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Holashtak: The 8 Ominous Days Before Holi

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Holashtak Puja


Holashtak is an 8-day period that occurs before Holi every year. It falls on Phalguna month’s Ashtami tithi, Shukla Paksha, and goes on till Purnima, or at least till Holika Dahan. This year, the day is falling on March 10, Thursday, and lasts till March 17, 2022. Holashtak is predominant in North Indian districts like Punjab, Bihar, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, among others. As the day is going to knock on our entryways, here we have the shubh tithi and other important details about the inauspicious days.


Holasthak Ki Kahani

According to folklore, Devi Parvati wished to get married to Lord Shiva. Hence, she asked Kama Dev to divert Lord Shiva’s mind from meditation. To fulfil her wish, Lord Kama aimed the flower arrow at Lord Shiva. Unfortunately, Lord Shiva opened his eyes in rage and burned down Kama Dev to ashes with his third eye. It was Kama Dev’s wife Rati’s extraordinary prayers that constrained Lord Shiva to resurrect Kama Dev.

Take notes of the Dos and Don’ts during the ominous phase of 8-days of Holashtak:


  1. During this time, giving donations is believed to be lucky. Donate essentials like clothes, food, money, etc to the needy.
  2. Decorate branches of trees with colourful threads and bury them underground as threads are believed to absorb negative energies and protect us. 
  3. Cleaning your house with Gangajal removes negative energy.
  4. The time is excellent to meditate as it helps attain wishes and goals.
  5. Chant Katyayani Mantra to find a partner.
  6. If someone passes away, ‘Shanti Kriya’ is performed before the last rites.


  1. Avoid auspicious ceremonies like the engagement, naming of a child and housewarming celebrations.
  2. Marriage is unfavourable during the period of Holashtak.
  3. Moving into a new house or an office might bring problems.
  4. One should avoid starting any new work or business.

Holashtak Puja

agni puja at home

Holashtak 2022 begins on 10th March and ends on 17th March this year. Consequently, it is the ideal opportunity to do Holashtak Puja. The purpose of this puja is to remove negative energies from your life and home. The puja also wards off evil eyes and bad omens.

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