Genuine Signs of Extramarital Affairs in Horoscope

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Nowadays, extramarital or illicit relations have become common due to a big change in the modern lifestyle. So the once feared question, “Why extramarital affairs happen?” now has a common answer, which is yes. The lack of emotional intimacy, being chronically tired, lack of communication between partners, a lack of interest in sex with the current partner, and a bad history with sex or abuse can also be seen as some prime reasons why men and women cheat one another after marriage. These factors urge married couples to look for something different and feel comfortable with someone else than their real partners. So today, let’s find out about the extramarital affairs and warning signs of extramarital affairs.

Astrology answers queries of married couples who are facing problems due to extra-marital relations.

It is the placement of various planets in different houses in a horoscope that indicates an illicit post-marital affair. Before coming to any decision, readers should understand the strength of particular planets in horoscope. These planets are vital to analysing a possible illicit post-marital affair.

  • Arudha Pada of 7th house shows physical relations.
  • Jupiter planet indicates wisdom.
  • Kama Trikona indicates to the 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses.
  • Mars planet indicates intelligence.
  • Moon planet indicates the mind.
  • Upapada and Arudha Pada Upapada Lagna show marriage.
  • Upapada of 5th house shows love.
  • Venus also indicates love.

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Combinations of extramarital affairs in a horoscope

  • A weak Jupiter exists in the 9th house (plagued by Rahu, Mars or Moon) or is in Guruchandal Yoga.
  • Malefic planets affect the Kama Trikona.
  • Punarbhoo Dosha indicates to the Moon-Saturn conjunction.
  • Scorpio zodiac contains Rahu and Venus.
  • Rahu or Mars is present in the 3rd house.
  • The moon and Mercury are conjunct in Gemini.
  • The position of the Moon – When the moon is at the 5th or the 9th place from the position of Mercury.
  • The position of Venus – When Venus is joined together with Mars or Rahu in a particular house. The chance of infidelity goes up when this conjunction happens in Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio zodiac signs.
  • The presence of the lord of 5th or 7th in the 8th house.
  • Venus is present in the 7th house and afflicted by the 6th and 8th lord.
  • When Mars or Venus owns the 2nd house in a Navamsa.
  • Moreover, when Moon is in combination with Rahu.
  • When Arudha Pada of the 5th house or 7th house connects with Upapada Lagna.

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If your horoscope is indicating any of these combinations, you are supposed to face the ill-effects of an extramarital affair. Even, you can get rid of the ill-effects of such combinations by getting timely guidance from professional astrologers with the right remedies.

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