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Chakra: The Wheels of Health and Spiritual Happiness

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Chakra- Wheel Of Health & Spiritual

What Is Chakra?

‘Chakra’ is a common term for anyone who has been exposed to yoga and spiritual healing. The need to balance them and remove blockages is addressed in most yogic poses and divine healing sessions. While the term feels elusive and complex, in Hindu Scriptures and texts, it has the simplest of explanations.

In this little piece we would try to shed light on what chakras actually mean, their names and some simple ways to balance them.
Chakra in Hindi means ‘spiral’ or ‘wheel’; these are wheels or centers of energy present in the body, each having a specific mental and spiritual behavior. As per yogic scriptures, every human has 7 active chakras in the human body lined along the base of the spine, all the way to the top of the head. These wheels, when aligned and balanced, help us become emotionally, spiritually and by extension, physically healthy.

The seven chakras serve us in the following ways to enhance our lifestyle 

  • Root Chakra or ‘Muladhara’ : the chakra located at the base of the spine (tail bone) which is responsible for physical identity, stability and grounding.
  • Sacral Chakra or ‘Svadhisthana’: the chakra located just below the naval and above the pubic bone which is responsible for physical and emotional pleasure and creativity.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra  or ‘Manipura’ : the chakra located in the stomach area which is responsible for self-esteem and confidence in oneself.
  • Heart  Chakra or ‘Anahata’ : the chakra located in the center of the chest or at the heart responsible for giving and receiving love and compassion for oneself as well as others around.
  • Throat Chakra or ‘Vishuddha’: the chakra located at the throat which signifies communication skills.
  • Third Eye Chakra or ‘Ajna’ : the chakra located between the two brows on the forehead which signifies intuition as well as imagination.
  • Crown Chakra or ‘Sahasrara’ : the chakra located at the top of the head which signifies intelligence and awareness of oneself and our actions for the collective good (Universe).

If and when any of these chakras are blocked, it leads to an unhappy spiritual life. The simplest way to unblock ourselves daily is to ground ourselves. This can be through spending time in nature or to just let our imagination and creative flow run wild. Whether it be painting, singing or dancing, these soulful activities that reduce our stress are the easiest ways to feel unblocked mentally and clear our chakras while leading a happy healthy life. To know more about each chakra’s specific functions and how to unlock them, keep checking this space.

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