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Effects Of Saturn Rahu Conjunction In Birth Chart

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Saturn Rahu Conjunction

Have you ever imagined how your life would turn out when the conjunction of two planets takes place in your birth chart? In vedic astrology, when two planets come together, it brings changes in your daily life that can impact your different aspects. Likewise, today, in this article, we’ll be covering Saturn Rahu conjunction and how it influences individuals’ lives. According to astrology, Saturn and Rahu are considered malefic, bringing many hurdles and challenges in your life. So, what could impact these planets when placed together in your birth chart? So, let’s find out the consequence of the saturn rahu conjunction in the Navamsa chart. We’ll be unveiling the impact of Saturn Rahu conjunction for all the twelve houses. Hang on with us while we discover some hidden facts. 

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Saturn Rahu Conjunction in Different Houses

The Saturn Rahu conjunction in an individual’s birth chart is the rarest arrangement according to Vedic astrology. However, when it takes place, it brings various challenges and delays in life. Saturn is a planet of law and order, while Rahu is a planet of breaking rules and boundaries. So, when placed together, they show unusual results impacting your overall life. So, let’s peek at how it impacts individuals’ lives when placed in different houses. 

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1. Saturn Rahu in 1st House

The influence of Sturn Rahu in 1st house indicates that a lot of health problems will arise, which can largely impact your daily life. You will be stuffed with a lot of negative emotions and thoughts that you always keep distributed and triggered. So, remember that when two negative planets are conjunct in your horoscope, it means that you will be impacted exponentially. 

2. Saturn Rahu in 2nd House

When Saturn and Rahu in 2nd house are placed, you will come across various enemies who will interrupt your path of success. They will try to manipulate and be a barrier in your life. Moreover, you will also notice that you cannot accumulate money, which can disrupt your financial stability. 

3. Saturn Rahu in 3rd House

If Saturn and Rahu conjunction is placed in your natal chart, your family members will also have to suffer. They will not be able to live a comfortable life due to health issues. Moreover, you might not be able to have a child after marriage, and you will crave to be a parent. 

4. Saturn Rahu in 4th House

Saturn and Rahu in the 4th house will not allow you to have a good relationship with your mother. When you try to start a venture, you will always face tough situations where you lose all your earnings. Moreover, there will always be some disagreements and chaos among the family members. 

5. Saturn Rahu in 5th House

If there is a placement of shani rahu conjunction in the 5th house, the individual will face hardships in their career. They will not be able to succeed in their life because something or the other will always keep hindering their path to success. 

6. Saturn Rahu in 6th House

In the 6th house, the Conjunction of Rahu and Saturn is extremely dangerous because they face various health issues. There will always be sorrow and unhappiness among their family members. 

7. Saturn Rahu in 7th House

Rahu and Shani in 7th house indicate enemies and hatred in their lives. You will be cheated in a relationship, which can make you feel mentally stressed. Moreover, you will also have to suffer due to physical ailments. 

8. Saturn Rahu in 8th House

When saturn rahu conjunction marriage is in the 8th house, you will not have a satisfied married life. Your relationship with your in-laws will not be sufficed with adoration and tenderness. Moreover, you might also face infertility problems that can make your marriage more complicated. 

9. Saturn Rahu in 9th House

When Saturn and Rahu sit in your birth chart, you will face various educational problems that can cause distress in your relationship with your father. Moreover, your dreams of going abroad and pursuing higher education may be hindered due to external factors. 

10. Saturn Rahu in 10th House

Saturn Rahu arrangement in your horoscope means a sign of negativity, which means that your life will be filled with problems and barriers one after the other. You will see that your professional life is also being restrained, which can make you mentally and physically ill. 

11. Saturn Rahu in 11th House

The effect of Saturn Rahu in the 11th house makes the individuals introverted, and they avoid talking and interacting with people. They keep themselves away from gatherings and sidestep socialising. Moreover, they may also face financial instability that doesn’t allow them to achieve their desired goals. 

12. Saturn Rahu in 12th House

When the saturn rahu conjunction in Navamsa chart takes place in the 12th house, individuals will be disconnected from the spiritual world and never discover their goals and purpose in life. They always feel detached from the outside world. 

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Remedies for Saturn Rahu Conjunction in Kundali 

You are now familiar with how the planets Saturn and Rahu interact in a person’s birth chart, causing challenges and obstacles in their lives. As a result, you may be unsure of how you may overcome these barriers and live a happy and prosperous life. So, we’ve got some excellent remedies to help you overcome the unpleasant impacts of the Saturn Rahu Conjunction. 

  • To eliminate the negative effects, you must chant the Saturn Rhau beej mantra that can help you get rid of malefic effects brought upon by these planets. 
  • You can perform the Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja, which can nullify the negative effects of Shani and Rahu and positively influence your life. 
  • You must feed cooked rice to animals such as cows, dogs and fish through which the Saturn and Rahu negative impact can be decreased. 
  • By donating Urad Dal, iron and black coloured clothes, one can get through the problems and hurdles caused by the placement of Saturn and Rahu in an individual’s birth chart. 


The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is an unfavourable planet combination regardless of whatever astrological house it is in. It invites undesirable consequences like career, marriage, and problems in relationships, among others. So, carefully examine the remedies and apply the cures as instructed above to eradicate the negative effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What if Rahu and Saturn are together?

When Rahu and Saturn are placed together in any astrological house in an individual birth chart, it means that the natives have to go through various challenges despite effortless hard work and determination.

2. Is Rahu Saturn Dasha good or bad?

The placement of Rahu and Shani causes a Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha to be formed in individual birth charts, which can cause various challenges in shaping long-term careers, marriages, relationships with parents and siblings, and much more.

3. How to cure Shani and Rahu?

Some astrological remedies that can help you cure the negative effects of Shani and Rahu are that you can perform Shrapit Dosha puja at home. Moreover, you can chant Shani Rahu’s mantra 108 times every day.

4. What is the dosha formed due to Rahu and Saturn?

When Saturn and Rahu are conjunct together, Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha is formed in an individual’s birth chart and can greatly influence individual lives.

5. What is the career of Rahu Saturn?

When Saturn and Rahu’s conjunction takes place in individual horoscopes, the individuals’ careers will take a turn where they will struggle to achieve their long-term goals.

6. Who are the celebrities with saturn rahu conjunction?

Some famous B-Town celebrities with Saturn Rahu conjunction in their horoscope are Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma.

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