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Bobby Deol Birthday: His Special Kundli Analysis

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Bobby Deol

Whether there is a Bollywood star or a common man, there is no favourite of destiny. It plays its part and transforms a person from rags to riches. In the case of Bobby Deol, it took him almost three decades to make a true fanbase. Well, that’s the true magic of astrology and the universe.

From his first-ever role in ‘Barsaat’ to the latest hit, ‘Animal’, Bobby Deol never left a moment to shock us with his versatile acting. Soon, Bobby will celebrate his 55th birthday on 27th January 2024. So, let us explore the hidden astrological factors that shaped the path of Bollywood’s most talented yet underrated actor on Bobby Deol birthday! 

Bobby Deol Birth Details: 

  • Date of Birth: 27th January 1969
  • Day of Birth: Monday
  • Ascendant: Taurus 
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 
  • Birth Nakshatra: Kritika 
  • Rising Nakshatra: Rohini 

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Bobby Deol Birthday: Kundali Analysis 

Here is your chance to celebrate Bobby Deol birthday with a special kundli analysis! Don’t you want to know what astrological factors have been an unsung hero in his acting career? Right from his sun sign to the major planetary placement in his kundli, let us look into them one by one and explore how they have influenced him. 

Bobby Deol Kundli

1. Sun Sign: Aquarius 

In Bobby Deol kundli, the king of all planets, aka the Sun, has decided to sit in the unpredictable Aquarius sign. This planetary placement blesses him with an independent nature as well as a strong sense of justice. Moreover, it is his Sun sign, Aquarius, that makes Bobby Deol passionate about his acting skills and career. 

2. Moon Sign: Taurus 

Being born in the Taurus Moon, Bobby Deol is a lover of stability and balance. Whether in professional or personal life, he tries to maintain the element of balance most of the time. Over the 30 years of his acting career, the Moon in Taurus helped Bobby deal with challenges with a systematic approach and a strong instinct. 

3. Sun in the 9th house 

Once the Sun enters the 9th house in Bobby Deol birth chart, there is only comfort and luxury one can think about. The placement of Sun in the 9th house blesses Bobby with authority and confidence. However, at the same time, Bobby becomes more inclined towards his familial bonds and enjoys a peaceful and harmonious relationship with his loved ones. 

4. Parivartan Yoga (Saturn, Venus and Mercury) 

The combination of Saturn, Venus and Mercury forms an auspicious yoga in Bobby Deol kundli called Parivartana yoga. Through this formation, Bobby enjoys stable finances as well as immense growth and success in his career. 

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Bobby Deol Aquarius Personality Traits: The SILENT Hero in his Bollywood Journey 

On the silver screen, you witness the charm and uniqueness of the Bollywood star Bobby Deol. But what about the silent hero acting behind the stage for so long? Enters his Bobby Deol zodiac sign personality traits, the silent hero in his acting journey. Let us discover what other factors make him shine like a true STAR! 

Bobby Deol

1. Independent Spirit

If there is one thing that people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, it is living with independence. Birthday boy Bobby Deol’s acting career primarily hints towards his independent spirit. Instead of getting tied up in a certain category as an actor, Deol tries to experiment with the acting roles. Right from not following the script to making decisions that feel right for him is a true Aquarius move. 

2. Focuses on Future 

Planning everything in detail is the little trait that sets Aquarians apart from the others. While every other A-listed actor in Bollywood was trying hard on the big screen, Deol chose the path of OTT platforms. This move is a prime example of his forward-thinking mindset. 

3. Unpredictable 

Unpredictability is the one factor that makes the personality of Aquarians the most interesting one. In the case of Bobby Deol, just when you try to mould him into a certain category of a hero, he comes up with entirely different roles. His classic and unforgettable performances in OTT platforms, such as Class of 83 and Aashram, showcase the magic of his unpredictable nature. 

4. Big & Generous Heart 

Aquarians are born with a big and generous heart. Seeing anyone suffering and not giving their helping hand is not something an Aquarius would do. Being an Aquarius, Bobby Deol has been involved in charity works such as helping cancer and AIDS patients) without seeking the spotlight. That’s the beauty of Aquarius’s personality: helping others without expecting anything in return. 

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Bobby Deol Birthday: Horoscope Predictions 

Here comes another interesting segment of Bobby Deol birthday celebrations: his horoscope predictions for the year 2024. Get along to know what the planets and stars have in store for career, love life and finances for this Class of 83 actor, Bobby Deol. Let’s begin! 

1. Career Horoscope for Bobby Deol 

First on the line of Bobby Deol horoscope analysis is his career trajectory! To begin with, the placement of Mars in Aries seems extremely beneficial for Bobby Deol movies. How? This planetary placement in his birth chart enhances the chances of success of his projects, especially the ones related to OTT platforms.

Though there are several upcoming projects lined up for the actor, his major interest will be towards OTTs rather than the big screen. Moreover, the influence of Jupiter and Rahu will help him to take the roles that bring out his true potential as per the astrological predictions. 

2. Love Horoscope for Bobby Deol 

Now, coming to the matters of the heart, let us discover how 2024 will treat Bobby Deol’s love life. Starting with the placement of all the major planets, Venus and Saturn, in his 12th house, Bobby will continue to enjoy a peaceful married life with his wife Tanya Ahuja.

As per the astrological predictions, this placement brings out the loving and caring nature of Bobby Deol with wife Tanya. However, at the same time, he needs to be cautious about the challenges created by the mighty Rahu in his kundli. High chances are Rahu will try to disrupt the peaceful and loving atmosphere between the two. 

3. Finance Horoscope for Bobby Deol 

Will Bobby Deol continue to grow his bank balance by giving blockbusters one after the other? Let’s find out! Looking into Bobby Deol horoscope, the presence of Parivartana yoga will make him a little careless towards his spending, giving him unnecessary financial burdens.

However, this same placement will continue to bring in extra monetary gains. Moreover, this year, he will bag one or two brand endorsements that will boost his overall net worth. Financially, this year seems to be extremely lucky for Bobby since major film banners will try to sign him for different projects. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Bobby Deol zodiac sign?

Animal starred Bobby Deol zodiac sign is Aquarius. As per astrology, people born under this zodiac sign are popular for their unpredictability as well as futuristic vision. Being an Aquarius, Bobby possesses all these qualities and tries to implement them in his career prospects.

2. When is Bobby Deol birthday?

One of the most underrated actors of the Hindi film industry, Bobby Deol birthday is on 27th January. Son of the legendary actor Dharmendra and the brother of Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol is known for his performance in ‘Aashram’ and ‘Class of 83’.

3. How much is Bobby Deol net worth?

As per some of the online published reports, Bobby Deol net worth is estimated to be around Rs.60 to Rs.70 crores. The reports even claim that he charges approximately Rs.4 crores to Rs.5 crores per project.

4. What are the upcoming Bobby Deol movies?

After serving the Indian audience with the blockbuster movie Animal, Bobby Deol is set to entertain his fans with his upcoming movies. As per the Bobby Deol movies, he will be seen in the remake of ‘Apne’, ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se’, ‘Housefull 5’ and much more.

5. How much is Bobby Deol age?

Bobby Deol was born on 27 January 1969 and is currently 54 years old. However, soon he will be celebrating his 55th birthday on 27th January 2024.

6. How old is Bobby Deol son?

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol got married to Tanya Ahuja Deol in 1996 and has two sons, Aryaman Deol (22 years) and Dharam Deol (19 years old).

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