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Delight the Commander-in-chief of the Celestial Army with Mangal Graha Shanti Puja

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Mangal Dosh

As per Hindu astrology, Mangal (Mars) is a powerful planet. It is also known as the red planet and Lohit (red). Vedic scriptures show Mangal as the commander-in-chief of the celestial army. The red planet is revered as the god of war, anger, and celibacy. This planet symbolizes craving, vivacity, determination, and vigor to work. With other names like Angaraka and Kuja, the mighty planet offers mixed results to natives based on its placement in twelve different houses. When any horoscope has a strong Mars, natives get better military, medical, administration, and engineering positions. This planet signifies bravery, physical strength, supremacy, passion, annoyance, and sexual desires. A weak Mars can make things quite challenging for natives. Even Mangala dosh brings odd results. But Mangal Graha Shanti Puja puts an end to all such weird consequences. Read this content and know more about the benefits and process of Mangal Graha Shanti Puja.

Mangal Graha Shanti puja for better outcomes

A positive Mars enables you to overcome all obstacles. On the other hand, a weak or negative Mars makes you aggressive and fearful. Moreover, Mangal Dosh creates hurdles in marriage and relationships. Here, a personalized Mangal Graha Shanti puja emerges as the best way to alleviate the ill effects of mangal graha on your life. Some other names of Mars (Mangala) are:

• Angāraka (अङ्गारक) – One who is red in color
• Bha (भ) – Shining
• Bhauma (भौम) – Son of Bhumi (Earth)
• Kuja (कुज) – Who is born from Earth.
• Lohitānga (लोहिताङ्ग) – Red-bodied
• Raktavarna (रक्तवर्ण) – Whose color is like blood.

Mangal Graha Shanti puja benefits

The prime remedies for Mangal Graha Shanti include enchanting Mangal’s mantra and worshiping Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. You can also try Mangal Graha Shanti puja to get instant relief from the ill effects of Mangal. When it comes to calculating Mangal Graha dosha in a birth chart, natives can take help from a professional astrologer who analyzes the position of Mangal in the twelve houses of a horoscope. It will also let you know if you are suffered from Mangala dosh or not. This puja brings better results when it is performed under the supervision of a professional astrologer, pandit, or purohit. Mangal Puja can help you overcome the evil effects of Mars. After completing a shanti puja, you can have the following benefits:

• Anger control and energy formation
• Financial freedom with no debts
• Harmonious relationships and married life
• Improvement in positive results of Mars
• No blood and skin diseases
• Reduced effects of Mangal Dosha (Kuja Dosha)
• Wealth, prosperity, and property in life

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Mangal Graha Shanti mantras and puja procedure

People wear red coral (moonga), observe a fast on Tuesday, and worship Lord Hanuman. These measures are proven and help natives get positive results. But, a Mangal Graha Shanti puja can give you instant results. This puja includes:

• Reciting 7000 Mangal mantras with Homa
• ‘HOMA’ (Havan) ritual
• Performing Mangal Puja
• Performing Navagraha puja

Shanti Mantras

• “ॐ भौं भौमाय नमः”
• “ॐ अं अंगराकाय नमः!” (Om and Angarakaya Namah)
• “ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः!” (“Om Krankri Kraon Sas Bhumaye Namah)
• “Om Angarakaya Vidmahe Shakti Hastayee Dheemahi Tanna: Bhoom Prachodayat”

Summing up

Clearly, Mangal leaves its benefic and malefic effects on the people. So, you need to take help from competent and experienced online astrologers and pandits from India. Simply talk to online Indian astrologers and know how to eliminate Mangal effects and dosha through Mangal Graha Shanti puja. People interested in arranging Mangal puja need to share their name, date, place, and time of birth. For scheduling the puja, you can ask online purohits and astrologers to set a date and time suiting your preferences.

People looking for Mangal dosh nivran upayas can chat with Indian astrologers via an online astrology app using their handheld devices.

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