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IPL 2023 Match 42: MI Vs RR Match Astrology Predictions

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MI Vs RR Match Astrology Predictions

Hello to all the IPL lovers! We know you have been waiting for all the IPL predictions eagerly. InstaAstro brings you the latest edition of astrological predictions just for you. Today, we will talk about IPL match 42: Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals, i.e. MI vs RR. The match will be played in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, on 30th April 2023. Also, it will be an overnight match, and the timings are from 7:30 P.M. 

Let’s look at the team captains and what their stars have in store for them. Mumbai Indians, a team led by one of the most known cricketers Rohit Sharma, who is Taurus by birth, is very firm in his decisions. However, the captain of Rajasthan Royals, Sanju Samson, a scorpio, is stubborn in his own ways. Both the signs and captains are known for their eclectic performances on the pitch. 

But as per astrology prediction, your planets, stars, and transits decide what you will be leading to. So, take your time and scroll down to read MI vs RR, who will win astrology prediction. Also, an overview of toss predictions per the team captains’ planetary alignment. 

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IPL 2023 Match 42: MI vs RR: An Overview

Who will win ipl match 42? It is not just a question but a battle to win between two top-notch teams in the IPL. Mumbai Indians have won the highest number of matches in the history of IPL. On the other hand, Rajasthan Royals have taken over the field and named the trophy just a single time, in 2008. 

Now strategically, it shows that MI has a clear win over Rajasthan Royals. However, by overall horoscope readings, the prediction swings between the teams as both teams have been performing at an average level since the start of this IPL season. So now let’s look closer to who will take the final win. 

  • Mumbai Indians

To clear out any confusion on who is going to win? We need to analyse the situation using horoscopes. Firstly let’s take a deeper look at the horoscope of Mumbai Indians Captain Rohit Sharma. He is a fixed earth sign, making him a loyal and deep-rooted human. 

Moreover, his astrological sign makes him a hard-headed person, a must-have quality for a good captain. Overall he knows where to put his foot down and where not, so no matter how difficult the situation gets, he will dedicatedly handle his team and the game just like the team has done in the past year of IPL. 

Mumbai Indians Team

  • Rajasthan Royals

The RR or Rajasthan Royals, under the guidance of Captain Sanju Samson, is bound to perform well in the upcoming match ipl 42. The horoscope of the captain makes him a Scorpio by birth, which means an intuitive and passionate man on the ground. Hence, he is clear on what basis to decide his next move. 

Moreover, as per his star positions, he could change the entire scenario in his favour. Only he will take any decision by keeping every specific strength and weakness in mind. This makes this prediction even harder yet exhilarating to find who will take up the final win; MI vs RR who will win astrology prediction.

Rajasthan Royals Team

IPL 2023 Match 42: MI vs RR Toss Prediction

IPL match 42 toss prediction seems like a luck factor to many of us, but it could change the entire scenario. Unfortunately, we can’t be 100% sure whether the toss-winning team will be the actual winner. 

Now it’s time to look at what astrological factors say for the MI vs RR toss prediction. The heavy influence of Venus in MI Captain Rashi brings an element of abundance to his horoscope. However, the stars for the RR captain are also on the verge of making his luck brighter. Moreover, the kundali depiction for MI Captain says he has a strong Saturn in the 8th house. On the other hand, Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan Royals, has prominent Venus in his 7th house. This makes it even more argumentative on who will win in MI vs RR toss prediction. However, overall, the astrology prediction confirms getting a toss win for the Mumbai Indians.  

Toss Prediction

IPL 2023 Match 42: MI vs RR Match Prediction

The 41st IPL match of the 16th Season is a war between two most-pitched teams. Here’s a list of all the eleven players that will go against each other on the field, as per our InstaAstro’s astrologers. Moreover, what happens on the field? Who will be preferred the most by the stars and aligned constellations on the night of 30th April 2023 at the Wankhede Stadium? Then, let’s dig deeper for more accurate predictions.

  • Mumbai Indians 

If we look at the birth chart of Captain Rohit Sharma, we can clearly see that he has Saturn in the 8th house. This alignment makes him extremely laborious towards what he does. Moreover, a combination of his parental planet, Venus and Saturn, brings in a strong possibility of luck following the native’s dedication. 

This means that no matter what he does, he ultimately puts his heart and soul into it. Also, the combined luck of the entire team teams up a good score over the opponent in the match. 

  • Rohit Sharma (c)
  • Ishan Kishan (wk)
  • Suryakumar Yadav
  • Tilak Varma
  • Tim David
  • Cameron Green
  • Arshad Khan
  • Kumar Kartikeya
  • Hrithik Shokeen
  • Jason Behrendorff
  • Jofra Archer
  • Rajasthan Royals 

Now, if we check on the horoscope of the young team captain for Rajasthan Royals, Sanju Samson, he has a strong Venus in the 7th house, which gives him maturity beyond his age. Hence, he could take on difficult decisions even in tense situations. Moreover, his ruling planet, Mars, makes him a great leader in life as well as on the field. 

He is a soul who has been born to take up challenges. Also, he has the most anticipated team of 11s to play on the field with him. But still, we need to find who will get the stars aligned as per his performance out of the two teams.

  • Jos Buttler
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal
  • Sanju Samson (c & wk)
  • Riyan Parag
  • Shimron Hetmyer
  • Dhruv Jurel
  • Jason Holder
  • Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Yuzvendra Chahal
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Trent Boult

IPL 2023 Match 42: MI vs RR Final View 

Here is a small glimpse of the astrological angle, which could entirely change the scenario for everyone waiting for this exciting match. Moreover, you can also read more on astrology on our official page. Mi vs RR who will win astrology prediction, states that both the teams have firm foundations. Although if we look through the history of IPL, MI has a clear advantage over RR. But what do you think the IPL stars say and depict for the following win?

Rohit Sharma has experience getting another win on their names; however, Sanju Samson is young and energetic to take him to a new height. However, with both these energies, we add the astrology factor to decide who has a clear win. This brings us to the conclusion that MI or Mumbai Indians will win the match despite all the obstructions coming their way. So, if you all are also wondering about; MI vs RR, who will win? Then stay tuned and watch the 42nd match of IPL: MI vs RR.

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