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Everything About International Yoga Day

By June 9, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments

Have you seen your parents or grandparents getting up early in the morning and doing yoga? Well, yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise that keeps an individual healthy. Practising yoga daily is very beneficial for people as it tends to help them in various things. Yoga tends to make people flexible, and it is also a good way of reducing weight. However, Yoga brings peace and Calm to an individual. This is done by stabilizing their mind through the practice of various asanas and postures. Many people believe that yoga teaches us a lot of valuable lessons that can help an individual in the long run. with Yoga having so many benefits, people have dedicated a specific day to increase awareness among people about the benefits of yoga and its significance. It is the International Yoga Day.

Yoga is not just a means of exercise. Many people tend to consider it to be a mental, physical and spiritual awakening. People around the world have tried Yoga and have experienced its miraculous effects. They tend to believe that Yoga is something that does not only help an individual physically but also tends to help them mentally. Practising Yoga tends to keep an individual maintaining a balance between the mental peace and harmony and physical health aspects of their life. This, in turn, helps people in achieving greatness in their life. 

International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21. The tradition of celebrating this day started in 2015. The celebration of Yoga Day has an interesting story associated with it. Let us have a look at that and see for ourselves how this day came into existence. 

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Everything About Yoga

Are you a specialist Yoga professional or basically an amateur wanting to know the mystery behind this old Indian tradition of all-inclusive exercises? Observe all that you need to know regarding this spiritual and physical exercise that takes place every year in the holiest site in India.

Gather your essentials and prepare to charge your mind, body and soul by going to this holistic event.

International Yoga Festival is an incredible chance to know, comprehend and rehearse yoga in perhaps the most auspicious and ideal areas on earth and under the direction of the most sacred men and yoga masters from around the world.

 Fans of Yoga, spiritual seekers and other aspirants from all around the globe meet up to make an incredible otherworldly event and practice yoga to serve their physical, mental and soul presence as well as experience the path of the Indian way of living and spirituality.

Yoga is a practice that holds its roots of origin in Ancient India. Moreover, Yoga is a form of spiritual, mental and physical awakening disciples. Following these disciples and performing the Asanas help people to get good health and also achieve mental peace. Yoga internationally has gained a lot of name and fame because of the miraculous effects it has shown to people. 

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All About International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June. The celebration of this day came into existence when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a petition to the UN in order to celebrate a Day as Yoga Day, specifying its benefits in 2014. The UN Committee agreed to do so. Moreover, 21 June was selected as the day for its celebration. The selection of 21 June is special as it is the longest day, and PM Narendra Modi selected this day. 

Yoga Festival

Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world are excited about the coming of the Yoga Festival and travel to India to enjoy the fun. The enthusiastically awaited International Yoga Festival takes place in Rishikesh at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Many learned men, holy people, and sages visit the Ashram during this festival. Hence, it has obtained importance as a significant place for moral and otherworldly elevated travellers and guests coming to Rishikesh.

It is additionally the biggest ashram in Rishikesh, encircled by bountiful vegetation and exquisite nurseries on the bank of the blessed Ganges in a sacred Hindu city.

Many people have portrayed yoga, the well-established Indian science and custom, as the remedy of life. Yoga essentially evolved as a medium to accomplish solidarity with God. Yoga aids in working on strong adaptability and keeping up with wellness. It is a powerful remedy for various ailments, such as depression and blood pressure.

The International Yoga Festival is an extraordinary chance to smoothly introduce Yoga into one’s life.

Yoga Poses According To Your Zodiac Sign

As we have already discussed so much about Yoga, let us now have a look at some of the most beneficial Yoga poses for an individual according to their zodiac signs. These are as follows: 

  • Aries: The best pose for the natives of the Aries zodiac sign will be the core strengthening Navasana pose. 
  • Taurus: For the natives of the Taurus zodiac sign, the best pose will be the one that signifies patience and gratitude. Thus, the Vriksasana pose will be the most suitable for the natives. 
  • Gemini: The natives of the Gemini zodiac sign will require some stretching. Therefore, for them, the most-suited pose will be Garudasana. 
  • Cancer: Cancer zodiac natives are known to be sensitive. Thus, the comforting Balasana pose will be the most ideal for them. 
  • Leo: The natives of the Leo zodiac sign need some relaxation. Thus, for them, Salamba Bhujangasana is the best-suited Yoga pose. 
  • Virgo: The best-suited pose for the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign is Utkata Konasana. The pose is very well-defined for Virgo’s personality. 
  • Libra: Libra zodiac sign natives will be content with balance in their life. Thus, to teach them so, the best yoga pose will be the Ardha Chandrasana. 
  • Scorpio: The natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign will be best suited for a pose which is as strong as them. Thus, the Shalabhasana Yoga Pose is the best suited for the natives. 
  • Sagittarius: The best-suited yoga pose for the natives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign will be the Viparita Virabhadrasana pose. 
  • Capricorn: The natives of the Capricorn zodiac sign will be best suited with the Tadasana Yoga pose. 
  • Aquarius: The natives of Aquarius zodiac sign natives need an energy boost. Thus, for them, the ideal yoga pose will be the Urdhva Dhanurasana. 
  • Pisces: Lastly, The natives of Pisces zodiac sign are looking for some strength. So, for them, the most suited pose will be of their own symbol, fish, the Matsyasana pose. 


There you have it, folks! Everything you need to know about Yoga Day and its celebration. International Yoga Day is not just another day for Indian people and Yoga enthusiasts. But, it is a day which shows and reflects the benefits of Yoga. It is the day that is meant to celebrate and spread awareness about the benefits and importance of Yoga in everyday life. If you like this blog and want to read more such interesting blogs, then continue on InstaAstro’s website. There you can find more such blogs on amazing topics. See you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the theme of yoga day?

The theme for this year, 2023, Yoga Day is “One World, One Health”. This theme resembles significantly with the principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.

2. What is vishva yog divas?

Vishva Yoga Diwas comes around as International Yoga Day. Yoga is termed an ancient Indian form of Spiritual, Mental and Physical awakening.

3. How to celebrate yoga day?

Do you want to celebrate Yoga Day this year but are not sure how to do so? Well, it is very simple. Thus, the very best way to celebrate it is by practising Yoga. People believe that by practising Yoga every day, an individual can attain good health and mental peace.

4. When is Yoga Day 2023?

Every year 21 June is termed to be International Yoga Day. 21 June 2023 will be celebrated as Internation Yoga Day. On this day, people perform Yogic postures to spread awareness about Yoga.

5. In which state is Yoga Mahotsav in 2023?

Yoga Mahotsav 2023 will be in New Delhi. The Ministry of Ayush, along with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), is organising the event this year.

6. Who invented yoga day?

Yoga is a concept that holds its roots in Ancient India. However, the modern concept of celebrating International Yoga Day was the idea of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He, after his constant efforts, got into action the celebration of Yoga Day on 21 June of every year.

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