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Empty Houses Astrology: Meaning & Significance

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Empty Houses Astrology

Hello and Welcome to InstaAstro; here, astrology is simplified! Today we will talk about one of the most asked astrology topics, i.e. Empty houses astrology.

There are 12 houses in our birth chart, and only nine planets will be placed there. However, if we also include malefic planets, at times, one or two houses could still be left empty in one’s birth chart. What does this signify? Does this mean that the benefits of those houses won’t be inherited in our life? Well! The answer is no. 

Even if the house is empty, it can still give you results. Here we will dig into the details of how empty houses astrology works, its significance, some interesting facts about them and more. And lastly, what does each empty house mean in astrology? Are you excited? Let’s start, then.

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Empty House in Astrology: Meaning 

According to astrology, an Empty house means “Struggle”, like if you have an empty 8th house in vedic astrology birth chart which is associated with wealth and longevity of life. The native has to deal with wealth and health issues. Moreover, there will be struggles related to major events in his life. 

Let’s take another example; suppose you have the 7th house empty, Yuvati Bhava or “descendant”. This house is associated with a spouse or partner. Also, it gives you information about all the other relationships and bonds in your life. Now when it’s empty, it could mean struggles in your relationships or marriage. However, you might try hard to maintain good relationships in your personal and professional life. However, as per the effect of your empty 7th house astrology, you will face severe problems like commitment issues in the relationship. 

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Empty Houses in Astrology: Significance 

An empty house in astrology could mean struggle; what about its significance? To look for the working of an open house in astrology, we must look where its lord planet is placed. Is it in a malefic or benefic position? Moreover, we must also check the influence of other planets and transits over that empty house. Every house has a different significance than the other, as per astrology. Similarly, every empty house has a different significance in astrology. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail: 

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Empty 1st house astrology

The first house of astrology represents “Lagna” or “ascendent”, i.e. self. This house depicts your looks, brain, decision making and more. Also, being associated with your brain’s working, it represents strengths and weaknesses. What would empty first house astrology signify? 

This condition of astrology would directly affect our confidence in pursuing a situation. If a person has empty 1st house astrology, they will lack focus, aim and progress. Also, they won’t be concerned with their looks and social status.  

Lack Focus On Studies

Empty 2nd house astrology

Vedic Astrology associates the 2nd house with Dhana or money. It also represents our possessions like cars, houses, land and other materialistic things. This house governs body parts like ears, eyes, nose, tongue etc. Moreover, it also has considerable involvement in our profession and career. 

What does empty 2nd house signify? Wealth would be a reason to worry for these natives. They won’t be able to have any possessions permanently. Also, they won’t be sure of one single profession. They might be born into a poor family or face a substantial financial burden even if they belong to a rich family. 

Empty 3rd house astrology

The third house of astrology is for memory and mental tendency. Different modes of communication, like media, television, writing, editing etc., come under this house. Also, a direct association of this house is with our body’s hands, legs, arms, shoulders, collar bones, lungs, and nervous system. So, any problem or disease related to any of these parts could mean a weak third house. However, what does an empty 3rd house mean? 

This could affect effective communication in our lives. For example, if you are in an argument, you might know what to say to win it, but you won’t be able to use any of those points correctly. Moreover, your memory or learning skills could be severely affected. 

mental tendency

Empty 4th house astrology 

The fourth house, or “Bandhu Bhava” per astrology, is associated with domestic happiness. The energy residing in this house is of the cancerian zodiac, i.e. relates to our relationships with our mothers. Moreover, the body parts that come under this house are the stomach, breasts and digestive organs. 

Any malefic effect in this house causes problems like coronary problems, lung disorders, breast ailments etc. But what if this 4th house is left empty? This could mean relationships with your mother will be weak. Moreover, your relationships with family and friends are also affected.

Empty 5th house astrology

As per astrology, fifth house is the house of pleasure, creativity, romance and more. Also, it is known as “Putra Bhava”. This house relates to good luck, optimism, learning and fortune. The body parts that are associated with this house are the heart, upper and middle back, stomach, pancreas, and spine. 

Thus, any malefic planetary effect causes problems in these areas associated with our fifth astrological house. But what does no planet in 5th house mean? The severe effects of 5th house empty in astrology are problems in having children or related to their health. 

Empty 5th house astrology

Empty 6th house astrology

Vedic astrology states that the sixth house is the energy behind our daily life routine, health, and wealth. Also, this energy, known as Ari Bhava, is related to difficulties in life. If we talk about body parts, this house is associated with the waist, lower abdomen, kidney, small intestine, etc. 

Do you know having this house empty could mean good? Yes, this could take you away from all the enmity in your lives. Moreover, believe it or not, it could improve your relationships with friends.

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Empty 7th house astrology

If we look at the placement of the seventh house, it sits directly opposite the first house, “ascendent”; as a result, this house is known as “descendent”. Moreover, this house deals with relationships and bonds from a darker perspective. Therefore, planets sitting in this house could tell us how relationships and bonds will affect our lives. 

Body parts like the Kidneys, ovaries and the lower half of the back are governed by this house. But what if 7th house empty in lagna chart? Then majorly, it would result in delayed marriage or a divorce. Moreover, other relationships will be negatively affected and won’t yield great results. 

Disturbed Person

Empty 8th house astrology

8th house, also known as “Randhra Bhava”, is associated with longevity of life and sudden gains and losses in life. It is the house of mysteries and transformation. As per various astrologers, a strong 8th house could make the native excel in mathematics, psychology, and astrology. Bodywise, this house defines our pelvic area and other external sexual organs. 

Would it be bad to have an empty 8th house in vedic astrology? As per astrology, this house isn’t that inauspicious. It means that there is a possibility of fewer sudden changes or mishappenings in our lives. Moreover, it makes the person more open and communicative about his feelings.

Empty 9th house astrology

The ninth house of astrology is called dharma bhava, associated with good deeds, charity, higher learnings, immigration, and more. This house governs truth, principles, and intuitions too. Moreover, being under the influence of Sagittarian energy, this house also corresponds to fortune and favour. 

Bodily, this house governs our thighs, bone marrow and arterial system. Now, what are the results of 9th house empty astrology? Surprisingly, if this house is empty in our natal chart, it affects relationships with your father. Moreover, it could make you lose interest in higher learning and other religious activities. 

Empty 10th house astrology

Being ruled by the Saturn energy, this house is also known as “Karma Bhava”. This is because it reflects what will be our reputation in society and the workplace. If benefic planets are placed in this house, it becomes one of the most promising ones of all. Moreover, there are different body parts like knees, bones and joints being governed by this house. 

What does empty 10th house in astrology reflect? First, the native has to struggle to get a good reputation. Also, they will have to face a lot of confusion in choosing the right profession. 

Empty 11th house astrology

The eleventh house of astrology is also known as “Labha bhava,” i.e. gains in wealth, fame, name and other recognition. It also defines your social circle, your friends and many more. Several body parts associated with this house are the ankle, right leg, shin bone, left ear and left arm.

Now what does an empty 11th house in astrology mean? When this house is left open, our social relationships could be affected. Like we won’t be able to make good friends, or if we do, that bond won’t last long. 

Empty 12th house astrology

The last house of astrology represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. It means detachment; it could also mean death, the ultimate detachment. Moreover, this house is subjected to unconsciousness, self-undoing and imprisonment. Regarding body parts, it controls the left eye, feet and lymphatic system. 

Also, as the energy of Neptune lies in this astrological house; as a result, it governs dreams, intuitions and emotions. So having an empty 12th house isn’t something you should be stressing about. However, this astrological position is auspicious in life; it could serve us with extreme sexual pleasures and more. 

Significance of planetary transits in empty houses astrology 

Now that we have discussed every house separately, this raises a fundamental question, “Will these houses always give the same results?” Well, no! As per various planetary transits or dashas, these houses are temporarily influenced by benefic/ malefic planets. And depending on how the planet tunes in with the house lord and the associated energies of the house, it changes its results. 

For example, if there is a strong Saturn transit in your 10th house, then what will happen? As we all know 10th, the “Karma Bhava” is majorly associated with Saturn itself. So, this saturn transit will only give beneficial results for this house. 


So, we have discussed everything from start to bottom, from significance to meaning. Moreover, we also briefly discussed how transit changes the results asserted by the empty houses. Do you also have an empty house in your natal chart? Curious to know more about it? Then visit the official website of “InstaAstro” and consult our best astrology experts. For all those who would be the first time using this service, it would only cost Rs 1/-.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where could I find genuine astrology experts?

InstaAstro is a platform which connects the best astrology experts for your convenience in one place. You could easily connect with them through a call or chat. Moreover, if you are a first-time user, you could avail of this service at just Rs 1/-.

2. What body parts are associated with 6th house of astrology?

6th house is also called “Ari Bhava” as it is responsible for obstacles and difficulties in our lives. Body parts associated with this house are the waist, lower abdomen, kidney, navel and more. When this house is empty, it creates health issues like constipation, hernia etc.

3. What if 7th house is empty?

The seventh house affects our relationships and how they perform. Personal and professional relationships are included in this house only. When this house is empty, it causes troubles in our relationships, like you will have an estranged married life or could not be able to have a successful business relationship.

4. Which house is called 'Karma Bhava'?

Being associated with the energies of Saturn, 10th house of astrology is called Karma Bhava. It also governs body parts like knees, bones and joints.

5. What effects does empty 2nd house have?

As per astrology, 2nd house is known as “Dhana Bhava” as it relates to our life possessions. Moreover, it also tells our profession and career. When this house is empty in one’s natal chart, it causes effects like poverty, hunger and even if you have possessions, they won’t last long, or you won’t be able to use them.

6. Why 4th house is called Bandhu Bhava?

4th house is associated with domestic happiness; as a result, it is also given the name of “Bandhu Bhava”. This house also has powerful energies of the Cancer zodiac, which influences the relationship with the mother.

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