The object or surface we’re looking at needs to be reflective for an appropriate fortune reading. 

To use it, you need first to keep a question in your mind, and then whatever you see on the surface or a message on display is what the future holds for you. Moreover, there can be shapes or symbols that will try to tell you something you’re clueless about.

Final Verdict

It is a given that all of these will have an effective and more practical impact if performed by professionals.

Therefore, we simply cannot ignore the practice of fortune reading. However, at the same time, our fortune also depends on what we make of it! But, a little insight on it through fortune telling does no harm and makes us more aware and mindful!


1. What is Fortune Telling?

The divine practice of predicting one’s future with the means of various tools is fortune telling.

2. What are Runestones in Fortune Telling?

Runestones have a stellar influence on your personality. They are letters inscribed on stones that express themselves in the form of cosmic energy.

3. Are Tarot Readings true?

Tarot is based on true instincts and the more you believe in them, the more they will seem right. Thus, if you honestly believe in the readings, and ask open-ended questions, the readings might be true for you.

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