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Holi 2021: All You Need to Know about the Festival of Colors

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Holi Festival

The festival of colors ‘Holi’ is one of the most important festivals in India that people celebrate with happiness and ecstasy. The celebration of the Holi festival starts on the night before colorful Holi with the Holika Dahan ceremony. People gather in front of the bonfire to perform religious rituals and pray for destroying their internal evil. The story of Holika Dahan has directly associated with demon king Hiranyakashipu and his sister Holika and his son Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap wanted to kill Prahlad, the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. So, he ordered his son to sit on the fire with Holika. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, she was burnt to death and Prahlad came out of the burning fire safely. It is the victory of virtue and goodness over evil. Although Holi is celebrated everywhere in India, yet the Holi rituals in the Braj regions are simply world famous. The traditional Lathmar Holi Holi in Barsana Lathmar is the greatest occasion on the earth. Read this content and find out information on Holi 2021 date, Puja Muhurat, and Puja method.

Holi 2021 Puja Vidhi and Samagri

While performing Holi 2021 puja, it is vital to collect all puja materials for making the most out of the puja. When you have all puja materials ready, you can accomplish the process of worshipping and burning Holika. Offering all materials one by one to the concerned deity brings positivity and blesses people. This puja is all about burning evil spirits

When you are worshiping, make sure your mouth should be towards the north or east direction. First, you need to spray the drops of water around you to make everything pure. Move ahead and remember Lord Narasimha and offer him materials like Roli, Molly, Akshat, and flowers. Then, remember devotee Prahlada and offer him Roli, Molly, Akshat, and flowers again. The following Samagri or materials should be used for Puja:

• One bowl of water and beads (made of cow dung)
• Roli and Akshat (unbroken rice)
• Agarbatti, dhoop, flowers, and raw cotton thread
• Turmeric pieces and unbroken lentil of moong
• Batasha, gulal powder, and coconut.
• Fully grown grains of wheat and gram

Holi 2021: Tithi and Puja Muhurat

Like every year, 2021 Holi will be celebrated will great pomp and show. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world, people celebrating Holi need to follow strict Corona guidelines and rules. If you are planning a puja on Holi this year, please stick to the following schedule as per Hindu panchaang.

• Holika Dahan – Sunday, March 28, 2021
• Holika Dahan Muhurat – 06:54 PM to 09:14 PM (2 Hours 20 Minutes)
• Purnima Tithi Begins – 03:27 am on March 28, 2021
• Purnima Tithi Ends – 12:17 am on March 29, 2021

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