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Hrithik Roshan Birthday: Astrology Reveals His Kundli Secrets

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Hrithik Roshan

How can we forget the most admired  “Greek God of Bollywood”, Hrithik Roshan, on his special day? A man with a good physique, taking away the hearts of his fans with his dancing and acting skills. So, how can we miss his birthday, which is to be celebrated on 10th January? On his special day, his fans deserve to know in-depth information about the journey that has made him famous worldwide. 

Well, he has been gaining massive success and receiving love from his fans due to some of his well-known movies such as Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, Dhoom and many more. So, are you ready to know how astrology has been favouring his path towards success and making him the best in the field of acting? 

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Hrithik Roshan Birth Details:

  • Date of Birth: 10 January 1974
  • Day of Birth: Thursday 
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Pushya
  • Lagna (Ascendant): Sagittarius 

Hrithik Roshan Birthday: Kundali Analysis 

From starting his career at the age of 26 when he was first seen in the debut film Kaho na pyaar ha in 2000. He also received two Filmfare Awards, and since then, he has been a prominent face in the field of Bollywood. But along with his hard work and efforts to be recognised in the film industry, astrology has also been equally favourable in his journey. 

hrithik roshan kundli

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1. Sun Sign: Sagittarius 

His sun sign, Sagittarius, favoured Hrithik Roshan to be an overnight sensation because his first debut film, Kaho na pyaar ha, gained a massive blockbuster. His fans were crazy about his acting, stunts, physique and dancing skills. Moreover, the outspoken and optimistic traits of Sagittarius have been showering him with long-term success. 

2. Moon Sign: Cancer 

Hrithik Roshan zodiac sign makes him a caring and sensitive individual. Do you know the reason behind his fitness and good physique? It is because of his loyalty and dedication towards his health and fitness. Moreover, his moon sign also makes him aggressive by looks, and thus, his character in Dhoom suits him the best.

3. Sun in 1st House

Thanks to the positive aspect of Sun in the 1st house because it allows him to be self-confident. No doubt, he is in the limelight in the Bollywood industry. Hrithik holds a strong determination to achieve great heights and pursue more success in his future endeavours. Sun in 1st house in Hrithik Roshan horoscope makes him curious about nature, which helps him to explore various aspects of his genre. 

4. Dhan and Raj Yoga

Have you ever thought about what makes Hrithik Roshan the most wealthy actor in the film industry? It is all because of the influence of Dhan Yoga in Hrithik Roshan birth chart that makes him gain good fortune and wealth. Besides that, his determination and leadership quality are all because of the Raj yoga that allows him to accumulate good wealth and have a secure lifestyle. 

Hrithik Roshan Birthday: Horoscope Predictions 

Now that we’ve explored Hrithik Roshan kundli, let’s look at some of the horoscope predictions to know how well the year 2024 will go for Hrithik Roshan. We will let you know through his career, finance and love predictions. 

1. Career Horoscope for Hrithik Roshan

The presence of positive planets such as Mercury and Jupiter in Hrithik’s horoscope will make him flourish in his career in 20024. He will be able to upskill his acting and will come up with a blast. Moreover, the positioning of Venus in Capricorn will allow him to earn good wealth and make his career path more secure.

Also, according to his horoscope predication, he will be able to receive multiple awards that will make him gain more reputation and fame in Bollywood. His ability to do stunts and dance might also open the way for new opportunities that will make the year 2024 more special for him. 

2. Finance Horoscope for Hrithik Roshan

What could be more wonderful news on his birthday than knowing that the placement of Maha Dasha of the Sun and Antar Dasha of Mercury will allow Hrithik to gain good financial gain? His fans will soon be able to again witness him on the big screen on 25th January with his new movie Fighter. This blockbuster will no less be a birthday gift for Hrithik Roshan.

According to the horoscope predictions, it is likely that Hrithik Roshan will be invited as a guest of honour for the promotion of his new movie. This could lead to an increase in his wealth and earnings. 

3. Love and Personal Relationship Horoscope for Hrithik Roshan

As Hrithik Roshan celebrates his birthday this year, he will soon turn 50. So, what is the best time to know about his love life and personal relationship. The love life of Hrithik Roshan has not been so fascinating after his divorce from Sussanne Khan in 2013. After that, he was the talk of the town due to his love affair with Saba Azad.

Our love predictions predict that he will soon tie the knot with Saba Azed and will make it official in 2024 most probably. Also he will also have a strong bond with his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. 

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So that was all about Hrithik Roshan’s success and accomplishments due to the influence of astrology. His star signs, moon signs and the conjunction of planets will keep favouring him in his growth and will make him achieve more success in the coming years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When was Hrithik Roshan born?

Hrithik Roshan was born on 10 January 1974 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was born to his father, Rakesh Roshan, who is a film director and mother, Pinky Roshan.

2. What is Hrithik Roshan age?

Hrithik Roshan will soon turn 50 years old as he will be celebrating his birthday on 10th January. He was born into a strong family and was from a film background.

3. What is Hrithik Roshan education background?

Hrithik Roshan completed his schooling at Bombay Scottish School. After that, he completed his higher education at Sydenham College of Economics, which is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. Who is Hrithik Roshan wife?

Hrithik Roshan got married to a muslim girl Sussanne Khan in December 2000. After 13 years of marriage, they got divorced in 2013.

5. What is Hrithik Roshan net worth?

According to media reports, it has been estimated that Hrithik Roshan has a net worth of approximately ₹12 million to ₹15 million. They have also claimed that he is one of the highest-paid male actors in the Bollywood industry.

6. Has astrology favoured Hrithik Roshan’s stardom journey?

Astrology has always been in the favour of Hrithik Roshan. The placement of Mercury, Jupiter and Raj Yog in Hrithik Roshan birth chart has always helped him achieve massive success.

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