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Face Reading: What does it say about your Personality? 

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Face Reading Personality

Astrology is a science that tells about an individual’s future along with their behavioural characteristics and personality traits using a lot of different methods. These may include analysis of the movement and position of celestial objects like stars and planets. However, did you know that these methods may also include the analysis of your body parts like your face, hand, and feet? Yes, you read that right. Astrology has a wide branch of Palmistry and Face and foot reading. Face reading can help an individual know a lot about other personality traits and behavioural characteristics. Moreover, it is also useful in telling individuals about their upcoming changes in life.

Amazing, isn’t it? Well, in this blog, we will tell you about face reading. From its significance to how to do it, we will tell you all. So, if you are interested in reading about face reading, then continue reading the entire blog for the same. Moreover, if you want to get a face reading or pal reading done by expert astrologers and readers, then do visit InstaAstro’s website. There you can talk to the best astrologers who will help you find solutions and answers to all problems and questions. 

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Significance of Face Reading

“You look beautiful today!” The world feels like a better place when we receive a compliment. Everything looks immaculate, and all the work seems effortless. Moreover, most of these compliments are for our faces. The Human face is an intriguing yet alluring element of the body. As it can act as a portal to one’s character. Face Reading, Physiognomy, and even Personology are ancient practices popularised by China. It can be a complex thing if you look at it loosely. However, if mastered face reading astrology, this can help you with job hunting, marriage, or just randomly knowing someone.  

How to do Face Reading?

A common question is, “how to read faces?” Face Reading Vedic astrology nowadays focuses more on science than psychic abilities possessed by a person. But, popular belief says that face reading primarily centres around the spiritual and psychic nature. However, there has been more emphasis made on the aesthetics of face reading than the science. Moreover, to master this skill, one must know how to decipher a face well, and today we will talk about just that! So let us now understand the basics of face reading and know how it is done. These face reading tips are as follows: 

1. Facial Shape

One of the most important things in face reading is analysing the face shape. The face shape tends to tell us a lot about an individual’s behaviour and life. So the first step in face reading tends to be the analysis of an individual’s face. Moreover, analysing an individual’s face shape is one of the first steps in face reading techniques. So, let us have a look at different face types and what they signify in face reading. These are as follows: 

2. Round faces

The people with round faces are empathetic, kind and full of life. Nothing stops them from being creative and imaginative. And they are loyal lovers and also have scintillating fantasies. 

3. Oblong faces

 People with this face always have a pessimistic way of living. Further, they are quite narcissistic in their approach. They are burnt out because of work and thus often look tired. Their nature might not help them with their relationships.  

4. Triangular faces

Such people are extremely creative and have a very intellectual way of thinking. They are passionate about things they like and are intelligent human beings according to their face-reading personality. 

5. Square faces 

People with square faces are the quintessential dominants and have a short temper. To add to that, they are incredibly decisive and dependable individuals. Their analytical and soft skills have always been a great help and driven them to success. 

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“Eyes speak all the words your mouth cannot.” You look at someone’s eyes first and then begin communication. They tell us a lot about an individual’s rank and wealth.  So, the next step in face reading comes to be the analysis of an individual’s eyes. A person’s eyes and their shape tell a lot more about the individual. So, let us have a look at what different ey shapes tend to tell about an individual. These are as follows: 

1. Brown

Energetic individuals with a lively personality. They are highly imaginative and creative. Also, they are spiritual beings and never focus on profit or loss. 

2. Black

With immense depth and sincerity, these people are introverts. Moreover, they have reserved and shy personalities.

3. Blue

Blue-eyed people have a fresh aura and are rooted in nature. These individuals are extremely confident in their approach and view life with a keen lens. 


The next step in face reading is the analysis of a person’s eyebrow shape. The eyebrow indicates one’s temperament and nature. Also, the eyes might be the window of the heart, but eyebrows reflect a person’s thought process, wisdom and behaviourism. Therefore, the shape of the brow reveals various things. Let us have a look at different eyebrow shapes and what they say about n individual’s life. 

1. Curved

People with curved brows are intuitive and have a great understanding of the world around them. Further, they also have an extremely amicable personality.

2. Straight

These people have a practical approach to life and do not get fooled by emotions alone. Moreover, the individual is ruled by their brain. Thus, in any and every situation, the individual is more likely to listen to their brain than their heart. 

3. Angled

They possess leadership qualities and are quick on their feet. With their wit and humour, they can get away with things very easily. This does not mean the individuals are bad. However, in some situations, this does come to the native’s rescue. 


After all these analyses, the next takes us to the nose. The primary symbol of wealth is the nose. The proportions of the nose matter a lot. It tells a lot about an individual’s finances. Thus, it forms the fourth step of face reading. Let us now know about the different types of noses and what they signify about an individual’s life. 

Nose Face Reading

1. Well-formed

A well-formed shape is one that is considered to be most auspicious in face reading. Properly shaped and straight, these people are kind individuals who empathize with people a lot.

2. Snub

A snub nose is a short nose. It usually points upwards with slightly visible nostrils. These people are brazen in thought and have dominating nature.

3. Curved

A curved nose is one that seems as if it is leaning towards one side of an individual’s face. It can be any side, the left or right. People with curved noses are likely to lack social skills and have anger issues. 


The next step is on the Lips. Lips are another very important aspect of face reading. Not too far behind the eyes, lips are also a very attractive feature of the face. They reflect luck, and their shape can change the entire personality of a person. So, let us now know about the different types of lips and what they signify in an individual’s life. These are as follows: 


1. Thin lips

People with these lips are careful of their demeanour and are incredibly independent. Moreover, they are reticent and reserved in their thoughts.  

2. Fuller lips

Such people are empathetic in nature. Thus, they make great parents. They have a strong sense of character and value their relationships the most.

3. Bow-shaped

With fabulous thinking abilities, people with bow-shaped lips are great readers. Moreover, they possess excellent soft and communication skills. 


So there you have it, folks! This was all about face reading. Face reading is an ancient form of astrology that has its basis lied near 2600 years ago in China. If you want to get your face reading done by an expert astrologer and face reader, then do visit InstaAstro’s website or download the app. The readers there will help you find solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to know your future face reading?

Some special features in face reading do analyse an individual’s future. However, if you want to know your future using face reading, then do visit InstaAstro’s website where you can talk to expert face readers.

2. What is face reading?

Face reading is an astrological practice in which people analyse the feature of an individual’s face in order to know about their life. Face reading tends to tell about an individual’s life and also their personality traits and behavioural characteristics.

3. Where did Face Reading originate?

According to ancient texts, the practice od face reading has originated in China. It has been a common practice for Chinese people to use their astrological abilities to read an individual’s face and know about their past, present and future as well.

4. How to learn face reading?

If you want to learn face reading, you must get trained by a professional. However, if you want to get face reading done, then you can do so by visiting InstaAstro’s website or app. There you can talk to expert face readers who will help you find solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

5. How long has face reading been around?

The evidence support that face reading is an ancient astrological practice which has been in use for 2600 years ago.

6. Who was the first face reader?

The name of the first face reader is unknown as this practice is said to be over 2500 years old. However, texts indicate that this practice has been in lace since the time of the yellow emperor, Xuanyuan Huangdi, in China.

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