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IPL 2023 Match 36: RCB vs KKR Match Astrology Predictions

By April 24, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
RCB vs KKR Match Predictions

Hola folks, how is your IPL team doing this season? Oh! We know your excitement is at its peak. But before we start today’s blog, let us know who your favourite is Bangalore’s Vada or Kolkata’s Rasgulla? Hard one to choose, right? The same difficulty is with the teams as well, RCB vs KKR. Watching the match between RCB and KKR gives us the same thrills as being on a roller coaster ride does. Are you ready for another thrilling match in IPL 2023? Today we have Faf’s RCB (Royal Challenger Bangalore) and Nitish’s KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), and trust us; it is going to be an epic battle on the pitch. The IPL 2023 match 36 will be held on April 26th 2023, in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, at 7:30 pm IST.

Both teams have been putting in their tremendous efforts, but the question still pinches our minds: Who will win IPL match 36? That’s where astrology will help you ease your curious minds. It might not utter facts, but surely can guide you the way.

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IPL 2023 Match 36 RCB vs KKR: An Overview

Both teams have one of the top players in the world, so it is understood that the battle is going to be super amazing. Faf has been consistent in his form and guidance to his team. Yes, we have to break to you that Faf has been appointed as the new captain of RCB. Even though the RCB fans know how much we’re expecting Kohli to be the captain. The Kolkata Knight Riders, on the other side, are led by Nitish Rana and have some extremely furious batters in the competition. The competition is going to be extremely tough and exciting at the same time. Let us see, Who will win the battle? But before jumping to the predictions, let’s first discuss the overall overview of the teams. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore: The season is quite unfair to the team as Kohli has left the captaincy of the team. Thanks to god that a diligent player has compensated for the loss, Faf Du Plessis. He has been terrific with his form in the batting order. The team also have the powerful Glenn Maxwell and the steady Suyash Prabhudessai. Kohli is the most senior and experienced player, making a heavy impact on the rival teams continues to astonish the fans. The team has a perfect match-up of all the best international and domestic players. They just need to gear up the domestic bowlers and retain the middle batting order for more wins. 

Kolkata Knight Riders: The team has an advantage over international as well as domestic players. It has surely been the favourite team of most IPL fans because of its consistent efforts and determination. Their fearless attitude towards the rival team is what every team craves, but here, we have all inbuilt into the team players. They have undoubtedly won the hearts of millions of fans. Not to miss the owner of the team, Shah Rukh Khan, who has put tremendous effort into building up a strong and steady team. It can accelerate the performance by staying steady in the opening position of the batsmen.

IPL 2023 Match 36: RCB vs KKR Toss Prediction

We all are well aware of the fact that how important it is to do the toss before any match. A team who wins the toss somehow is entitled to the immunity of choosing their best form first. let’s say any team has a good batsman. Then they’ll surely set the highest score first. On the other hand, if the bowling game of any team is strong, then they’ll prefer to chase the team. Toss can be a total game changer for the teams and can also amend the game.

As per the astrologers, the IPL match 36 toss prediction, and the law of averages suggests that the toss might be won by KKR this time. There are very high chances of KKR winning the toss since the stars are favouring the team.

Toss Prediction

IPL 2023 Match 36: RCB vs KKR Match Prediction

With eight points after six games— three victories and three losses—RCB is now in fifth place. In contrast, KKR is in eighth place with four points, with two victories and four defeats. We can observe from this comparison that RCB has been much more dedicated to the game and outperformed KKR in the IPL scoreboard. The winner will be decided on how the team performs. The match is going to be super exciting for the viewers as both the teams are on the verge of winning against each other and might. The talented players in the team are surely going to give tough competition to the rivals. To find out who will win IPL match 36, continue reading. 

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: 

The team is under the captaincy of Faf Du Plessis and coached by the extremely talented and experienced coach Sanjay Bangar. Both have really good chemistry when it comes to deciding the sequence for the game. Though Kohli fans miss him being a captain this year, Faf has surely taken over the charge with full responsibility. According to the astrology predictions, let us know who are the playing 11 for the team this year:

  • Faf du Plessis (captain)
  • Virat Kohli
  • Glenn Maxwell
  • Mahipal Lomror
  • Suyash Prabhudesai
  • Dinesh Karthik (wk)
  • Shahbaz Ahmed
  • Waindu Hasaranga
  • Harshal Patel
  • David Willey
  • Mohammed Siraj.

According to our astrologers,  The opening batsman of the team will be Faf and Kohli. Being a cancerian, Faf is also determined towards his goals and will try his best to make the team win. The ruling planet, the moon, will accelerate his performance which will be a boon to the team. And if they win the match, then automatically, the scoreboard will be changed, and the new position of the team will be 5th.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Team

  • Kolkata Knight Riders:

The team has consistently lost to other teams. The luck factor of the team is not with them, but we cannot forget the key player of the previous match. Rinku Singh played exceptionally well in the last match. Nitish being the captain, scores and guides the team really well, but luck was not there in the previous matches, which might be the opposite this time. The predicted playing 11 of the team are:

  • Jason Roy
  • N Jagadeesan (wk)
  • Nitish Rana (Captain)
  • Rinku Singh
  • Andre Russell
  • Sunil Narine
  • Shardul Thakur
  • Umesh Yadav
  • Lockie Ferguson
  • Varun Chakaravarthy
  • Suyash Sharma.

Nitish Rana, a Capricorn native, has the ruling planet saturn. Saturn might overburden him with responsibilities. It also will help him with the luck factor. The stars will be in favour of Nitish in this match and will guide him throughout. The match will be exciting for both ends. The stars and planetary positions of both the captain is in favour and will induce the performance. 

These were a few zodiac predictions of the team captains. If you want to know more about your zodiac signs, then you can surely connect to certified astrologers at the InstaAstro app. We here make kundalis just from the date and place of birth to make yours stay connected to the app.

Kolkata Knight Riders Team

IPL 2023 Match 36 RCB vs KKR: Final View

This is the second time that both teams are facing each other this season. Talking of the previous match, then, KKR defeated RCB with a very huge margin of 81 runs. Well, let us now hop onto the RCB Vs KKR, who will win astrology prediction and know who will win the IPL match 36. 

Since both teams have an equal amount of good players and well-trained, diligent captains, this is hard to predict their future endeavours. However, we cannot deny the fact that KKR has been performing slightly low this season than other teams. RCB, on the other hand, has already won 3 matches and is in the 6th position on the IPL scoreboard. 

The law of averages and our certified astrologers have predicted that if KKR won the toss and chose to bat first, then RCB might win the match. The predicted probability of RCB winning is 52%. The expected score will be around 150-180. Weather experts have predicted a cloudy day, so it will be beneficial for the spinners to break the wickets of other teams.

In conclusion, these figures are mere predictions and can be partially true, but yes, the thrill of the match shouldn’t be over so soon, and we would suggest the fans pray for their favourite teams to win. They can even pray to their associated deities with their mantra chant, which they can easily find on the InstaAstro website. 

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