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Get Love Back with Astrology? Is it Possible?

By May 4, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
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Do you still miss him? Loving someone requires all your heart and soul. But when that relationship breaks down, it also takes away a piece of our hearts and memories. Whenever we listen to that song, movie clip, or letter that reminds us of them, we are in deep sorrow. But what if we could have that person loving us back? Get love back! 

Astrology could be a single-worded answer for that. But, just like those Planetary combinations helped them get into our lives; similarly, some remedies could help us get them back. So let’s dig into this InstaAstro blog to know more about how to get back lost love by astrology.

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The severity of Planetary Retrogrades in Our Horoscopes

Astrologically speaking, a planetary retrograde means a planet moving backwards in its orbit. Moreover, this condition simply flips the performing patterns of that planet. These retrogrades could affect our life, relationships and health as well. Let’s look at a few of them that could just ruin our relationships.

1. Venus Retrograde

Venus is known to be the planet of love and beauty. If it isn’t paired up with any malefic planet, this planet gives out excellent results for our love life. However, if the Venus Retrograde finds a way to enter our lives, it’s a clear sign that our relationship is in deep trouble. It could create unnecessary tension and arguments between you and your partner. Old relationship problems could resurface and tone up this tension even more.

However, in such a case, how to bring back lost love in a relationship could be answered with astrological remedies. Therefore, you could contact your choice of astrologer from our platform and know which suitable remedy will suit you as per your horoscope.

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2. Mars Retrograde

Mars, known as the “God of War”, when retrograde in our kundali brings in a lot of aggression to our brains. We could indulge in high-intensity fights with our partners. Moreover, our desires and ego could ruin the situation. This situation of unbalanced and fluctuating energies could break up our relationship and make us devoid of all our life patterns.

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3. Other Significant Retrogrades 

As per the Astrological charts answering the question “Will my ex come back astrology” is quite difficult with other retrogrades too. Last but not least, Mercury and Saturn retrogrades could create a sense of inadequacy and limitation in our relationship.

We might not feel like talking to our partner, and eventually, the relationship will fall apart. Moreover, their malefic energies could create a negative and suffocating environment for us and our partners. 

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What is the role of planetary transits in get love back astrology?

Astrology deals with almost every aspect of our lives. Planets, stars, constellations, Nakshatras, and more are all the path-bearers of our lives. One of astrology’s most important and varying aspects is “Planetary transits”. 

These transits occur when the planets in the sky form an alignment with planets in our natal chart. Although not all transits are supposed to be a warning for us, some also present us with beautiful opportunities to recover our broken relationships.

For example: when Venus transits over the moon in our birth chart, this could result in more love and affection in our relationship. As a result, you could become more considerate of your partner. Also, your romantic factor will double, and you will be extra nurturing for love. 

Moreover, our Horoscope chart shows similar effects when Mars transits over Venus. Natives feel a rush of love within their bodies. Also, you start to shed your ego aside and care more about the love of your life. However, this could flip the situation when Saturn transits our birth chart. The natives could break up their relationships as they might unnecessarily indulge in arguments and fights with their partners. 

So, how to get back lost love by astrology is very much influenced by these astrological planetary transits. So, now, let’s look at some remedies to solve the broken relationship and get love back. 

Astrological Remedies to get love back

InstaAstro offers a free check of your and your partner’s compatibility through their “Love Calculator“. Moreover, let’s dig in for some remedies which could help. Or, in case you need a personalised solution, you could contact our get your love back astrologer.

  • Gemstones are known to have healing and soothing properties. Rose Quartz, Diamonds, and Moonstone are some of the best stones to dissipate their positive energies in our lives. Moreover, you could consult a get love back astrologer to know which gemstone could be perfect for your particular situation and zodiac sign.
  • Remedies like lighting candles, chanting get love back mantra, and following up on some rituals could strengthen your weakening planetary transits or retrogrades. Moreover, these astrological remedies will fill your relationship with positivity and affection.
  • There are specific planet mantras for your particular situation. If you need more clarification about what’s troubling your love life, get your and your partner’s horoscopes checked by a professional astrology expert. They will assist you with genuine help and specifically guide you through that problem. 

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How could our Kundalis affect our relationship?

Kundalis are not just planetary combinations of birth. They could reveal much about our lives. Some of the transits could happen at a certain age, but many of these astrological signs are already detected while we are born. So if you want to get love back, getting your kundali checked could also be a solution.

Kundalis could get us simply a sum of every planetary combination our life is going through at the moment or in future. Moreover, anything that happened in the past that is coming back in our present or future could be answered by looking at it. If you want to know any specific astrological remedies to get love back, then horoscopes could give you an answer. 

Kundalis affect our relationship


How will my ex come back astrology? Is a common question when we are dealing with heartbreak, Right? And yes, astrology could give us possible solutions for how to bring back lost love in a relationship again. So, for all the answers, check this InstaAstro blog out. Also, contact our astrologers for your help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How can I contact the get love back astrologer on InstaAstro?

Enter “InstaAstro” into Google and click the first result to access the official website. When you arrive there, you can choose from two clickable tabs for chat and call choices in the top right corner of the page. Alternatively, you can contact our helpline staff at the provided number (+91-6366-937-227) if you have any questions or need assistance. So get all your love-related problems solved.

2. Which gemstone is effective as per astrological remedies to get love back?

Emerald, the luscious green stone, is known for its love-bringing property. If you think you are devoid of love, this stone brings in all the affection and care in your life. Moreover, it also improves and spreads positivity in existing relationships.

3. What is the get love back mantra?

As per astrology, your love mantra depends on the situation your relationship is going through. So, if you consult an astrologer, he can help you with a specific remedy or mantra to heal or get love back.

4. How can astrology help me find my perfect match?

Astrology is the science that could depict much about your past, present and future. Moreover, your taste, personality and choices could easily be described based on your natal charts. Therefore, if you have a good astrologer and a perfect horoscope, you could surely get a perfect match with astrology.

5. Which astrological House governs the introduction of love into our lives?

According to astrology, the seventh House primarily controls our romantic relationships. Therefore, this House impacts the entire romantic relationships in our lives. Furthermore, it only forecasts our chances of getting married and whether our spouse will be attractive.

6. Which planet is responsible for unconditional love in our lives?

The “Planet of Love and Beauty” is Venus. This planet produces the best outcomes for a beautiful love life when it is located in the 4th or 5th House of Astrology. Additionally, this placement raises our chances of finding a desirable partner.

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