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Cheiro: The Palmist who Predicted his own Death

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Have you ever wondered how fascinating it could be to know the future and predict future events? Knowing what will be happening in the future can be so interesting. We will be able to solve many upcoming problems in our lives if we know that the particular step is going to harm/benefit us. You might have seen such incidents in movies, but do you know that such a person existed in history who might not be in many books but has made some amazing predictions, which turned out to be true? Yes, Cheiro, the palmist who predicted his own death and gave a lot of interesting predictions about the major events before the incident actually happened. 

William John Warner, popularly known as Cheiro the Palmist, was born in the outskirts of Ireland. He learnt his magical skills from Chitpavan Brahmin in Bombay, India. He has expertise in his palm reading skills and has worked for many politicians. The palmist has also written numerous books that are an asset to the world of palm reading and astrology. 

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Predictions by Cheiro

Being the world famous palmist and favourite of many international politicians and Hollywood stars, Cheiro was surely ruling the hearts of many people. His predictions were accurate, and his numerology and astrological skills were top-notch. He used to tell the history, personality, future opportunities etc., by just seeing their palm or the planetary positions in their horoscopes. Let us discuss a few of them below.

Cheiro the Palmist

Cheiro Predictions about India

Cheiro had a very special connection with India. He learnt and excelled in palm reading and astrology skills from here only. Cheiro was the palmist who predicted India emergency before his death. Isn’t that astonishing? He died in the year 1936, whereas the emergency in India was imposed after 39 years of his death. The prediction was also made by him, which he also shared with the British Queen that India would be liberated from slavery and would not become a slave after. 

His prediction of a progressive India also came true. The palmist also predicted a massive outbreak between Hindus and Muslims during the time of liberation from the British, but that, too, turned out to be true.

Cheiro the Palmist

Cheiro’s predictions about Titanic

You all must be aware of the greatest cruise in human history, the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Lennart Ruff has also made a beautiful documentary on this historic tragic moment and the lives of people on Titanic. Yes. We cannot forget that tragic moment when around 2500 people lost their lives. Cheiro predicted that the ship was going to drown in the deep ocean waters and also discussed it with the makers of Titanic but like every other person thinking that his predictions might be vague. They overlooked the fact and kept on-boarding the people on the cruise. But as always, Cheiro palmistry predictions came true, and the makers of Titanic and the people who boarded the ship had to face such devastating consequences.

Cheiro’s prediction about life and death

Who has seen what turns their life is going to take in the next few seconds or minutes? We don’t really care what will happen in the future, but we enjoy it to the fullest, which is normal and fine. But an extraordinary being predicted his delayed marriage and time of death before the events could actually happen. Yes, cheiro was the person who predicted his death an hour before he died. Shocking? Well, then, you might have to hear another big prediction about his life. He didn’t indulge in any kind of emotional relationship because he knew he would not marry anytime soon. He predicted the reason for his delayed marriage as well, which was that he was going to marry a person who would be taking care of her in his sick time. And guess what? That actually happened.

Cheiro’s prediction about Jews

We all have heard about the harsh treatment Jews have been through during the reign of Hitler. Their conditions aren’t stable as of now. They have seen the deaths of their loved ones and have been through tremendous painful sufferings. They weren’t sure they would be liberated and could ever live a happy life in their own country. There’s when Cheiro predicted that the Jews would be free from suffering and return to their land. The palmist even writes the name of the country, which is now famous as Israel.

Cheiro the Palmist

Many people were fans of his skill in palmistry and astrology. The famous palm reader even entered the world of Numerology and gave predictions about the persons who were born on a certain date. Let us see his astonishing world of astrology and palmistry.

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Cheiro Palmistry

Palmistry is a technique and branch of astrology which interprets personality and behaviour by just scanning the lines of the palm. Here’s the part where Cheiro had his expertise on. He could easily predict the profession, height, weight even name of the person by just examining the palms of the person. He had mastered his palm reading skills and was the most famous and loved palm reader of his time. Cheiro was the best palmist in the world, with many predictions which came true like he predicted his own death. 

Even his name was also taken from cheiromancy, which meant character analysis of the person by just reading the palms. He has even written several books on how to ace the art of palmistry. Some of his books are Cheiro’s Language of the Hand, Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand, You and Your Hand, Palmistry for All, The Cheiro Book of Fate and Fortune, and Cheiro’s Complete Palmistry. 

Cheiro the Palmist

Cheiro Astrology

Cheiro not only nailed his skills in Palmistry but also in astrology as well. Where palm reading is all about reading palms, astrology deals with the positioning of planets and their effects upon the houses of the horoscope of the individual. Being the world famous palmist, he was also famous for his astrological prediction accuracy. His predictions about India and its progress were based upon his astrological skills, where he predicted that the Sun of India was super strong and India would be on the heights of development and progress, and no man or leader could take this opportunity from them. Some of his books which were based on his astrological predictions, are: When were you Born?, Cheiro’s You and Your Star, The Book of the Zodiac, Cheiro’s Book of World Predictions, Titanic’s Last Secrets, True Ghost Stories 

In conclusion, he was a master of what he did. With his palm-reading and horoscope-reading skills, he was loved and respected in every country. He flew to many countries and finally settled down in London, where he counted his last breaths with his consort Katherine Florence Mena Bilsborough, who was also an astrologer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When and where was Cheiro born?

Cheiro was a famous palm reader and was born on November 1, 1866, on the outskirts of Ireland. He spent most of his life travelling to places and showcasing his talent all over the world. And Cheiro the palmist who predicted his own death.

2. From where did Cheiro learn his astrology skills?

As we all are well aware of the fact that India has blessed and brilliant minds and personalities. Cheiro believed the same, and that is why he came to India. To learn astrology skills from guru Chitpavan Brahmin in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

3. How did Cheiro become so famous?

Cheiro was a dedicated palm reader. He has spent his whole life predicting the characteristics and future of the people he meets. From film stars to renowned celebrities, all were fans of his accurate predictions.

4. Did the world get any other palmists like Cheiro?

It will be a little hard to digest the fact that the world didn’t get any palm reader whose accuracy can be matched by Cheiro. No doubt there are very keen astrologers in today’s world but with only 80% to 85% of accuracy.

5. What is Cheiro’s numerology?

Cheiro was not only the master of palm reading and astrology. But he displayed his skills in the field of numerology as well. Numerology is a study of numbers where the relation between numbers and certain events and letters is analysed.

6. Is Cheiro’s theory of palm reading and astrology relevant in today’s world?

Yes, his books on astrology and palm reading have a significant place and worth in the heart of upcoming astrologers. Not only this, his horoscope is studied by many astrologers, even now. To find out the position of stars and planets, which made him such a great palm reader and astrologer of all times.

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