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How can I have career growth according to Astrology?

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career growth according to Astrology

Astrology and career growth

One of the most sought-after and popular aspects of astrology is Career astrology. It is a branch that draws many aspirants to astrologers in search of answers to their questions. For example, a common question that arises among most aspirants is, “How can I grow my career?” or “How can I have career growth under astrology?” 

To judge a horoscope and understand the placement of every planet in particular signs and houses is a meticulous job. By a thorough understanding of it a person can answer all their questions. 

 House responsible for career growth.

The dictum of astrology states that the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are responsible for growth in career, job, or profession. 

  • Second House: This house indicates receipt of money and can be considered the house of wealth or Kuber.
  • Sixth House: The 6th house denotes service and getting a monetary wealth, loan, or by receiving one’s dues. 
  • Tenth House: This is the house of Karma and based on the 10th house and the position of planets in this house, all questions related to career can be answered. 

Planetary combinations for the best career for me. 

  • According to astrology place the 10th lord in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house in your horoscope; you can only attain prosperity and career growth after putting in hard work and effort in life. 
  • If the 10th lord is in coexistence with Jupiter or Saturn, you can achieve much success in your profession.
  • The existence of the 10th lord in the 3rd, 5th, 9th, or 11th house will fulfill your expectations through sheer dedication, self-effort, and perseverance. 
  • 10th house, having Sun in its placement, will lead to excessive growth through self-employment or service in the Government sector. 
  • If the order of Mars is in the 10th house under astrology, so then you can expect to achieve success and career growth at a rapid pace after the age of 28. Again, your self-effort is the key here to achieving prosperity. 
  • You can become a businessman or a dynamic personality after a struggle at a young age, and you can expect a change of status after the age of 42. You can also rise to a top position after 39 years of age. All of this can account for the placement of Rahu or Saturn in the 10th house. 
  • When the 2nd, 3rd, or 11th house has the placement of the 10th lord, then you can experience success and growth during the middle ages of life. 
  • If in the 10th house, Venus and Mercury or Venus and Jupiter exist, then you are of a creative mind and can achieve much prosperity in entertainment fields. 
  • As the 10th lord is with Sun, Jupiter, or Mars, you can attain success by focusing on your dreams and aspirations. 

Planets and their relevance in choosing a promising career. 

  • Aspects of leadership and administration come under Sun’s ruling. It favors designations under politics or top-caliber appointments. 
  •  As Moon and creativity are linked, professions related to water or dairy can be fruitful. The Moon also favors domains in the agricultural field and medical field, and also writing field. 
  • Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are responsible for success in technical fields. Other fields are of governance, medical career, political status and position, writing, banking, and engineering. 

The placement of planets is essential to answer pressing questions regarding the growth of a career, or the best-suited career. A person can achieve all his goals by working hard and focusing on their aspirations.

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