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Do you Belong to Dev Gan in Kundli?

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Do you Belong to Dev Gan in Kundli

Have you ever met someone with an aura so peaceful and a vision so clear? Chances are they belong to Dev Gan in Kundli. Sometimes, you have a partner who just gets you every time and has answers to all your questions. But that depends on whether you or your partner’s Gana is compatible. People compatible with Dev Gan will feel their god-like aura and find their souls relaxed through their words. It won’t be wrong to say that they have a heart of gold and are ready to help selflessly anytime.

Let us explore people who have Dev Gan in Kundli. Here, we’ll see their key traits, marriage possibilities, and everything else.

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Understanding Dev Gana Meaning

People who are born under the nakshatras – Mrigashirsha, Ashwini, Revati, Punarvasu, Pushya, Swati, Hasta, and Anuradha belong to Dev Gan in Kundli. If you have Dev Gana in your birth chart, consider yourself blessed with a pure and honest nature. Harmony and compassion are important to you. In Kundli, Dev Gana gives an inclination for philosophy, mysticism, and the creative arts.

If you belong to Dev Gana, you have a love for beauty, poetry and music. Many of you also become healers and counsellors or work for social services. People with Dev Gana are faithful and devoted in relationships. You always show kindness, empathy and selflessness towards loved ones. However, your soft and sensitive nature can make you prone to being taken advantage of by people who lack moral values. So, be careful of that.

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Dev Gana Characteristics and Traits

If you were born under a Nakshatra that belongs to the Dev Gana, your personality reflects the qualities of the divine. Let us look at Dev Gana characteristics or key personality traits.

  • You have a peace-loving and spiritual nature. Faith and religion are important to you.
  • You value harmony and avoid conflict. You prefer diplomatic and sensitive communication over conflict.
  • You are generous, compassionate and eager to help others selflessly.
  • Creativity comes naturally to you. You have an artistic character and an eye for beauty.
  • You tend to be optimistic and idealistic. You see the good in people and situations.
  • You can be overly sensitive at times and take criticism personally. Developing a thicker skin will help you handle difficult people and situations better.

Marriage Compatibility of Dev Gana with Other Ganas

When it comes to marriage, the compatibility of Ganas plays an important role. Those belonging to Dev Gana tend to have the best compatibility with their own Gana. Let’s see how compatible they are with other Ganas.

1. Dev Gana and Rakshas Gana Compatibility

Manusya Gana individuals are worldly, ambitious and materialistic. They make good life partners for Dev Gana people as they bring stability and practicality to the relationship. Dev Gana people are attracted to the down-to-earth and realistic nature of those belonging to Manusya Gana. While Dev Gana people may think less of worldly understanding, Manusya Gana partners can guide them in the right direction with their practical approach.

2. Dev Gana and Manusya Gana Compatibility

Dev Gana individuals may find Rakshasa Gana partners challenging. Rakshasa Gana people tend to be dominating, short-tempered and aggressive, which Dev Gana people will struggle with. Their peace-loving and gentle nature will clash with the forceful personality of Rakshasa Gana individuals. While passion and chemistry may be present initially, long-term compatibility will be difficult to achieve. Frequent arguments and power struggles can ensue, causing unhappiness in the relationship.

Gana Dosha in Dev Gan

In Dev Gan astrology, if Dev Gan people make a Gan score of 0 or 1 out of 6 with other Ganas, it is called a case of Gana Dosha, which is inauspicious for marriage. Gana Koota’s concept in Kundli matchmaking reveals scores out of 6 called Gunank to check if two people coming together for marriage are compatible or not.

So, if the girl is from the Dev Gan in Kundli and the boy is from the Rakshas Gana, the Gunank score will be 1 out of 6. At the same time, if the boy belongs to Dev Gan and the girl is from the Rakshas Gana, the Gan score or Gunank will be 0 out of 6. These conditions bring Gana Dosha for people who belong to Dev Gana in Kundli. This means conflicts, misunderstanding, and a lack of personal and professional progress.

Remedies for Gana Dosha in Dev Gana

Consider the following remedies to improve your Gana score or Gunank and have a happy marriage as a Dev Gan in Kundli.

1. Wear Gemstones

Gemstones help eliminate negative energies prevailing in your environment. As someone with Dev Gan in kundli, if you happen to find a Gana dosha, consider wearing a blue sapphire stone and an emerald green. These two stones belong to Saturn and Mercury, which can bring peace in marriage.

2. Charity

Perform acts of charity like donating food, clothes or money to the needy. You already have a helpful nature; just use it to help people who need it the most. Offer prasadam to Pandits and Brahmins in temples. Buy study material for needy kids.

3. Travel

Travel to new places, especially pilgrimage sites. Exploring the world exposes you to different realities and ways of living. It makes you appreciate life’s diversities and ironies. You return home with a balanced outlook.

4. Be Flexible

As someone of Dev Gana, keeping ill feelings inside is your downfall. Learn to express your disappointments as well. Do not be too set in your idealistic ways. Bend like the bamboo while still standing up for your principles. Flexibility is key.

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Dev Gana people! Though sometimes overly idealistic, your spiritual outlook gives you a calm, centred wisdom that attracts others. Cherish your dev gana qualities – they are a gift to share with the world. Spread your light, follow your dharma, and make the most of this lifetime to evolve into your highest self. The devas smile upon you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of Dev Gan?

Dev Gan people are good-hearted people who always see the best in everyone. They have high moral values and follow the path of honesty.

2. What is the difference between Devgan and Raksha Gan?

Devgan people have qualities of God like goodness, honesty, high morals, selflessness and a calm mind. In contrast, Rakshas Gan people are energetic, brave and often aggressive.

3. Which Gana is compatible with Dev Gana?

Manusya Gan and the people of Deva Gana itself are most compatible with Dev Gana. Dev Gan scores a 5 out of with Manusya and a total of 6 with Dev Gan.

4. Which Nakshatra is Deva Gana?

The Nakshatras that Dev Gan people are born with are – Mrigashirsha, Ashwini, Revati, Punarvasu, Pushya, Swati, Hasta, and Anuradha.

5. What is Gana Dosha for Dev Gana?

When Dev Gan people score a low Gunank or Guna score with the natives of other Ganas, they witness incompatibility issues in love and marriage. This situation is called Gana Dosh for Dev Gana, which is 0 with the Raskhas Gana.

6. What should Dev Gan people avoid?

Dev Gan people are filled with goodness in their hearts, but this can make them fall into the trap of suspicious people. They should know that if they are feeling strange about someone, they should express it.

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