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Dev Deepawali 2023: Important Timings and Rituals

By November 21, 2023November 27th, 2023No Comments
Dev Deepawali 2023

The festive season in India never really ends, does it? If the vibrant colours and joy of Diwali left you wanting more, get ready to do it all over again for Dev Deepawali 2023. Just when you thought the festive season was coming to an end after Diwali, there’s another celebration of lights to look forward to in just a couple of weeks. Dev Deepawali arrives 11 days after the main Diwali festival, i.e. celebrated on the full moon night of Kartik Purnima according to the Hindu calendar.

While the dates differ each year, the excitement remains the same. Much like Diwali, Dev Deepawali is all about lighting up your surroundings, dressing in new traditional clothes, enjoying delicious food and sweets, and spending time with loved ones. The only difference is that Dev Deepawali is a spiritual event primarily celebrated in Varanasi.

  • Dev Diwali 2023 Date: November 27, 2023, Monday
  • Tithi Begins: November 26, 2023 at 03:53 PM
  • Tithi Ends: November 27, 2023, at 02:45 PM

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What is Dev Diwali?

Dev Deepawali literally means ‘Diwali of the Gods’. The festival is celebrated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India and derives its name from the fact that the ghats of Varanasi are lit with millions of earthen lamps on this day.

On the full moon night of the Hindu month Kartik, the steps of all the ghats on the riverfront of the Ganges River, from Ravidas Ghat to Rajghat, are lit with more than a million earthen lamps. The glittering lights brighten the river Ganges, reflecting its glow in the waters. The devotees crowd move to the ghats to offer prayers to Ganga Maiyya.

The spiritual event is a sight to hold in the eyes. As the moon rises, the lights from the lamps make the river shimmer and glow. People in Dev Diwali Varanasi believe that the gods descend to earth on this day to bathe in the Ganges. Hence, the ghats are spectacularly decorated to welcome the gods. 

Significance of Dev Deepawali

At Dev Deepawali 2023, wait for the fireworks to light up the sky above the Ganga ghats in Varanasi, adding to the festive cheer. If you find yourself in North India around this time, witnessing the celebrations in Varanasi should definitely be on your bucket list. 

  • For Hindus, Dev Deepawali holds great religious significance. It is believed that on this day, the Gods awaken from their sleep and travel to earth. 
  • Taking a dip in the Ganges on Dev Deepawali is thought to wash away sins and bring prosperity.
  • Many view it as an opportunity to strengthen their connection with the divine.
  • The day signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil.
  • People offer puja to the gods and pray for prosperity, happiness and peace.
  • Dev Deepawali is indeed an extension of the Diwali festivities. Though not as popular as Diwali, Dev Deepawali is celebrated with equal enthusiasm, especially in the holy city of Varanasi.

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The Story Behind Dev Deepawali

The story of Dev Deepawali originates from Hindu mythology, wherein various Gods and goddesses are worshipped for practising good over evil. There are various fascinating stories in Hinduism regarding the festival.

According to mythology, after the demon king Bali was defeated by Lord Vishnu, he was allowed to return to Earth once a year. This day fell on the full moon night of Kartik Purnima, 11 days after Diwali. The people of Varanasi celebrate the return of King Bali by lighting millions of earthen lamps.

Another interesting mythology related to the day is the victory of Lord Shiva’s win over Tripurasur. To celebrate the victory of right over wrong, a demon. That is why the festival is also known as Triporuttsav or Tripuri Purnima.

Dev Diwali Banaras also celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Karthik, the son of Lord Shiva and the God of war, as it is believed that Gods and Goddesses visit the Earth on Karthik Purnima, i.e. this day. Another story says that Lord Vishnu got his first avatar or incarnation – “Matsya”, on this day.

Therefore, like every year, Dev Deepawali 2023 will be a day to welcome Gods and Goddesses as they arrive on Earth with various diyas and Dev Diwali rangoli designs.

Ganga Mahotsav: Celebrating Dev Deepawali in Varanasi

As Varanasi is considered the holiest of holy cities in India, the Ganga Aarti and boat ride in the Ganges are significant parts of the Dev Deepawali celebrations. But there are other spiritual additions to make the day more memorable and meaningful. This event is famously known as the Ganga Mahotsav.

1. The Ganga Aarti

The spectacular Ganga Aarti takes place every evening at the Dashashwamedh Ghat. The riverfront comes alive with divas, flowers and chanting of hymns as priests worship the Ganges with fire and prayers.

2. Boat Rides

You can take part in the aarti or simply watch the ceremony from the ghats or boat on the river. Witnessing this breathtaking scene of the river aglow while floating in the Ganges is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The boat ride offers a peaceful moment to reflect and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of the festival.

3. Cultural Performances

The festival also features vibrant cultural performances like folk dances of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthani folk music, Kathak dance performances, etc. Renowned artists and dance troupes from all over India come to Varanasi during this time to showcase their talent.

4. Handicraft fair

A handicraft fair is organised along the ghats where artisans from different parts of India set up stalls to display and sell a variety of handicrafts, textiles, accessories, etc. This is a great opportunity for visitors to buy traditional Indian handicrafts.

Dev Deepawali Rituals (Pooja Vidhi)

The Dev Deepawali festival involves some important rituals and poojas to worship the holy river Ganges. 

  • People wake up early and take a holy bath in the Ganges River, called Kartik Snan. 
  • Prayers and puja are offered to the gods at home and in temples.
  • Diyas and candles are lit all around the house and in temples to signify the victory of light over darkness.
  • Deve Diwali Rangoli patterns are made at the entrance of homes using coloured powder, rice, or flower petals.
  • Offerings and Vedic mantras are chanted once all is set. Start with worshipping and offering flowers to Lord Ganesha and, alongside, worship Lord Shiva’s family and incarnations.
  • Then, do “Deepdaan”. That is, offer diyas or earthen lamps to 45 young girls and 21 Brahmins.
  • Then, Akhand Ramayan (reciting the sacred scripture of Ramayan) is organised. On the ghats, in the end, everyone is offered food called Bhoj.


So, here we go! – another festival to look forward to after the excitement of Diwali has settled. Dev Deepawali gives you another chance to light up your home with divas, spend time with loved ones, eat delicious food and make new memories. As the year comes to an end, these little moments of joy and togetherness are what make life beautiful. Make the most of Dev Deepawali 2023 and end the year on a bright note.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is Dev Diwali?

Dev Deepavali is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month Kartik, which usually falls in November. This year, Dev Deepavali will be on November 27, 2023.

2. Why is Dev Diwali celebrated?

Dev Diwali is celebrated on Kartik Purnima to celebrate good over evil displayed by various Gods and Goddesses. Especially waking up of Lord Vishnu, Lord Kartika’s birth anniversary and the defeat of Tripursura by Lord Shiva.

3. How is Dev Deepavali celebrated?

People celebrate Dev Deepavali in a similar fashion to Diwali. They decorate their homes with lights and rangoli, perform puja or prayers, light oil lamps and candles, exchange gifts, and share meals with loved ones.

4. What is the difference between Dev Deepavali and Diwali?

Diwali honours the return of Lord Ram after defeating Ravana. Dev Deepavali celebrates the awakening of Lord Vishnu. While Diwali typically lasts 3-5 days, Dev Deepavali is just one day. Dev Deepavali also follows Diwali by 11 days.

5. Do people light up their homes for Dev Deepavali?

Yes, many people decorate their homes with lights, candles and oil lamps for Dev Deepavali to welcome Lord Vishnu and spread light over darkness. Homes and temples are beautifully decorated.

6. Are fireworks a part of the Dev Deepavali celebrations?

Some people do set off fireworks to celebrate Dev Deepavali, though not as extensively as during Diwali. Fireworks are used more to honour the success of good over evil.

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