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Ekadashi: The Auspicious Time and Its Story

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Lord Vishnu

About Ekadashi

it is the auspicious 11th day marked after the Full Moon or the 11th day after the New Moon. There is an important cycle of Mandala, a yogic and meditative practice which has physiological effects on the human body. This cycle occurs every 40-48 days and in this there are 3 specific days and varying on bodily functions in these time the body does not demand food. According to ancient knowledge, if these days can be identified and fast is practiced during them, then many ailments can be avoided. As per the Hindu calendar such type of fasting was suggested for the days of Ekadashi.

Story Of Ekadashi:

Once upon a time, during Satyug there was a demon named Murdanav. He was very ferocious and caused much havoc to everyone, people on earth and Devas (Gods) in Heaven were all terrorized by him. The Gods approached Lord Vishnu to relieve them of this hardship. Vishnu too mercy on them and flew on his vehicle, Garuda, towards Murdanav to challenge him for to a fight. They fought for 1000 years with their complete power but none emerged victorious.
This is when the Lord decided to strategize and took refuge in a cave in the Himalayas to gain back his strength. Vishnu along with his ten senses along with his mind, went to sleep inside the cave. The demon traced him back to the cave and raised his sword to kill the God. Just as he was about to strike, a beautiful feminine form emerged playing with her sword from a sleeping Vishnu’s body.
Intoxicated by her sensuous looks, Murdanav asked her to marry him to which the luscious lady replied, ‘I will only marry the one who defeats me.’ The two then fought a great battle in which Murdanav was defeated and slayed by the Divine being. Hearing the cacophony, Lord Vishnu emerged from his sleep and saw the dead demon. He saw the beautiful lady and as she had evolved from his Ekadash Indriya (eleven bodily senses of the Lord), she was named as Ekadashi. The gorgeous Ekadashi revealed that any person who observes Ekadashi Vrat and control over all 11 senses on this day shall gain abundance. On the day of this fast. No grain shall be consumed including rice, wheat, beans, etc. Lord Vishnu blessed her and since then Hindus were suggested to perform the Ekadashi fasting and only eat fruits on the 11th day of the waxing and waning moon cycle.
There are 24 Ekadashis every year, each representing different incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. Fasting on such days following the given rules help concentrate the mental energy towards spiritual and higher dimension while keeping us away from negative karma.

How To Perform Ekadashi Vrat?

One must observe the Vrat or fast from sunrise to sunrise (24 hours). Spiritual activities are encouraged during this time. One can read Bhagavad-Geeta and other respected scripture during this time. Visiting the temples of Lord Vishnu or Krishna is suggested.

Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Ekadashi Fasting 

  •  It is observed that fasting on these days reduces fat and lower inactivity and laziness.
  • It brings much emotional and spiritual purity.
  • It improves one’s faith in Lord Vishnu and Krishna.

The ‘Brahma-Vaivarta’ purana mentions, if one observes Ekadashi fasting, they are freed from all kinds of reactions to sinful activities and advances towards spirituality.

  • Our digestive tract is cleansed by this fast.
  • The body feels lighter and energetic.
  • Food Forbidden During Ekadashi Fasting
  •  All kinds of grains, beans and cereals are forbidden.
  • Mustard seeds and asafoetida (hing) should be avoided.
  • No cooking ingredients previously used with context to grains should be used, like ghee or oil used in a previous cooking.
  • Any prasad with above forbidden foods should be kept to be taken the following day.
  • One should be aware and be highly cautious about the Ekadashi vrat to reap the best benefits

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