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Easy Vastu Tips for Rented Homes

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Lord Ganesha Statue

Easy Vastu Tips for Rented Homes

When looking for an apartment or house for rent, it is challenging to find it designed per Vastu standards. Below is a list of convenient solution arrangements especially curated by InstaAstro. You can use these to remove or eliminate Vastu dosh from your rented house or apartment.

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Vastu for Rented Homes

Design a Place of Worship

The puja room is a holy and serene place that brings a lot of positive energy to the house. Find a corner, ideally in the North-East corner of your rented home, where you can make a place for worship.

 The Flow of Energy in the Entrance Needs to be Fixed

Whenever you enter the house through the main door, you should first see a solid wall as it prevents positive energy from flowing out of the house. In a rented property, since you cannot make any meaningful difference by changing the position of the wall, place a picture of Ganesha in front of it or hang an image of Shree Yantra on it to address the energy flow of the entrance.

Look for the Doors

According to Vastu standards, all the doors or entrances of the house should open inwards to the rooms to draw in specific energies, and they should work without any restrictions. Therefore, measure all entryways to your home to make sure they open in the right direction.

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 Rented Homes

One Should Avoid Wastage of Water  

Check your faucet and spigot regularly to ensure no leaks or constant dripping. Wastage of water is accepted to draw out positive energy and is a fundamental component of Vastu for flats.

Clean Your House

Clutter attracts negative energy, so don’t allow unnecessary things to stack up in a corner. Instead, keep your house perfect and coordinated consistently by routinely figuring out things and disposing of items you haven’t used for a few months. This will ensure that your home remains clutter-free and ready to invite positive energy.

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Vastu for Rented Homes

The Lucky Charm of Beautiful Pictures

Stylish details like traditional fibre floor coverings, excellent furnishings, and nature-inspired wall coverings add to the earthy atmosphere. In addition, pictures that portray lovely scenes connected with nature or, in any case, are viewed as drawing excellent good luck in the components of the living room as per Vastu standards for apartments.

Conclusion: –

Rental accommodation is standard, and the absence of Vastu in these houses affects the occupant as it would have been on the mortgage holder living on his property.

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